Mora's agent hopes to place a friendly G.M. in Seattle

Last month, we identified the list of ten potential candidates for the G.M. job in Seattle.

A league source recently has told us that the list has been narrowed a bit.  (We don’t know who has been excluded, yet.)

Another source tells us that agent Bob LaMonte, who represents Seahawks coach Jim Mora, has been pushing the team to hire a LaMonte client for G.M., in the hopes that the LaMonte client hired to be the G.M. won’t fire the LaMonte client who serves as the head coach.

Mora was hired by former G.M. Tim Ruskell, and Mora went on the record to endorse former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren (another LaMonte client) for the G.M. job.  Though not nearly as foolish as going on a Seattle radio station and suggesting that he’d quit his job as head coach of the Falcons in a heartbeat if the University of Washington job were available, making his preference for Holmgren known after it was clear Holmgren wasn’t taking the job wasn’t one of the smartest things Mora (whom we like, which we feel compelled to add as we diss him) ever has done.