Broncos choke in blowout loss to Chiefs

The Denver Broncos still had playoff hopes heading into today’s game, while the Kansas City Chiefs had nothing to play for.

But it was the Chiefs who came out looking inspired and the Broncos who mailed it in, as Kansas City won 44-24 at Invesco Field at Mile High.

The talk in Denver all week was about the absence of receiver Brandon Marshall and tight end Tony Scheffler, but receiver Jabar Gaffney stepped up in their place with 14 catches for 213 yards. For Denver, the problem in the passing game was less about the absence of Marshall and Scheffler than about Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson picking off two passes and running them both back for touchdowns.

Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles also scored two touchdowns, and he gained a team record 259 yards on 25 carries. It was the latest reminder that the Chiefs don’t miss Larry Johnson at all.

But as well as Charles and Derrick Johnson played, this game will be remembered mostly as the last chapter in a disappointing 2009 season for Denver. After starting 6-0, the Broncos are now 8-8. And out of the playoffs.

49 responses to “Broncos choke in blowout loss to Chiefs

  1. Frickin’ hilarious – three straight years of choke jobs by the donkeys. Great to see McDouche go from 6-0 to 8-8. Happy New Year!

  2. horrible coaching to start 6-0 and not make the playoffs. that midget coach cant coach and I would can him now.
    Another choke for the broncos to close the season out.

  3. Watch out NFL. We beat the…er…lost…to…the Chiefs?
    Listen, this is the BEST 8-8 team that we have seen in years. By that, I mean that we have had the ability to win 10, 11, or 12 games [Oxford comma] with Cutler, BowellMovement (i mean Marshall), Dumervill, etc. and couldn’t get beyond. McD needs to re-build. And that is what is happening.
    We jettisoned Cutler (baby), will to get at least two draft choices for Marshall and Shefller (and a third for Hillis??) without whom we scored a fairly well, Chi-towns first-round pick (low teens?), and establish a serious team on the rise. Shanny went 8-8 over the last three seasons with is guys. McD did the same with 60/40 split.
    Had *anybody* said that MY Donks would go 8-8 with the possiblity of 2010 looking better, would I have taken it? YES. I am realist.
    Wish list, with the contingency what we long-term Doom, gather picks for BM and TS:
    1. Find a QB. Wanted: long ball.
    2. Moreno adds weight.
    3. Improve O-line. (could be #2)
    4. Improve D-line (although Fields has played very well.)
    5. Trade Champ for something. Good but not great. If you are gonna make the case for Cutler/Marshall winning games, the same litmus test must be applied to CB. Dawkins won us more games than champ.
    The future looks bright.
    GO BOLTS. Love to see the AFCWest rip it.

  4. Lil Hoodie is way too arrogant, and way too green as a head coach to be benching star players and expecting the fans to be behind the move. Especially when going into a must win game like this.
    Kiss Marshall goodbye, as well as your relevence next year.

  5. I’ve been a Chiefs fan since ’63 but the game today leaves me just as unimpressed in the new year as I was throughout ’09. My Chiefs are a horrible team, coached by a loser coach named hailme (16 losses on the season including the pre-season which the loser said mattered), a fraud of a gm named egoli, and a defense that gave up 512 yards today – this to a Denver team minus both of its starting WRs and starting TE. And even then, KC needed 14 free points given us courtesy Orton as gifts to LB johnson. And the RB charles is a twig waiting to be snapped – he’ll end up splintered in 2010 when he tries (likely unsuccessfully) to make it through an entire year uninjured, which he still hasn’t (the guy usually gets hurt at least once or twice every game, so I’ve little doubt he’ll end up on injured reserve next year about 6 games in. And that excuse for our QB ca$$el? He’s about the worst starting QB in the NFL (even Jamarcus Russell even beat him this year.) Nuff said. Last place cellar dwellers the AFC West, and the worst of em all? My KC Chiefs.
    Fire both hailme & egoli – STAT. 2010 will bring yet another double-digit loss season otherwise…

  6. Yes sir i remember saying 6-0 was a little bit overblown 11 weeks later whopdi do 8-8, its not how u start son its how you finish

  7. According to Broncos sources, the problems with Marshall and Scheffler came after team leaders including Brian Dawkins, Champ Bailey, Kyle Orton, D.J. Williams and Daniel Graham all met with McDaniels on Monday and encouraged him to take a hardline approach in preparing the team to finish the season against the Chiefs.
    Ok the Broncos are my team,be it because thats the team I use and have used for 6 years now on the video game Madden. Dawkins,Bailey(my favorite player)and Williams,the team leaders on Def. allow over 500 yards of offense. Orton throws for over 400 yard be you,but only 1 td and 3 int’s 2 returned for scores. Then Graham 4 catches for 29 yards.
    Werder cites Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins and Kyle Orton as some of the players who urged the coach to stress accountability in the run-up to the game against the Chiefs.

  8. They didn’t deserve to make the playoffs anyway. They were average at best for the season, and one of the worst teams in the league down the stretch.

  9. Missing Marshall and Scheffler had more consequences with them just not being there. You have to wonder how many players didnt give 100% today because of that whole mess. 8-8 with an improved D and almost all the starters back on offense that ranked number 2 last year. furthermore Denver didnt have the RB injury plague that hit last year. This collapse is worse than any that Denver has had before. Losing to “lowly” teams like washington, oakland, and KC is beyond pitiful.

  10. @ Icon
    You’re a tool. I wish I could think up a great name for you like egoli or Hailme, but I’m just not retarded enough.
    @ everyone else
    A great win today for a team with no where to go but up. Jamaal Charles keeps making people pay attention to him with amazing run after amazing run – with a pretty poor offensive line. Great players make the people around them better. That’s exactly what has happened with the Chiefs offense.
    The defense was stingy against the run, a HUGE improvement over the last Chiefs v. Broncos matchup in December.
    Ryan Succop continues to prove that he is a consistent kicker that the Chiefs can rely on for points in the clutch.

  11. All those posts from Denver fans when they 6-0. They’re 2-8 since. The Cleveland Browns finished much stronger than the Denver Broncos.

  12. Man o man, where are the blowhard donk fans now? The ones who said Marshall turned a new leaf. The ones who said Orton was a franchise qb, in spite of all the Bear fans telling you otherwise. No, this isn’t the best 8-8 team ever, as an earlier post stated. You’re as close to a 5 win team as you are to a 11 win team. You can’t cherry pick if and buts. Because if you did, there is no way you would beat the Pats, and Cowboys at this time in the season. You see a team on the verge of being really good, whereas I see an average team capable of being a poor team. Your greatest strength is your o-line, but everywhere else is just plain average at best. Considering Marshall will get sent elsewhere. And no, you’re not gonna get a nice pick for him, as the last thing teams want is a turd wr is search of a big contract (see T.O. for starters).

  13. milehiclown you are an absolute moron.
    McDaniels is a terrible coach. The only reason we did what we did this year is because of Nolan’s defense.
    Let me pick apart your numbered list and show you how stupid you are –
    1. Orton can throw deep just fine, but when the coach calls screen passes, drags, slants and outs all game, it’s kind of tough to throw deep. The throw deep problem is bad scheme, not players.
    2. Moreno (and Buckhalter) are getting hit in the backfield and still manage to get yardage at times. Our offensive line needs to bulk up and get better at run-blocking.
    3. The only one you got right.
    4. D-line has played pretty well (and I still include Dumervil in the D-line). Our LBs were awful in the 2nd half of the season. Missed tackles and complete inability to pass defend.
    5. I can’t believe you even think this. We finally have a decent corner opposite him (Goodman) so more balls are being throw Bailey’s way. He’s not in his prime anymore, but you point out another corner in the league (that we could acquire) that is better than him.
    Thank god you aren’t running our team.

  14. In Shanahan’s last two years, they went 7-9 and 8-8.
    McDaniels goes 8-8 in his first year, while ridding his team of miscreants.
    You fellas aren’t very good at diagnosing a situation.

  15. icon just shut up..
    a guy runs for 260 yards and the most yards in the NFL over the 2nd half of the season other than 2000 yard rusher c johnson and you say hes a twig..
    look at some positives and quit being a douche… you dont like the head coach, gm, qb, rb and everyone else on the team then STOP WATCHING THEM and go find another team to complain about.

  16. dwilkes023 said
    “I wish I could think”
    – all of us wish you could…and so it is no surprise that you do not moreso cannot refute anything I said…you lose, just like my Chiefs did 16 times on the season.
    Try again.

  17. Indeed TOMZILLA–good thing that I’m not in charge or you’d be out of the playoffs.
    Oh. Wait.
    Just a wish list, dude. Take it easy.

  18. Milehiclown speaks for the majority of the Denver fans, I suppose. The same ones who no longer even know what to cheer for as they bob up and down in their seats at Invesco. The best 8-8 team we’ve seen in years, indeed.
    Gone are the days when Denver had some of the savviest fans in the league. Replaced, sadly, by sycophants.
    At least Magsdad1 was there right after the clown to speak some truth.
    McDips**t is a place-holder; the Wade Phillips of his era. Hopefully, the next guy will be the real deal. And an adult.

  19. Go Chiefs!! Sorry donkeys fans. You guys suck ass and ended up at week 16 ending the season at the same 2-7 record as the Chiefs after your JOKE of a 6-0 start. After the Chiefs blew out the Broncos today 44-24, the Chiefs ended 3-7 in the last ten games of the season and the donkeys, er broncos, ended 2-8. F the Broncos. F Josh ‘crybaby’ McDiapers. F Bronco Nation. At least Haley didn”t look like an ass and go fist-pumping along the sidelines. Bronco nation, you so miss Shanahan and consistency. That’s worth repeating, you so miss Shanahan and consistency. So Broncos fans, enjoy watching the playoffs along side your rival Chiefs fans, watching the other teams compete, and remember WE the Chiefs made sure you didn’t advance. Go F yourselves.

  20. gotta love bronco fans,first they were enraged over the trading of cutler then we they staarted 6-0 everything bad that happened in the past was all cutler’s fault and he was the worst all pro qb in history.orton was the man and the bears sucked with cutler.let’s see how did the season end up for you guys?how can you blame it all on cutler now?enjoy the draft picks and don’t worry about the bears and cutler they will turn out just fine once they get somebody who knows how to run a nfl offense.notice how in the last 2 games when they started letting him roll out like he did in denver the offense picked up?8td’s with no picks?only a genius like turner would take the whole season to figure out that maybe you should bulid the offense around what the qb does best.and how about waiting to the last 2 games to see that maybe you do have a #1 reciever on the team?oh well hopefuly there will be somebody new calling the shots next can talk about rebuilding all you want but the fact is you guys CHOKED!all you had to do even after playing lousy the second half was beat a terrible chiefs team and you could whine all you want but you can’t blame cutler for this collapse.

  21. apparently Mcdaniels puts subservience to him over contributions to the team. even with the porous Denver defense no way Marshall and Scheffler would not have made a difference. looks like he’s trying to keep the trade bait healthy

  22. apparently Mcdaniels puts subservience to him over contributions to the team. even with the porous Denver defense no way Marshall and Scheffler would not have made a difference. looks like he’s trying to keep the trade bait healthy

  23. You’re not getting a #1 pick for Marshall. Scheffler? Please, you won’t get any higher than a 5th rounder.
    Good luck looking up at the Bolts, Raiders and Chefs for the next 10 years.

  24. Doc Fluty said
    “look at some positives”
    – take off the blinders, i.e., pull your head out: last place AFC West, 16 losses on the season – this with the supposed (snicker) “best gm & hc candidates in the NFL” – so said they the many pundits afore the 2009 season began.
    No coach, no QB, no defense or even a passing rush as it were, and no hope for the future too.
    Only one such as yourself who can deftly place his head that far up his… well, at least you can always find work as a contortionist. As for telling me what team to root for, as the case be with your failed attempt at cogent thought (i.e., ‘anal’ysis in your case), you’re also unqualified to be anyone else’s manager. But do try again, won’t you?

  25. Funny, Florio has a “fire Mangini” post once a week, but McDaniels trades a young, star QB, loses 8 of 10 games, benches his playmakers in a “win and your in” game and Florio doesn’t even type the coach’s name.
    hmmm, maybe Florio is trying to hard to appeal to Patriots and Jets fans who HATE Mangini.

  26. yeah! i love reading the desperation, panic, despair and unintelligent comments by bronco “fans.”
    KC hit on all cylinders today but the season was still a failure. b flowers and charles were incredible today and so were a few others, but that still leaves abut 85% of the roster below the nfl caliber marker. this is easily the most enjoyable win the chiefs have given me and fellow fans in the past 3 seasons, but that is not saying too much.
    4 new OL, 2 new WR, a TE, 3 LB, a CB and a S or two MIGHT fix things, but Haley was abysmal this year and I hope Pioli, Clark and the rest of the ppl who matter do not let this win mask the stink that was the 2009-10 season.
    And o yeah…first win in Mile High. I hate Denver!

  27. Shannahan knows how to build Offensive Juggernauts. McDouche knows how to dismantle them. He was ordered to destroy us by the evil emperor Belicheat. Mission Accomplished!!!!! Someone in Denver please kick his ass.

  28. ToddHaley(Stinks Like)ASS said
    “Icon, you’re entitled to your opinion…”
    – that was very proprietary of you for a 16 game loser…
    “no matter”
    – because I don’t mind you & your errant spew…
    “how utterly WRONG it really is.”
    – here in Kansas City we spell relief F-I-R-E -H-A-I-L-M-E-A-N-D- E-G-O-L-I

  29. Isn’t Marshall an unrestricted free agent now? Doesn’t that mean he walks?
    No reason for McDirtball to want him back after the clown routine he put on all year.

  30. Did they really choke, or is the team so divided that half of them played hard and the other half didn’t?
    Who knows?
    But one thing is for certain, this team is on a downward spiral because of Joshie McBonaparte, not because of Cutler, Marshall, Scheffler, Royal, the entire O-line and the other Shanahan holdovers who supposedly had bad attitudes or weren’t team players. Oh, I forgot McBonaparte got rid of Cutler in the off season, the others mentioned above will most likely follow this off season unless Bowlen comes out of his stupor and dumps McB before he destroys the team for the next 5-8 years.
    I’m not a die hard Broncos fan like some others on this site who bleed orange & blue, I tend to be an objective realist. Shanahan made drafting, personnel & other mistakes and had his favorites, but he didn’t divide the team like McDumbass has in his first 12 months as a HC.
    A Head Coach, Manager, supervisor, etc, is supposed to take the talent he inherits when assuming the position, assess it, determine what he can work with and develop, and if necessary replace those unsuited for continued employment.
    Only a young inexperienced arrogant fool discards his most valuable assets and assumes he is so omnipotent that he can succeed with any mixture of used or new parts (players) to fit in his vehicle and make it run efficiently.
    Marshall may be a semi head case, but he has talent and plays hard. Cutler has an arm and an ego, not quite as big of an ego as Joshie McB, but he is a QB that a genuine HC & Mentor should be able to work with and develop. Unfortunately McDaniels is unwilling or incapable to work with players who have egos nearly as large as his. Which is a formula for failure as a head Coach in today’s professional sports area.
    All of McDaniels talk about team first and we play the players who give us the best chance to win in nothing more than self serving BS. He is the biggest ME first person on the team and the real cancer that should be excised.
    Bowlen, if he has any testicular weight at all, should say goodbye to McDaniels before he devalues Bowlen’s prime asset, the Broncos even more than he already has in a mere 12 months.

  31. Not a Broncos fan, but hoodie junior looks like he may be in over his head – seems like he doesn’t have the people skills to deal with prima donna players. When they were 6-0, people who questioned how good as team this was were being told to look at the record only – now that the season’s over, their record isn’t that impressive, with late season collapses against the Chiefs and Raiders. Better hope they can get some help in the draft with the picks they got for Cutler, as there are definitely some holes to fill.

  32. Icon-you are an idiot, and you’re not really a Chiefs fan. Matter of fact, if you think you can do better, than you go try. It’s been a tough 3 years, but as you can see, the NFL changes every year with the slob teams coming up and taking the reigns and winning playoff games.
    I think you need to have a little pride in the Chiefs, and some hope. If not, then go ride the Patriots, or Colts bandwagon. Get off ours, because fans like you are embarrassing to have on our side.
    Just wait, PFT…if the Chiefs do well next year, you’ll see Icon saying something completely different.
    Now, go ahead and say some dumbass thing about me as your defense as you have done in this whole column. I’m waiting….

  33. broncos went from 3.5 games up in the division after week 6 , to losing the division by a full 5 games
    think about that for a second, and remember this is the team who blew a 3 game lead with 3 games to go last year
    how in the hell can they further embarrass themselves than those 2 epic chokejobs?

  34. Eazy E in KC
    A Chiefs fan this one is neither a homer nor a hater, rather, a realist. My Kansas City team stinks, 99% of it, starting with egoli/hailme & wafting through the rest of their inept organization (a $63 mil QB who plays like .63¢ being their centerpeice.)
    KC will get better next year? Of course they will. Who will ‘come back’ first, KC or the Lord? Some 200+ years or so and waiting, still no requite.
    Every team can and will get ‘better’ next year in some/many way(s), so, the last place AFC West Chiefs mine have no where to go but up. They’re still miles behind Oakland’s Raiders & Jamarcus Russell…that is the reality.e in the Chiefs, and some hope. If not, then go ride the Patriots, or Colts bandwagon. Get off ours, because fans like you are embarrassing to have on our side.
    2010 prediction; another 2-4 win season, hailme fired at mid-season if not sooner; egoli out on his rear by January 2011.

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