Colts pull Manning after setting meaningless marks

The Indianapolis Colts continue to make a mockery of the final two weeks of the season.

In theory, they pulled Peyton Manning last week midway through the third quarter to keep him healthy.

Yet Sunday, they put him on the field in snowy conditions for the specific purpose of setting meaningless milestones for his teammates.

The CBS announcing crew spoke throughout the first quarter that Manning seemed likely to leave after he made sure Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark reached 100 catches.  It sounded like CBS was given a heads up from the team.

Sure enough, Wayne left the game immediately after his fifth catch gave him 100 for the year.  On the next play, the Colts faced a third-and-four with Clark being one catch short of reaching 100.

Peyton Manning tossed the ball to Clark on a play that clearly had no chance for a first down.  It lost seven yards.  And Manning and Clark didn’t return to the game after that, for safety reasons that apparently didn’t exist until everyone had 100 catches.

It’s bad enough the Colts don’t try to win the game by pulling starters. 

It’s a joke they still choose to pad individual stats over trying to continue a drive.

44 responses to “Colts pull Manning after setting meaningless marks

  1. Gregg, they weren’t given a tipoff by the team. It’s COMMON SENSE if you’ve ever had to suffer through watching the Colts play the final game of the season.

  2. Like I posted in the previous related topic, they are throwing the players a bone. Management realizes they really torqued the players off last week and are making up for it by allowing the players to go for things they normally and have always cared about.

  3. Jim Caldwell does deserve to get lit up for this one. The starters should’ve been nowhere near the field. Ask Wes Welker and Bill Belichek how their new year is going.

  4. My guess is that both Clark and Wayne have incentives in their contracts contingent upon reaching 100 catches.
    Coaches probably don’t want to harm locker room chemistry by making it seem like they’re deliberately “stiffing” their two best receivers. Thus, they give each guy an opportunity to hit 100 catches so that they can each get their bonus check.

  5. this Caldwell guy is a real piece of work. Up until the 3rd quarter of last week i was pulling for the colts to go all the way (because my team clearly isn’t) but now i hope they get destroyed and embarrassed right away in the playoffs.

  6. Where was all this bitching and moaning the past several years where the Colts did the SAME THINGS?

  7. Maybe they’re getting bonus $$$ for 100 catches so who can blame them? They’re still losing even when they had their starters in, so shove it Roger.

  8. Mockery is putting it mildly. It’s clear now what was done last week was to ensure they don’t have the possibility of facing the Steelers and he was willing to give up a shot at perfection and let the Jets in to do it. If I were a Steeler fan I would be even more livid than I already am.
    It’s about time a guy who throws games is thrown off the Competition Committee.

  9. Too bad gambling wasn’t treated like stock trading. That way we’d know who put money on the Jets and when.

  10. Its embarassing that the Colts would risk their players for individual statistics but not for an undefeated season.

  11. Why does everyone assume it is Caldwell who calls the shots? Dungy has already said it comes from the top down and Polian is the one who is responsible for resting the players, and that has been his way of doing things for years.

  12. when you go 14-0 and lock up the first round bye, you get to do what you want
    yep you’re exactly right and that would include going 14-2 and completely wrecking all the good will you’ve created with your fans in the last 8 years.

  13. As seen the Colts are a bunch of pussies….
    Wes Welkers injury has nothign to do with this, he blew out his knee on a NO CONTACT shift, this could have happened in ANY game including practice.
    Shit happens….
    Just ask Ditka if the colts are pussies guys with super bowls under their belts get it…. and the colts sb doesnt count ass that was given to them by grossman screwing up

  14. Indianapolis caused all this turmoil with their idiotic decision. I hope they lose in the first round by 20. Payton Manning is a coward; he should have stood up for his team and fought for the starters to stay in against the Jets. Instead he is so worried about his public image and the result of the Favre/Childress fiasco, that he played the subservient QB to the HC. It was the wrong time to do it, and it ended up creating a scandal so big it will probably distract them from their SB run. You can hate Favre all you want, but at least he isn’t a coward. He will stand up for what he thinks is right for the team and the players, regardless of how the overzealous public may react.

  15. Curtis Painter has NO GAME, whatsoever. He watches Manning every week. He studies film with him every week. He gets to see how Manning sees the game. Yet, somehow, it has had no influence on Painter at all. It is not often that a bad player ends up in a good organization…even by accident. Even though Manning is the unquestioned starter in Indy, why even have a guy with ZERO potential, even at 3rd string? Are they just giving that position away?

  16. I hate to say it, but my Colts haven’t shown the class that is often associated with the franchise in the last couple of games.

  17. “belugabear” nailed it. This aptly called “mockery” is not Jim Caldwell’s doing – it’s Bill Polian’s.
    Polian is a man who is very good at what he does, and a large part of why the Colts have been so exceptionally good for many many years. Polian thus deserves a lot of credit.
    That stated – not the choice was to describe the Colts as exceptionally good — not exceptionally “great.” For YEARS, Polian has employed his idea of “resting starters strategy” and for YEARS, it has not borne fruit. In each of the 4 or 5 years that the Colts have “rested starters,” they’ve flamed out very early in the playoffs. It doesn’t work.
    The one year they won their SOLE Super Bowl Title as the Indy Colts came when they did NOT rest starters.
    I repeat. Polian’s strategy does not work.
    However, Polian is one who has little regard for the opinions of others — smugly of the belief he always knows best … regardless of how much evidence continues to mount that he ought re-consider his stance. Any opinion contrary to his must be that of a fool – at least in Polian’s mind’s eye. At least, that’s the impression here.
    And to now put players “at risk for injury” over meaningless personal stats takes him to a new low. WTF???
    Like at least one poster stated, I kind of was pulling for the Colts to make a splash …. unless it came at the expense of my Steelers. Caldwell seemed like a nice guy, and all the rest. Now Polian’s garbage and their piling up personal stats has me disgusted with ’em. F the Colts — I hope they crash and burn.

  18. “yep you’re exactly right and that would include going 14-2 and completely wrecking all the good will you’ve created with your fans in the last 8 years.”
    I wouldn’t say they wrecked any good will with their fans. Yeah, their fans are frustrated, but if they get through the divisional round of the playoffs all of that frustration will vanish. All their fans care about is winning another Super Bowl.
    If the 2009 Colts win the Super Bowl they’ll still be considered the best single season team of the decade, and they’ll be on a list of the best ever. 16-0, 14-2, it doesn’t matter.
    Also, if you’ve been watching football since 2003 you would know that the Colts do this EVERY YEAR.

  19. As I said earlier, FINALLY can we admit that the Colts aren’t the classy organization everyone has made them out to be? All you Colts fans who are Patriot haters need to STFU forever. They are shaving points and throwing games. This is pathetic.

  20. I don’t see the problem with them playing the starters on a few series. You rest them most of the game but you give them some work to keep them loose. Teams always do this. Why must it be such a big deal. they didnt go for the 16-0. As a colts fan, I was pissed but I’ve moved on. Everyone else should too.

  21. this is very bad form. teams should never show preference to any personal stats as a rule.
    Eventually this sort of stuff undermines team goals and catches up with you. The whole “no good deed…” maxim.

  22. colts are an embarassment to the nfl never seen a team piss in the face of greatness and competition like this one hope manning pulls hammy on first play of playoffs

  23. If the Colts go 14-2 and win the bowl, they will be better than the 18-1 Patriots and patriot fans hate that. Its about the championship. Pussies? Why are they pussys? Teams rest players every year!!!! Morons!!! And the Colts as are almost every other team in the league, are much classier than the Pats. Running up scores, playing with the injury report and I hate to say it but I will, SPYGATE. And I love how pats fans tell everyone to move on from SPYGATE but if it were the Colts who had done it, every Pats fan would talk about it all the time.

  24. That being said, how many of you guys have ever played football, even at a big time college? You have no idea what these guys go through week in and week out. They are still practicing as if they are going to play, they are just taking the physical toll off of their body by only playing part of the game. It isn’t Drew Brees, who none of you seem to blast, taking the entire game off and not even starting because he “needs rest”. At least Manning had a fake ass injury from Polian shoving his foot up Manning’s ass by taking him out that he needs to rest.

  25. Like I said in Rosenthal’s previous post (if he gets to say it twice, so do we) – this is Buffalo Bill Polian. Doesn’t know what’s important, nor how to win anything big. He’s shed a whole new light on why Peyton Manning only has one ring. Kind of like the revelation we’ve gotten seeing the Patriots become so mortal, after they’ve (presumably) stopped cheating.
    That said, there is the likelihood these personal marks the Colts are setting today might be incentives in contracts. While it might seem surprising to see Polian honor those opportunities, not knowing squat like he does, it isn’t at all surprising to see his lips stuck firmly to his players’ behinds these days, and the fans’ and football world’s behinds, in all-out damage control.

  26. # bspurloc says: January 3, 2010 2:38 PM
    As seen the Colts are a bunch of pussies….
    Wes Welkers injury has nothign to do with this, he blew out his knee on a NO CONTACT shift, this could have happened in ANY game including practice.
    Shit happens….
    Just ask Ditka if the colts are pussies guys with super bowls under their belts get it…. and the colts sb doesnt count ass that was given to them by grossman screwing up
    What an IDOIT.

  27. As a Colts fan, I hated the decision last week. This week, I thought it was logical. Peyton was only about 40 yards off of his single-season passing record; I expected him to go for that while he was at it.
    I think it’s hilarious that the Steelers fans think the Colts were trying to keep them out of the playoffs. What a riot!
    To whomever said that Manning should have fought to stay in the game, I disagree completely. I’m guessing that was a Vikings fan.

  28. tonyservice…………you sound like a 2nd grader arguing your “points”. Pats are a far superior franchise bar none……any idiot that still tries to use SpyGate to tear down their dynasty is laughable. Why don’t you address all the cheating the Colts have done………piping in crowd noise and turning up the heat. At least the pats have true fans that always show up………

  29. bspurloc says:
    Wes Welkers injury has nothign to do with this, he blew out his knee on a NO CONTACT shift, this could have happened in ANY game including practice.
    Shit happens….
    But of course you dont have any NO CONTACT shifts while sitting on the bench.
    It has nothing to do with Welker because the
    Pats had something to gain. It has nothing to do with practice because in practice YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO GAIN. It shows mindlessness to bring up practice. Of course practice is necessary.
    So it remains. IF a Colt got hurt in a meaningless game, be it due to contact or a NO CONTACT shift, the out cry would be over risking a super bowl run to make a run at an undefeated season.
    Like today, people moan because they pursued the 100 catch milestones. Whaa whaa whaa its not worth the risk.
    By the way NO CONTACT gets capped. Apparently its necessary per bspurloc.

  30. How can you compare the two? The Colts have had absolutely nothing to play for for a few weeks now, and the Pats WERE playing for something today. The Colts choice in when to play and when not to is puzzling; I suppose we will have to just wait and see if it is effective.

  31. @golongboyee – pats have fans that always show up? really? are you joking?
    first off, they had 15,000 season ticket holders about 15 years ago, and even this season there are a ton of empty seats when the weather is crappy.
    and when brady got hurt last year tickets couldn’t have been easier to come by.

  32. My guess is that Polian was thinking selfishly last week. He knows the conditions in Buffalo better than any other GM. He would not have wanted to go in15-0 and had the weather they had to play in and then lose to the Bills. Can you imagine the press and coverage that Buffalo beat the Colts out of history. Polain did not want this to happen.
    Polian cheats all the time. He breaks rules all the time. He is an evil man. Maybe a reason why Dungy left because he could no longer look the other way?? Does what he wants because he can. NFL lets him.
    He quit on the Colts and the fans. maybe both Polians should not get paid for the last 2 games, because they did not have to work!!! lol.

  33. golongboyee the Colts have their field as very cold. The air conditioning is under 70 degrees. Keep coming up with stupid lies

  34. AlexMac………..don’t know where you get your fact but your are dead wrong sorry…… is documented the Colts cannot even sell-out playoff games, probably because nobody can get time off from the farm.

  35. bian……..first of all, you might want to go back to English class so I can understand your neanderthal-like mutterings………”Colts have their field as very cold”????????
    ..and little girl…… wanting something to be true doesn’t make it so and vice-versa……..
    It’s ok, maybe someday the Colts can be like the Patriots……..

  36. Hahaha oh my God you called me a little girl? You steal my insults every thread. I have been calling you a little girl for a while now. Show me any proof of the Colts cheating using pumped in noise (which NBC admitted that it was their malfunction), or the Colts “turning up the heat”. And no the Colts aren’t like the Patriots. The Patriots cheated and the Colts didn’t. There’s proof of that. Remember a couple of years ago and their video tapes? It’s also pretty hilarious that you are critiquing someones grammar after you throw around periods and question marks like a dumb ass. Back away from Tom Brady, get off your knees, and go do something productive with your life.

  37. And I would love to see the “documented” facts of the Colts having trouble selling out games.

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