Marshall was late for therapy before benching

Ed Werder of ESPN had a lengthy report Sunday morning on the decision to send Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler to the bench for Week 17’s Broncos-Chiefs clash in Denver.

According to Werder, Marshall was benched after he was late to therapy for his injured hamstring on Friday. That followed an MRI on Wednesday that showed no structural damage to his hamstring, something that contributed to the team’s feeling that he might be exaggerating the extent of his injury.

The decision to bench Marshall and Scheffler, both of whom are banned from the locker room and sideline on Sunday, follows a meeting McDaniels had with several Broncos players on Monday. Werder cites Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins and Kyle Orton as some of the players who urged the coach to stress accountability in the run-up to the game against the Chiefs.

Chris Mortensen, speaking on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown, said that this indicates that there isn’t much disagreement with McDaniels’s decision even though the team is playing a game with playoff implications. 

Should the Broncos make it to the postseason, Werder reports that there are no assurances that either Marshall or Scheffler would be back on the active roster.

15 responses to “Marshall was late for therapy before benching

  1. Note to Marshall and Scheffler:
    When your own teammates sell you out, then you know your true turds.

  2. Hey, if you slipped on a Mcdonalds bag or were beating up a lady, you’d be late too.
    This, “Werder cites Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins and Kyle Orton as some of the players who urged the coach to stress accountability,” makes a ton of sense.
    If Dawkins says the dude needs to sit, then he should sit. That guy plays every play, as hard as he can. Champ works his tail off (although he is a bit over-rated at times) and Orton works longer hours than anybody.
    Now that we have more information it is clear McD handled it right. And what he said is true: “We are building a TEAM.”

  3. McDaniels is a moron.
    he is egotistical and cant back it up. his dink and dunk offense fools nobody. He lucked out for the first 6 games of the season and since then has shown his true colors. He benched a pro bowl player because he was late to a session? that is the most moronic move ever heading into a must win game.
    and milehiclown.. Dawkins sucks. he is washed up. Just because those idiot philly fans lick his fromunda doesn’t mean you have too. If he really was as determined and loyal and played just for the love of football why did he leave the eagles just to get more money? If Dawkins isn’t just another money first player then why did he leave philly?

  4. Meanwhile on NFLN Irvin and Sapp are practically crying tears for Marshall and blubbering on about how good he’s been and how he’s lived up to every expectation. How Josh McDaniels is such an awful horrible person for benching him etc etc.
    Now we see that the other players on the team urged Josh to not let the inmates run the asylum. Gotta love that type of veteran leadership.
    Not that Irvin and Sapp have much credibility, but they need to start removing their overly large feet from their mouths.

  5. Guatam
    you too.
    you agree with whatever Dawkins says because????
    he is no more loyal than any other player out there. Weapon Xspired is inspired by money not football.

  6. Gotta love how that washed up guy is starting the Pro Bowl.
    It only matters what the Denver Broncos think. Not anyone else, and it seems to me the overwhelming majority of Denver Broncos players are behind McDaniels 100%. So hate all you want, bitches, the Broncos ain’t listening.

  7. Very interesting article by Ed Werder. The Denver Post has 2-3 primary sportswriters covering the Broncos, Klis, Jones & Kiszla, and they couldn’t come up with this info? It had to come from an outsider?

  8. how many times does ed werder have to use phony “sources” and inferences before people just stop paying him any attention. it seems like every article is 80% heresay and 20% uncited sources/quotes. its like im watching season 5 of the wire.
    i wont dispute whether or not marshall/scheffler should be benched, im just saying… the most credible thing about ed werder is his mustache. that shit is legit.

  9. Wasn’t Shanny going to cut Marshall in the off season? They call him baby TO for a reason.

  10. yea and pro bowl selections is based entirely on how that player performs and not because of their name?? I mean americans put a lot of thought into what they vote for.. not only did we elect bush.. we re-elected him. The pro bowl is a joke.

  11. 1) Marshall is in contract year.
    2) Marshall realizes he has repaired his image for a huge contract.
    3) Marshall know the Broncos have NO CONTROL for the their playoff destiny.
    4) Marshall fakes hamstring pull.
    5) Marshall misses then passes an MRI, proving he is lying.
    What does it all mean? McDaniels figured out that Marshall would rather get a pay day than risk his career for a game that may or may not matter, win or lose.
    I can see both sides of the story here. Have no idea about Scheffler. Maybe he is a big pussy.

  12. I’m with coach. Also, I hope we trade that scumbag Marshall. I need more info on what is Scheffler’s problem, he seems like a good dude.

  13. Don’t question Werder over the so called “reporters” at the Denver Post. The entire paper has been all over the Broncos ever since they fired Shanahan. It doesn’t surprise me that they would have no idea this is going on.
    Just read the paper. All the comments are anti-Broncos.
    BTW, jkiddrock hit it on the head. There are some quotes from players insinuating that once Marshall had what he needed (Pro Bowl, 100 catches, etc.), he immediately shut down. In fact, there is speculation that the reason McDaniels called him out is because this might be personal. Not the right thing to do by the coach, but Marshall showed no regard for his teammates.
    As for Scheffler, his agent is Bus Cook. Enough said. His complaint is about his numbers and use in the offense. Look at the numbers from 2008 to 2009, and they are comparable. Plus, you say, “I can’t wait for this season to be over with” on the plane ride home from Philly, and you’re pretty much done. The players sold him out. Not much love for him in the locker room evidently.
    Let the Marshall sweepstakes begin. He will be someone else’s problem soon.

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