Goodell on Jets-Colts: "We heard the fans loud and clear."

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed on Sunday reports that the league will re-examine internal policies regarding the preference of some playoff teams to rest injured starters late in the regular season.

It is something we’ll look at,” Goodell said Sunday, according to the Associated Press.  “We heard the fans
loud and clear.  It’s something our Competition Committee has looked at
in the past, but we’re going to ask our Competition Committee to look
at it again in the future.  We want every game to be competitive.”

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has reported that the league will consider providing incentives to playoff teams that choose to use starters.  Charley Casserly of CBS, a former member of the Competition Committee, mentioned during The NFL Today that, when the league’s rule-recommending body had taken up the issue in the past, no consensus could be reached regarding enforcement of a rule purporting to require playoff teams to try.

The best news here is that the NFL indeed listens to its fans.  So feel free to make your voices heard when something bothers you.

Based on the habits of those who choose to post views in the comments section of the site, it’s not as if an engraved invitation is needed.

38 responses to “Goodell on Jets-Colts: "We heard the fans loud and clear."

  1. Can we make domes illegal??? All of this tanking/resting will be resolved when the Colts can’t make the playoffs again.

  2. Mike, they may listen, but that doesn’t mean they care and will do anything about it. If they ignored it and acted all superior like Bill Polian, that would REALLY create a problem.
    Better for PR to act like you care, than confirm that you don’t give a rat’s ass about your customers.

  3. How bout taking something away when they do it.
    Giving them an incentive does nothing but give a winning team a bigger advantage with additional draft picks.

  4. GODdell to the owners………my salary hears you ALOT louder and clearer………How am i doing so far Sirs?

  5. Great idea for the NFL to have some sort of incentive for playoff teams. I think the best option would be to pay a flat rate bonus to players and coaches on teams who have already clinched playoff. For example, Jets vs. Colts last week, Colts players and coaches would have received a $15,000 bonus if they had won the game. Whether they decided to sit the starters or not, at least the coaches would be better prepared with a game plan and the backups would play harder all knowing that they would receive some extra pocket change for their efforts. It’s a win-win situation. Everyone including the starters get extra money for “playing to win the game…hello!?”

  6. Instead of basing the playoff seeding on record, they could seed the playoff teams based on point differential over the last 6 games of the season, then these teams would feel forced to try in the final weeks.

  7. Just a talking point by the Commish since he didnt provide any information on what should or could be done to solve the fans’ perceived problem. In fact, him deferring on this issue to the competition committee rather than being the authoritarian he tends to be on any other issue, reaffirms that to me. Knowing that in other instances where the NFL tried to “tackle” this issue resulted in non-consensus, this is strictly a PR move to let the fans know that he’s aware of the discussion.
    My issue though is would this incentive of extra draft choices, as reported by “The Worldwide Leader”, be fair to those teams that are not in playoff contention or to those teams that are, but plays their starters because it determines their own playoff lives. If, as was written in an earlier post, draft choices are valuable because they help build franchises, teams that are already successful gains additional draft choices (which would be significantly cheaper to sign), it would undermine the current draft system in my opinion.
    This still wouldnt solve the goofy perception by some fans that somehow one team owes other franchises something by risking the health of their own players by participating in meaningless games.
    Great move commish, most fans think that you really will make something happen with this.

  8. He means the Competition Committee that Bill Pollian is on???? THAT Competition Committee?
    Yeah, good luck with that, Commish: “Foxes find no problems with Hen House Security”.

  9. domes illegal? I’m sure those fans in Minny want no dome.. stupid statements everywhere today
    if you can’t win a blizzard you’re not a good team? stfu

  10. Why is this is a problem now? It wasn’t a problem two years ago when the Browns went 10-6 but missed the playoffs because Dungy and the Colts decided not to take their time outs and allowed the Titans to win the final game, putting the Titans in the playoffs instead of the Browns.
    Granted, the Browns could have won 11 games that year instead and controlled their own destiny.
    So why isn’t that good enough now? Because some whiny Stllr fans think their team ought to go 9-7 but return to the playoffs?
    You know what would be outstanding? If on the final play of tonight’s Bengals-Jets game, Ochocinco catches the ball and heads for the end zone for what would be the game winning score, but instead takes a knee at the one. And as time expires someone brings him a Terrible Towel which he then *ahem* defiles.

  11. Really? In that case, throw a man who throws games off the Competition Committee. Do that and I’ll know the NFL got the message.

  12. Iron man streak still alive -check
    50,000 yards-check
    most regular season wins -check
    most wins in the decade -check
    fastest to 1oo wins -check
    number of Super Bowls 1
    number of Super bowl appearance 1
    play off records 7-8
    man of man how those records add up.
    Chance to put a stamp on the only record that counts -nah not important -priceless

  13. Let the players rest, if that is what a team wants to do. The team that is in this position has earned that right over the course of the season. If it’s your team that has everything clinched and has to play a starter because of some rule, and that guy gets hurt and misses the playoffs, that would suck more for the team and the fans.
    If the NFL wants to try and do something, schedule division games each of the last 3 weeks for all teams. That might help make games more interesting.

  14. Roger GoToHell says that he listens to the fans. Ok, Roger, listen to this fan:
    If valuable player gets hurt today and is out of the playoffs and his team ends up losing because of the fact that his replacement isn’t as good then what the hell kind of incentives are you going to give his team? What happens if the injury ends his career? Are you going to just shrug your shoulders and show that you don’t give a damn about the players and you care more about PR.
    This crap is driven MORE by the media – and some sense of the “integrity of the season” and sore loser fans, who hate being tossed out of the playoffs. Well, for as long as I’ve been watching this game, I’ve heard the media say the same old bull and there have always been fans who get all whipped up after their team misses the playoffs. Oh, never mind that their favorite team tanked it against a team that finished 2-14, it was that LAST game that robbed them of their rightful place in the playoffs.
    Go back to your office and leave it all well enough alone. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the commission. 🙂

  15. Did he “hear the fans loud and clear” or did he “hear the Dumb ass Colts fans loud and clear”?
    Wes Welker is a perfect example of why the Colts did the SMART thing and sat their starters. Their fans are band wagon jumping idiots who know nothing about football.
    Anyone with half a brain understands what the ultimate goal is and that you do whatever is needed to achieve that goal.

  16. I call BS, the integrity of the game was not at stake in this situation. The Colts earned their opportunity to rest the starters, you want change in how teams treat the end of the season then change the schedule so the divisions games are all in the second half. While it wont guarentee a meaningless game, it will increase the chances of importance of each game

  17. Wes Welker is not an argument to play. He could have gone down on the last play of a meaningful game. He could have gone down on the first play of the playoffs. The result would be the same. A player can get hurt at ANYTIME — even in practice. It’s the nature of the game. So, just because one did get hurt in a meaningless game is not grounds to rest all starters.
    But, no matter what the Competition committee does, teams will find a way around it. Heck, there are always legitimate injuries to claim. Just ask Tom Brady of the cracked ribs.

  18. I appreciate that FINALLY, we can stop pretending the Colts are some squeaky clean team. Everyone jumps all over New England for cheating, but at least they were trying to win.
    How is this any different than shaving points?
    The fact of the matter is, the only way to get through to any of these schmucks is to hit them where it counts, in the pocket book. I appreciate the idea of refunding everyone’s money who attended the game, but that’s not realistic.
    The best way to get the players attention, in a way that ownership and fans might appreciate, is to pay the team that wins the game their entire paycheck, while docking the team that loses.
    On a similar note, I’ve always said that if you injure someone to the extend that you get fined, you should actually be suspended until that player is healthy enough to return to play, and be docked gamechecks accordingly. That will clean up cheapshots, and there will be no need for penalties for roughing the passer, or any of that garbage.

  19. It seems to me the NFL has degenerated into a form of sports enterainment just one step above professional wrestling. The outcomes of the matches (games) are predetermined beforehand. That is, who shall tank a contest and who will win; i.e. Colts vs Jets.
    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed on Sunday reports that the league will re-examine internal policies regarding resting players in games that do not count. He is asking the Competition Committee to look into situations where teams tank games depending on a predetermined plan. That is, who shall lose and who is to win.
    Perhpas, instead of giving Super Bowl winners a trophy and rings, the NFL ought to give the players large, bejeweled belts. They would signify as much as the WWE and WWF Wrestling Belts giving to “Champion” wrestlers.

  20. As long as there are idiots who will pay full price to watch scrubs play, nothing will change. Already bought the ticket before finding out? Don’t go. An empty stadium embarrasses the league and eats into the parking and concession profits. Money talks and the NFL is blowing cigar smoke in your face.

  21. It’s funny how everyone says the Colts wouldn’t make the playoffs if they didn’t play in a dome…did everyone forget they won 14 games this year? I guess every single one of those games were in a dome, right?

  22. I really hope the Colts get their a55 handed to them in the playoffs….Cowardice organizations don’t deserve to win championships….

  23. Audient says: January 3, 2010 2:25 PM
    Once again a person blinded by hate blames the Steelers. If it wasn’t for Pittsburgh there would be no cheating/lying/illegal activity in the NFL.
    Choose your hatred over a silly thing like facts. Such as the fact that the people must upset with the decision in the Jets-Colts game were the Colts fans, especially those who paid full price to watch their team win.

  24. Maybe reshuffle the home field advantage after every round of the playoffs, based on season records of those remaining.

  25. Is it the fans, or Las Vegas that is motivating the NFL and the Commish to look into the competitive viability of the end of season games?

  26. Goodell: Do NOT mess with the rules just because of isolated circumstances from year to year. Yes, you heard some angry fans loud and clear. And yes, you watched a team with a chance at history make a stupid decision. But don’t make idiotic changes to the rules or award draft picks based on it. Teams will learn that it’s in their best interests to play their starters and continue winning games going into the playoffs.

  27. Let the seeding be based on the second half of the season, or based on the last 4 games of the season. Indy at 2-2 wouldn’t have home field advantage compared to the others in the chase.

  28. Florio – Please write an article on the fans behalf then. How bout an article about why the preseason games are at full price when only the scrubs are playing most of the time?
    You cant even take a family of 4 to a game without spending a couple hundred bucks.
    You arent getting full talent, so why should you have to pay full price?

  29. The ONLY reason this even being discussed is because the Steelers are being affected by it….
    What a joke….

  30. Hey Goodell, the fans weren’t upset about the laying down except for the wasted opportunity to go 19-0.
    Had we already been 13-1, I would have been happy to go to the game and watch them play Blue, Air Blue, and the Cheerleaders…

  31. The best news here is that the NFL indeed listens to its fans. So feel free to make your voices heard when something bothers you.
    Felons in the NFL has been an issue a lot of people have had issues with for a long time.
    He just listens when it might hurt revenue.

  32. Goodell is going to the competition committee with this outrage?
    Isn’t Bill Polian ON the competition committee?

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