Collinsworth: Bengals plan to go for No. 3 seed

With the Jets playing for a postseason berth on Sunday night and the Bengals already in and having no shot at securing a bye, the Bengals won’t go hard against the Jets, right?


NBC’s Cris Collinsworth believes that the Bengals will go for the win, which will deliver the No. 3 seed.  This would give the Bengals a wild-card game at home against the Texans — who beat the Bengals earlier this season — and a division-round game back in San Diego, where the Bengals nearly won.

The third seed also would provide the Bengals with a shot at hosting the AFC title game, if the top two seeds are upset in the divisional round.  (And it’s not far-fetched; last year, the Cardinals hosted the NFC Championship as the fourth seed.)

If the Bengals lose to the Jets, they’ll fall to the AFC’s fourth seed, and they’ll host the Jets next weekend.

So, either way, the Bengals will be playing on wild-card weekend a team to which they lost during the regular season.

Meanwhile, Tony Dungy of NBC’s Football Night in America believes that Pats coach Bill Belichick prefers the fourth seed in order to secure a shot at the Colts before having to play in San Diego.

18 responses to “Collinsworth: Bengals plan to go for No. 3 seed

  1. wut???? this is bullshit drivel to protect the competition of the NFL.. THE BENGALS WILL LAY DOWN….

  2. Love you Cris…but our Bengals want nothing to do with the Texans. You have to win the first game first….

  3. I guess I’m old, but it sure was nice when teams just tried to win because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

  4. Didn’t they get the memo that they are supposed to lie down for the Jets so they can get in the playoffs and sell their PSLs?

  5. Who cares what Collinsworth says? Dude is so annoying.
    Worthless player and worthless announcer.

  6. The Bengals shot of hosting the AFC Championship game does NOT improve by beating the Jets.
    If they are #4, and win in the WC round against the Jets, they play the Colts unless Baltimore Wins against NE (which I think will happen). So then #1 plays #6 and #2 plays #4. If they win, and Baltimore wins they host.

  7. “Meanwhile, Tony Dungy of NBC believes that Pats coach Bill Belichick prefers the fourth seed in order to secure a shot at the Colts before having to play in San Diego.”
    Dungy probably thinks Bill wants to beat a black head coach before anything else.

  8. Right, Chris. That’s why they are resting Benson, Peko, Crocker etc.
    The Texans and the Vikings are the only two teams the Bengals have played this season that really looked liked the better team on the field. So why would they want to play them again? I’d much rather have a chance to scout out the Jets with my second teamers and play them next week. Plus, the rookie QB would have to come in to a hostile stadium and win.

  9. Jets dont deserve to be in the playoffs and hopefully the Bengals spank them silly.
    If not for the shady Colts shenanigans as usual, Jets would not even be in tonights conversation.

  10. From a Steelers fan:
    Good luck to the Bengals and Texans this year. I am rooting for one of you guys to take it this year. Every fan deserves to feel what it is like for their team to take the trophy home at least once during their lifetime. I have known that feeling twice and it was unbelievable both times. Good Luck and hopefully the Steelers will rebuild and become competitive again next year.

  11. I think it would be in the Bengals’ best interest to lose tonight. Make the Jets fight for a win, wear them out, get a good feel for them. Then beat them next week in the playoffs when the game matters.

  12. Go J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!!!!
    After beating the Belicheats and making it even HARDER for my Steelers to sneak in, the Texans can suck a fat one…I’d rather see the Jets in the tournament now.

  13. And just as in the rest of his broadcasting career, Chris Collinsworth is WRONG AGAIN!!!! Nice to know some things never change!!!!

  14. I agree with “The Jimmy”. Just play to win the game for pete’s sake. Wouldn’t it be a whole lot simpler if ther were no wildcard teams just the true winners? Yeah, I can see it now. Just a simple match up of the division champs and the last team standing from each conference gose to the Super Bowl. No special strategy required , just win the game.

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