Bradshaw will play

Ahmad Bradshaw will play in the season finale for the Giants, after all.

We passed along a report yesterday that Bradshaw could sit out Sunday, but ESPN’s Rachel Nichols reports he will suit up and presumably start.

With two injured feet, don’t expect Bradshaw to get a full workload against the Vikings. Gartrell Johnson and possibly D.J. Ware should be involved.

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  1. Of the last NINE Super Bowl Winners ONLY the New York Giants lost their final regular season game and the Giants used everyone to try to and nearly did stop the Patriots from reaching 16-0.The Patriots too in that Week 17 game that night used all their players as they won, only to lose to the Giants in the final minute of the Super Bowl. That means every Super Bowl winning team since 2000 except those Giants of 2007, went into the playoffs on a winning note or winning streak. Two years ago Indy used Sorgi and lost their 16th game, last year Tennessee rested Johnson and others used Chris Simms as QB and lost their 16th game, last year Giants rested players and used Dave Carr in last game as they lost to Minnesota, etc. – all these teams were 1 and out in the following playoffs.
    Go ahead, Cinci, Indy, Saints, tank your games, because for you, the NFL will be as Glanville means you’re in the playoffs “Not For Long”.

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