Welker leaves with knee injury

Wes Welker just demonstrated why teams often choose to rest their starters in Week Seventeen.

On New England’s third offensive play, Welker went down with a knee injury after making a 12-yard catch.  His knee buckled before getting tackled and he had to be helped off the field.

Welker was distraught on the bench after the injury, burying his face in a towel.  Welker was carted to the locker room a few minutes later.

Tom Brady and Randy Moss remained in the game for the Patriots, who trail 7-0 after a 76-yard march by the Texans on the game’s first possession.

UPDATE: Welker’s knee clearly was hurt before he was touched by a defender.  But the player that officially got the tackle on Welker’s play was none other than Bernard Pollard.  Eerie.

UPDATE II: Welker will not return. No surprise there.

51 responses to “Welker leaves with knee injury

  1. And won’t be back…until 2010 Regular Season by the way this looked. Ugly. Should have rested him and not risked it.

  2. Why can’t New england ever just have their key guys for the playoffs? The first quarter for them is just a killer for injuries.

  3. dear bengals, please rest your starters. 2 playoff appearances in 19 years…we don’t care about week 17.

  4. Texas is hitting hard and low trying to convince the Pats to pull their starters… Can’t blame them.

  5. Just as the hater chime in they score with mini-Welker getting down to the 10… bwahaha…

  6. RIP any validity to the argument the Colts or anyone else resting stars in meaningless games is the right thing to do

  7. Not good for Pats. I know Faulk is sitting today, but he and Edelman will likely need to fill that short move the sticks role for Pats. No one does it like Welker but that is likely their best course of action now, if it is as bad as it looked. And if it is, it is fair to ask if he will be ready for opener next season and/or ever quite the same given how much of his game is predicated on leg plants and quickness. Maybe it is only hyperextended or strained, but it loked worse than that.

  8. Benard Pollard getting it done!!
    Hey Rosenthal, I broke this story on the post about Shady Brady’s ribs – where’s my attribution?!?!

  9. The Pats don’t quit just because they’re scared of getting hurt. That injury could’ve happened any week.
    They just marched down the field and scored a touchdown without him.

  10. You know your team is full of p******* if your getting pushed around by the Texans

  11. pats suck, blow and cheat* says:
    January 3, 2010 1:37 PM
    Benard Pollard getting it done!!
    Hey Rosenthal, I broke this story on the post about Shady Brady’s ribs – where’s my attribution?!?!
    You’re mother eats scat. Look it up.

  12. Let me guess: The catch was a slant, and he ran right behind the ref using him as a pick, right?

  13. pats suck, blow and cheat*
    When are you going to ban this piece of shit? What does it take to get banned here? Openly cheering injuries isn’t enough for you? Are you just going to keep letting him do this shit? Fine…

  14. ButchD says:
    January 3, 2010 1:35 PM
    RIP any validity to the argument the Colts or anyone else resting stars in meaningless games is the right thing to do
    So right man right on..

  15. ButchD says:
    January 3, 2010 1:35 PM
    RIP any validity to the argument the Colts or anyone else resting stars in meaningless games is the right thing to do
    Right on man right on

  16. I love all of the clones Hating on the Pats for playing when just last week the same Ridiculous guys were hating on the Colts for sitting their star guys. I say you play to win the game. Ridiculous!

  17. Butch;
    Unfortunately some on the other “side” will still contend that because they are somehow “entitled” to see “history”, the Colts were still wrong for limiting the play of the starters, so even with this event that happened for (or against I suppose) the Pats, logic still wont enter into their argument.
    You may have a few that will contend that the Colts shouldn’t have played Manning, Wayne, and Clark this week if they were that concerned about injuries or write that that Welkers’ injury was one of “freakish” nature and could have happened at any time. However that would counter their point that the Colts offense needs to remain fluid and would strengthen the position that all it DOES take is one play.
    Somewhere the front office personnel of the Colts are smiling and no doubt Caldwell will reference Welkers’ injury in one (or more) of his postgame comments.

  18. so what. just plug in the next guy. welker is the most overrated player in the NFL. Its either give him the short ball or let moss loose over the top. all those catches + all those yards + only 4 TD’s = all this guy gets are touches the defense is allowing. sure he does pretty good with the ball when he gets it sometimes, but completely overrated.

  19. FYI : As with MOST or ALL NFL teams..there are only 5 maybe 6 active WR’s on a roster. That’s why you usually see them playing no matter what the score is or how meaningless the game is. You simply can not sit them all out. Welker’s injury was not the result of a tackle….or bad weather or field conditions. It happened on a reception and his knee buckled. That can happen any time in any game or practice. You simply can not play the game with the fear that someone is gonna get hurt.
    In Indy’s case…peyton Manning rarely gets sacked in a game….and has never had a significant injury.
    What happened to Welker has little to do with what the Colts did

  20. The Patriots* need more than Welker to win the super bowl this year. They only made the playoffs because of a weak division. PS the Pats* (a division leader) scored against the texans, not impressed. The knee injury didn’t look that bad, but ANYTHING with the MCL could mean ACL could mean Meniscus. It wasn’t McGahee nasty or anything.

  21. Gee, now all the comments involve the benefit of being able to rest your starters approaching the playoffs.

  22. # FunkFootball.Blogspot.com says: January 3, 2010 1:48 PM
    do Pats fans want to criticize the Colts decision now?
    Yes. Nobody lays down in week 16 especially when it has playoff implications and history is on the line. Players get hurt. It can happen on the first play of the game just as easily as the third quarter when you decide to quit. Just ask Brady.
    Wes got hurt, now other people need to step up and fill the gap. That’s what Championships team do as the Patriots have shown over the years. They hold the record for using the most starters by a Superbowl team for a reason. People get hurt and you have to have depth to contend.
    If the Colts were really worried about injuries would Manning and Clarke be playing in a snow storm in Buffalo right now? If you think that had anything to do with avoiding injury you’re a fool.

  23. Pats went 11-5 last year – without Tom Brady. They went to AFC Championship/Title game in 2006-07 with a WR contingent of Reche Caldwell, J Gaffney, and an aging Troy Brown. Moss is significantly better than all of them and Edelman is better than people think and know about.
    They lost that 06/07 AFC championship game, but it was not due to a lack of offense (final score 38-34). This Pats team arguably has a better RB contingent too than that team.
    The point is – the injury is a signifcant blow, but it can be compensated for more easily than the Brady injury and underestimating the Patriots based upon their history and depth is not advisable. As noted in an earlier post, they will likely use Edelman, Faulk, and TEs more to compensate along with Moss going across the middle more frequently on intermediate routes. Plus, their running percentage and Brady under center are way up the last four weeks, so look for more running and play action too – particualrly in northeast/@ home games.
    As bad as it looked, here’s a prayer for Welker and hoping that he has Tedy Bruschi like flexibilty and recuprative powers.
    Lastly, as I write this, I will note that Edelman has had a huge first half and Brian Hoyer has looked pretty good in relief of Brady.

  24. # marshy171 says: January 3, 2010 2:04 PM
    Somewhere in Buffalo, Bill Polian is chuckling
    He can keep chuckling because what he did will never be forgotten nor forgiven except maybe by the undemanding Colt fans who have no problem with underachievement.

  25. Moe Lester says:
    so what. just plug in the next guy. welker is the most overrated player in the NFL
    Without a doubt you have just exposed yourself as the most ignorant moron on this board FULL of morons.
    If you had watched even ONE Patriots game in the past three years, you would know that Welker doesn’t receive ENOUGH credit. He is by far the hardest working, ass-busting, “gets open when you need him the most” sonovabitch in the league, and dude takes a MASSIVE pounding and springs right back up.
    Tough as nails, idiot, and almost ALWAYS makes the catch you need him to make, gets those extra “after the tackle” yards.
    People like you love to bash anything Patriots related, no matter how f-ing clueless you are about the subject at hand. Come back when you know a damn thing about the game of football, douchebag. Until then, shut up and let the REAL fans post here.
    Print THAT, Florio, to shut up the haters, please.

  26. That injury could have happened in a practice.
    Love the classless losers chuckling that a class guy with a huge heart like Welker gets hurt.
    That’s what happens when losers living with their parents have lousy teams – they want to bring everyone else down.

  27. a win for new england could mean the difference between a wild card matchup vs. baltimore(tough matchup right down the wire, either team could win) or vs the jets(practically a bye week). I’m sure welker was never going to play the whole game and the pats still did have something on the line so I don’t have any problem with him playing it’s just unfortunate he happened to get hurt while he was in there. The Colts sitting starters last week was a totally different situation but the right one. They win that game theres more pressure to go 16-0 this week in Buffalo and the nasty weather where there is much more of a chance to get injured. Now instead the game today is completely meaningless and Manning, Wayne, Clark etc. all played a few series to stay sharp and left without injury. I have no problem with Belicheck playing Welker and Brady today, and no problem with the Colts pulling everyone last week. The two situations are unrelated in my mind.

  28. To the BigOldDog
    clark needed to get a 100 catches hence peyton playing extended mins, painter wouldnt have been able to throw him the ball, even with no defenders covering clark.. horrible back up

  29. Welker could’ve had that injury in practice; there was no contact. And it was the third play of the game. As a Pats I have no problem with playing our starters for two quarters in this game.
    It’s not like we pulled our starters while going for 16-0… and then started them to get Moss and Welker 100 catches.

  30. no contact injuries have NOTHIGN to do with resting guys, that injury could have happened ANYWHERE……
    colts are pussies stop tryin gto say they arent.

  31. It’s not like we pulled our starters while going for 16-0… and then started them to get Moss and Welker 100 catches.
    No. “You” just quit in the Saints game.

  32. Ok, I see comments that just make me laugh some times. Welker only gets the catches the defense allows? He averaged 11 yards per reception this season, look it up.
    If defenses are going to give that up all day, wouldn’t that be a whole lot of free first downs?

  33. why is this game considered meaningless for the pats? if they win they get the 3rd seed which would give them home field in the afc championship game IF they and the 4or 5 seed were able to get there. not too unlikely considering how the 3-4 matched up in 2007 in the afc; new england in indy, and last year the 6 and 4 matched up in the NFC championship.

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