Report: Redskins will be required to interview Gray again

It’s been a strange few weeks regarding the Redskins and the Rooney Rule. 

And it officially will be getting stranger.

More than two weeks ago, the Redskins announced the resignation of executive V.P. of football operations Vinny Cerrato.  A full 114 minutes later, the Redskins announced Bruce Allen as the new G.M.

In the wake of the move, it was disclosed that the Redskins pre-complied with the Rooney Rule by interviewing a minority candidate for the G.M. job before Cerrato quit, even though the Redskins and the NFL refused to identify the candidate.  (Multiple subsequent reports indicated it was Redskins director of pro personnel Morocco Brown.)

Then, word emerged that the Redskins had interviewed one or more in-house minority candidates for the head-coaching job, even though the head-coaching job was and still is held by Jim Zorn.  Last Sunday night, Andrea Kremer of NBC reported that the Redskins interviewed secondary coach Jerry Gray with the blessing of the league — and with a finding by the Fritz Pollard Alliance that the interview complied with the Rooney Rule.

The Washington Post subsequently confirmed that the Fritz Pollard Alliance had concluded that the Redskins were in compliance, and thus that the Redskins could fire coach Jim Zorn and hire whomever they want.

Not so fast, Redskins.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the Redskins will be required to comply with the Rooney Rule after Zorn is fired.

Mort’s report, if accurate, clears up an ambiguous stance the league office has taken regarding whether a team may satisfy the Rooney Rule by interviewing a coaching candidate before there’s a coaching vacancy.  Several weeks ago, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said, as to the coaching job, there can be no compliance without a vacancy; last Sunday night, after Kremer’s report emerged, Aiello was a bit more equivocal.

So now it appears that the Redskins will be required to go through the motions — again — before anointing Shanahan as the next head coach of the team.

And it would be great if Gray and Greg Blache and any other minority candidate politely declines. 

Frankly, if they have any self-respect, they will.

50 responses to “Report: Redskins will be required to interview Gray again

  1. Anybody that interviews in order to help the Deadskins comply with the Looney Rule should be referred to as “Token” from now on.

  2. Wasn’t there a story a few weeks ago about gray taking a college head coaching job and then declining it? If he did that because Snyder made him think he has a chance at being head coach in Washington then Snyder is on a whole new level of scumbag!

  3. Dear Dan Snyder,
    You suck as an owner and are an embarrassment to the league. What was once a proud and respected NFL team is now a joke.
    Football Fans Everywhere

  4. the rooney rule has made a mockery of hiring head coaches…many minority candidates are just being used as pawns required by the league to satisfy the rule. so, what happens if they all take your advice and none wish to be interviewed? the rule is basically forcing owners to pay the fine for not following it, or doing these stupid little fake interviews to satisfy it. now you think that any with a bit of self respect will refuse to be interviewed. awesome….totally awesome.

  5. Fing ridiculous. What a waste of time for the Redskins. Thanks Liberals and political correctness.

  6. Please.
    You don’t think they will actually hire Gray after this interview.
    The Rooney Rule wasn’t made solely to ensure minority applicants get hired. The league can’t make owners hire anyone they don’t want to. And you know that once Snyder has his mind set on something (e.g. Shannahan here), he’s not changing it.
    Besides, the Rooney Rule was also, and probably more importantly, made to make sure minority applicants are placed in to the small pool of folks that are considered qualified to be hired as head coaches and GMs.
    Just by interviewing Gray, and any other minority, ostensibly benefits because of the elevation of their profile that could assist them get more interviews and possibly a job when a situation arises when there is a clear opening.
    However, by interviewing before Zorn was fired, Gray might have run himself out of the league as a traitor that can’t be trusted.

  7. so what happens if every black or hispanic or non-white guy for that matter in this country refuses to interview for the job ?
    the Washington Redskins will not have a coach in that scenario ???
    cannot think of a bigger joke being made out of a rule

  8. The Rooney Rule is a bullshit formality.
    Whitey can look at himself in the mirror and say “Hey, the Rooney Rule gives a brother a shot. We did our part.” When in reality, it forces teams to run through hoops to hire great coaches.
    Maybe this will spawn a cottage industry of unemployed black coaches who get paid to have Rooney Rule interviews. I gotta call my agent.

  9. What a joke of an organization….bring in Adam Archuleta to be G.M., he worked out well……

  10. this rooney rule is a joke. the loopholes are so big you could drive a truck through them… I understand the goal of the rule, but it’s not working. Perhaps it’s already worked at a coaching level in the NFL with a large %age of coaches being minorities…

  11. It would be nice if any minority would decline when its obvious they are not the guy. Then maybe this rule would go away. Typically it is well known who a team wants to be thier next head coach before its annouced. With this rule teams always go through the motions then hire the guy they want in the end. Its really a stupid rule that is not effective. A team will always hire who they feel is the person for the job no matter what race they are.

  12. This is ridiculous…Any team should be able to hire/fire anyone they want to without a mandate on who they are required to interview. Wouldn’t you think if a black coach was asked to interview because of this lame as rule they would embarrassed to know it’s only because of the rule? If a black coach has the talent he’ll get noticed.

  13. so now when a black guy goes into an interview, what does he think ? am I here because of the color of my skin or because of my skills ?
    I wouldn’t want to be that guy

  14. Hey Vox, you should refer to yourself as a jackass. Token is a pretty harsh term which is used to minimize a person of color, and to consider them less then a suitable human being.
    The folks being interviewed are gaining publicity by interviewing, regardless of the real intent of the interview. There are many choices not just for head coaches out there, and getting your name in the mix of head coaches sets you up for coordinator jobs, which overtime can build into coaching positions. These folks are not being dupped, they are making a career move to help themselves get noticed in a crowded field of candidates.
    Now go back to your cell and watch the Eagles kick the girl out of the Cowboys.

  15. Your wish of all minorities turning down the Head Coaching job should count as ‘compliance’ as well, if that’s the case.
    Otherwise, per your strategy, teams may not be able to get head coaches at all.
    The ‘Rule’ is for the opportunity to get them in the door, not guarantee a seat behind the desk.
    Owners should still be allowed to hire who they want to hire to be the Coach…You know, since it’s ‘their’ team.

  16. The rule is ridiculous. The Rooney Rule is a complete farce, and I also hope that EVERY SINGLE minority candidate says no so that they can finally get rid of this racist rule.

  17. That interview should come with a fee from Mr. Gray. Why else would he subject himself to it?

  18. Gray did not turn down the job at Memphis. They decided to hire Larry Porter, a Memphis alum.
    Besides, if Gray ever really thought that he would be a serious candidate to be the head coach of the team he helped make 4-11 he’s is delusional. And he’s not delusional.
    Not sure if Mort is accurate here. Not sure why Wooten of the FPA would have signed off on it if they had to talk to Gray again.

  19. “And it would be great if Gray and Greg Blache and any other minority candidate politely declines.
    Frankly, if they have any self-respect, they will.”
    Oh bullshit Florio, if any of em had the self respect you so conveniently ascribe to here (while conveniently forgetting about it on an almost daily basis in other cases…self respect hah! that’s rich) they wouldn’t take a Rooney rule interview to begin with and this farcical racist load of crap would never have gotten wings to begin with. Nice idea but countering covert racist tendencies with an overtly racist policy is just two wrongs trying to make a right and exactly what’s wrong with this country these days…PC run amok without any true solutions.
    Anyone who takes an interview for a job they know they have no hope of getting on the basis of their skin color has checked their self respect at the door anyway. Saying yes to the Skins at this point is no more of a joke than it has been for all but a very small fraction of the “Rooney rule” interviews that have taken place league wide to date.
    It’s a complete joke and you seem to be the only person who hasn’t figured it out.
    So basically stop crying about it. Your campaign for tampering charges in the Haynesworth deal failed miserably. Your repeated predictions for Gibbs’ retirement were wrong and only came to fruition after you’d actually stopped playing the blind squirrel seeking the nut repeating it ad nauseum. Now your calls for heads to roll for Rooney rule infractions have fallen on deaf ears as well since the league has already approved the interview (killed ya to miss the Morocco Brown tip, it’s been old news to Redskins insiders who actually get inside dish for quite sometime). Add that to the brilliant SB prediction and it’s readily apparent you throw Darts for much of your Redskins news and you often don’t even hit the board.
    I don’t know about agendas, you get accused of having one against every team. I do know you don’t like Snyder and your collective PFT biscuits are burnt because you quite apparently have dick for inside sources at Redskins Park. So go ahead, continue to marginalize your site with this silly escapade to burn Snyder and Co. It’s gotten kind of amusing at this point. Even fans of other teams are calling you on it! Ya gotta go a country mile to get folks to sympathize with Snyder at this point, but you’re doing a hell of a job!

  20. Here we go again Florio…I wonder if you might write a sentence or two about the far reaching injustices of bigotry and racism when gerhart’s stock plummets in the draft….because he’s a honky* RB, and nobody really wants one of those (God Bless you, Mike Alstott).
    *I’m a honky, so don’t even start.
    As I’m watching Cris Carter on ESPN, anybody else think he’s a punkass? I respect what he’s done on the field, no doubt but he seems like a real jerk to his peers.

  21. I think when it comes to the point where minority candidates have to evaluate their self-respect in regards to these farcical interviews, the league should take a long, hard look at the viability of the Rooney Rule. If minority candidates are being met with insecurities over whether they are legitimately being considered or are just being used as pawns to oblige a rule, what is the Rooney Rule really accomplishing?

  22. Any minority candidate who declines an interview should never get to work in the NFL again. After all you don’t want someone who gives up when the odds are against them coaching your team do you.
    Teams have to defy the odds / media forecasts all the time and you want a leader with that mindset. Sure Snyder is fixed on Shanahan but what if you wow him at the interview then Shanahan goes elsewhere? sure it’s a long shot but ao are lots of things in sports.

  23. I think with the majority of the American voting public voting in an African-American as President of the US that that should have officially ended should have ended any affirmative action-type racist policies that seek to elevate minorities at the expense of European-Americans.
    This policy is racist and will continue to be racist just like every other policy that constantly points out the differences between whites and blacks while at the same time claiming to be an aid to providing equality among the races.

  24. the rooney rule is ridiculous and beyond stupid and is a racist rule in itself!!!
    Mariuci was ITALIAN!!!!!!! that is clearly a minority why did that not count with the lions?
    because this is not for minorities as it states it is strickly for blacks!
    bah humbug to the league and anyone who believes this rule to be as it says!
    ITALIAN is a minority!

  25. # promin1 says: January 3, 2010 10:56 AM
    Fing ridiculous. What a waste of time for the Redskins. Thanks Liberals and political correctness.
    FYI…..the Rooney’s are Republicans. You can look it up.

  26. If I owned the team I would hire whoever I wanted, regardless of color. This rule is the biggest waste of time. If I was a person of color this rule would offend me.

  27. I completely forgot what happened when Detriot hired Mooch and did not interview a minority candidate – a $200k fine
    that’s peanuts for Dan Snyder when he’s going to pay $50m to Shanahan as reported by Mr. Florio

  28. I, as a black man, am offended BY this rule. All this rule tells us now a days is that a black man needs an advantage to do the same job as a white man. This was a good rule in the past but now professional sports are so competitive that a person cant afford to be racist. I think that coachs like Tomlin, Dungy and Lovie have shown that we don’t need a rule like this. They have proven that race doenst make anybody better or worse than anybody else. Here’s an interesting nugget for everybody. The first two black coachs to win the Super Bowl came through MN!

  29. Snyder is a coach-killer and a career-killer. Zorn is done; if he is lucky, he will catch on with another team as a quarterback coach. Whatever his motives, Gray is done unless by some miracle he gets the job. Snyder’s problem is that he is young, successful, and arrogant and believes he knows what he’s doing. There should be a reverse Roooney Rule with regards to ownership; call it the Snyder Rule. No one should be allowed to apply for ownership unless they are old enough to have the wisdom to leave the football side to the experts.
    I would love to be in the room when Shanahan tells Snyder that all those free-agents and drafts picks he and Vinny selected aren’t worth squat.

  30. Why should Blache or Grey decline the interview? For one thing, the Pollard foundation told all NFL African American assistants when the whole charade started that they wanted them to take the interview regardless of any preconceived notion they may have about who might be getting the job. They did this because they felt that some candidates who may have previously not been on a teams radar may get there as a result of the interview. This rule has always been ridiculous, it implies that you need an abitrary regulation in order for a black assistant to get a head coaching job when people like Art Shell , Dennis Green ( 2 jobs) , Tony Dungy( 2 jobs) were perfectly qualified and got jobs without some ridiculous quota. Mike Tomlin deserved his job too, but now there will always be racists that say he was hired after the Rooney Rule was enacted. Gray and Blache owe the media nothing, other than to try to advance their own careers, there is no percentage inn telling Dan Snyder or any other owner to go pound sand whether they end up hiring Mike Shanahan or not.

  31. Maybe if I were black I wouldn’t have been laid off work the past 8 months. They kept a black guy instead that says “Ax” instead of “ask” and was out “sick” 2 to 3 times a month. I hadn’t been sick in 13 years. I filed suit and was told I’d lose my severence if I went through with it. That the decision came from above….meaning work performance had nothing to do with it…they had to comply with their minority quota. Having that info I could have won, so they upped my severence to keep quiet. Win win I guess, but you get where this country is going.

  32. if they know who they want their coach to be they shoudnt have to hire people for the sake of hiring

  33. The rooney rule is racism on par with the KKK. Yes the KKK. The NFL (all of it-players, coaches,owners, and every one in between) is well over 65% BLACK. Gimme this cause I be black, gimme that cause I be black, I deserves something else cause I be BlacKs. The skins should go to a black prospective “coach”- read that “black”, tell him to interview or be fired, if this individual does not comply fire him or another “minority”. Period. Rooney is complied with. Perhaps Danny should tell the league office to “pack sand” and move forward.

  34. phildo says:
    January 3, 2010 11:27 AM
    good morning whinny repubs
    Thats funny, because the only reason the Rooney Rule exists is because of whinny liberals crying that everything isn’t fair.

  35. The Rooney Rule was necessary, but now not anymore. All of you that say it is a ridiculous don’t understand the purpose.
    It has benefited many teams and minorities, but now it brings instances like this. The cycle of teams using the same 32 coaches is over, they are now looking in different places for new blood so in essence it has benefited coaches at all levels.
    Was it necessary, at some point yes, is it now, no, was it ever ridiculous, no.

  36. Reading these comments makes my IQ drop a few points. Somehow most people don’t seem to realize that the NFL is the Owners and the Owners are the NFL!
    To get down to the level of most posters. Remember the episode of Sponge Bob where Mr. Crabs puts Sponge Bob in charge of his money? SB is “in charge” of the money but Crabs keeps telling him to buy things. When he buys stuff, Crabs says “Sponge Bob you’re spending all me money.”
    Basically, the Owners created the Rooney rule to keep them “honest.” However, when the Owners want to do something against the rule, they ask the League (themselves) to bend them a wee bit and call it Compliance.
    This crap happens all the time. Another rule that covers ownership was violated by the Rooneys for a few years until the League had to say it was getting bad. They still violated the rule but at least the owners that also owned gambling operations moved on. At least on paper they moved on.
    If you stayed with me this deep, I thank you. This rule is a farce but I find it difficult for people to say minorities get a fair shake and that only the BEST coaches are being hired. How many teams completely SUCK? I am not the brightest person in the world but I think I could coach a 1-15 team to at least a 4-12 season.

  37. THEpackersAREwhere? says:
    January 3, 2010 11:43 AM
    Here’s an interesting nugget for everybody. The first two black coachs to win the Super Bowl came through MN!
    They also came through Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay.

  38. bearsrule says:
    January 3, 2010 11:36 AM
    FYI…..the Rooney’s are Republicans. You can look it up.
    From wikipedia:
    “During the 2008 US Presidential campaign, Rooney publicly presented Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, with his own personalized Pittsburgh Steelers jersey while at a campaign rally….Even though Rooney was a life-long Republican, many in the media have long described him a “Republican In Name Only” (RINO) because in the past he has advocated for tax increases on Pittsburgh residents to pay for Heinz Field, an amphitheatre, and a future “T” subway service. Some residents have even stated that because of these advocated tax increases, the Steelers owner should not be endorsing any candidate.”
    Let’s see, he’s in favor of higher taxes, racially-based interview requirement, and campaigning for a Democrat President.. Yep, sounds like a staunch Republican to me.

  39. “Anybody that interviews in order to help the Deadskins comply with the Looney Rule should be referred to as “Token” from now on.”
    That about sums it up.

  40. So you start out by saying the Rooney rule is necessary and all important, then close by saying the assistant black coaches should decline if they have any self-respect because they know it’s a bogus interview?
    You really are a dumbass.
    And pathetic.

  41. yea, I think they should interveiw him again.
    They will probably hire him the second time.
    If the coaches do the second interveiw, they should legally change their name to Stepp’n Fetchit.

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