'Skins making Shanahan contingency plans

Though the Redskins have focused on Mike Shanahan like Albert Haynesworth focuses on his mid-afternoon pork chops, the team realizes that Shanahan hasn’t committed to anything yet — and thus that he could go elsewhere, if the money is right (i.e., better).

As a result, G.M. Bruce Allen has been making calls to lineup up a “Plan B,” according to Jay Glazer of FOX.

It’s a smart move.  Though Shanahan is by all appearances ready to take the job, he believes in keeping his options open, and he’s surely hoping that more options open up.

One way or another, the current coach’s job status will be resolved soon.  Glazer expects Jim Zorn to be fired within the next 24-48 hours.  We think it’ll happen sooner than that.

20 responses to “'Skins making Shanahan contingency plans

  1. Just give Shanny a lie-detector test to find out if he wants the job. Those are reliable [EYE ROLL].

  2. It’s almost over and the Skins can start to come back from the rocky bottem. Hail to the Redskins, Hail Victory, Braves on the Warpath, Fight for Old DC.

  3. I don’t know, it seems like Shanny is waiting for another gig to open up. Why else hesitate this long to to sign? Something tells me he wants to wait until the out come of the Cowboys match-up next week before comitting. lol

  4. I love the skins but Snyder is an idiot. I’m glad to see Bruce Allen isn’t putting all his eggs in one leatherfaced basket.

  5. So is there a rule that says that there has to be a one Shanahan story for every three on this site? Should we expect one for every single move the guy makes once he’s HC? I mean, really?

  6. That leatherfaced basket just might be your savior so I’d be worried if I was skin fans. You’re not getting Holmgren, Cowher or Dungy..Billicks might be going to Buffalo so your only real options are Shanny and Gruden, anything else is just another wasted 3-4 seasons gone down the drain.

  7. Shanny is an overrated tool. Skins need to go in a different direction, but they wont and that why they’ll perpetually suck my ballz

  8. If Shanahan doensn’t take the job then Allen needs to try and bring in “The Chin”!!

  9. It’s not the unprofessional part that bothers me, it’s the 5 year old sense of humor.

  10. How is coaching the Redskins a better gig than coaching the Bills? Seriously? The owner is a compulsive meddler, and the organization has been a joke since Cooke died.
    The Bills have had a rough stretch, but atleast they’re a respectable organization. All they need is a good coach and a QB and they’ll turn it around. The fan support in Buffalo is second to none.
    Shanahan is clearly coming back for the money, and he’ll be shown the door the same way Marty was. Napolean has no respect for coaches, and after the way hes treated Zorn, I’m surprised any “big name” coach has even considered this gig.

  11. The Chin isn’t coming to the Redskins. He won’t put up with the treatment The Midget gives HIS EMPLOYEES.

  12. “Though the Redskins have focused on Mike Shanahan like Albert Haynesworth focuses on his mid-afternoon pork chops”….and like Florio focuses on himself as he spends 1 hour styling his hair…
    Why don’t you try reporting some actual news for a change instead of taking cheapshots at players you probably don’t even know personally. You’re like that talkshow Chelsea Lately, or whatever that show is.
    It’s no surprise that any GM has a Plan B. Who helped you come up with that theory?

  13. artkang, don’t take Florio too seriously. He picked Daniel M. (Midget) Snyder’s Danskins to go to the Superbowl. Genius – not too much.

  14. why is everyone getting haynesworth’s back? who cares? all anyone does is criticize florio for the articles he posts and the way he writes them. if everyone hates him so much why do you keep reading them every second a new article is posted? i’m a die hard skins and i’m not afraid to say that ablert is FAT and eats PORKCHOPS. its funny and its a relief to finally see someone put a little humor in a humorless league.

  15. NFLMMAfan: yup…you’re right. i forgot about that. i used to come here for actual news…..seems like the quality of reporting has definitely gone down this season.

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