Bristol backs off Mort's report on Redskins and Rooney Rule

So included among the various e-mail messages we receive here at PFT headquarters was a message from ESPN P.R. responding to our characterization of Chris Mortensen’s report during the 10:00 a.m. ET SportsCenter as requiring the Redskins to re-interview secondary coach Jerry Gray in order to comply with the Rooney Rule.

Said Kimberly Jessup of ESPN Communications:  “This story was pointed out to me a short time ago and I wanted to provide some
clarification.  Mort did not officially report this morning that the Redskins
will be required to comply with the Rooney Rule after [coach Jim] Zorn is fired.  He had said
that may happen and that Gray may need to be interviewed again, but nothing was
officially reported otherwise a report would have been filed online to accompany
it.  I am bringing this to your attention so that you may correct the report.”

Though on one hand I wish I’d recorded the 10:00 a.m. ET SportsCenter, on the other hand I have a clear memory of what Mort said, since I listened to it twice before writing up our blurb on the subject.

So I’ve asked Kimberly to forward the audio or video for my review before I decide whether I misunderstood Mort or otherwise screwed it up.

Meanwhile, why do we have a feeling that ESPN got a phone call from Dave Donovan today?

UPDATE:  In a subsequent message, Kimberly Jessup said that Mortensen “is not sure exactly what he said, but he is not backing off of the report either.”  She also said, “If you leave your story as first reported he doesn’t seem to have an issue with it.”  So that settles it.  We think.

10 responses to “Bristol backs off Mort's report on Redskins and Rooney Rule

  1. When dealing with Bristol it is best to record the transmission although they still may claim that you dubbed it.

  2. I heard Mort say the same thing, but I did hear him say a few days ago that Gray did not need to be interviewed again, but that the league would like to see them re-interveiw Gray when they fire Zorn. I think that Mort just mis-spoke this morning……

  3. If you didn’t record it, how could you listen to it twice? DVR with rewind capabilities?

  4. Here we go again. I think it is hilarious, the lengths that Florio will go to, to try and catch the Redskins doing something wrong. By the way, his track record is pretty lame when it comes to this. How many “reports” has he written about how the Redskins violated the free agency rules by talking to free agents early?
    Do us all a favor, at least try to be impartial. Is that possible?

  5. Do us all a favor, at least try to be impartial. Is that possible?
    Just like ESPN is so impartial?

  6. So ripping info from ES is not enough for you Florio? You now hack other legitimate journalists too?
    But then you get caught in your own mistake (by not verifying before writing) and like a 2nd grader, you point a finger at someone else and say, “he made me do it..”
    (Just in): The 2010 NFL draft is being held on the Moon…run with it, it’s gold.
    Man, you need to eavesdrop on ES a little better. You should know that Gray meet with snyder on the 15th. (residential setting)
    Gray interviewed directly with snyder. Since snyder is the owner and decided to fire Cerrato, then there is no need for Gray to interview again.
    If Gray HAD interviewed with Cerrato exclusively, without snyder, then the Wooten comments could be taken as a recommendation to delay things for another round of interviews with Allen.
    Thus making Mort’s summation valid, but that is not the case.

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