White removed from field on a stretcher

In a scary scene Sunday afternoon, Dolphins quarterback Pat White was taken off the field on a stretcher after taking a big helmet-to-helmet hit.  Lawrence Timmons was credited with the tackle, but Ike Taylor made the hit.

White did appear to roll over and moved his hands after the injury.

White was in the game for Chad Henne, who suffered an eye injury during the first half.  It’s unclear if Henne will return.

The Steelers lead 24-10 in their bid to stay alive in the playoff race.

UPDATE: Tyler Thigpen is in at quarterback for the Dolphins.

28 responses to “White removed from field on a stretcher

  1. So basically, the only way the Steelers can win is by taking out quarterbacks. Man, let’s all party like it’s 2005!

  2. Giving credit where credit is due: the Miami QB was hit on the Pittsburgh sideline and the Steelers med staff/trainers were there in seconds to help the downed player while the MIA staff crossed the field.

  3. It was bald ass Ike Turner I mean Taylor. Helmet to helmet and no flag! The NFL loves them some Steelers.

  4. actually it was Ike Taylor who applied the hit…settle down douchebags…these hits happen, all the time..it’s football, womens tennis is on if that’s more your speed.

  5. Get well Pat White but Thigpen is a good throwing QB and more suited to lead a comeback. When he was in KC he was very productive.

  6. I’d like to see a fine of at least $100k for this hit…players don’t give a shit ’til you hit ’em in the wallet!

  7. I know what you mean, QB’s are lost all the time, conveniently whenever Pittsburgh needs a win, but I’m sure that’s besides the point. Watch out Carson, Woodley’s coming back for the knee again if they get in the playoffs!

  8. Let’s make it clear that White was running down the sideline and got hit the way any runner, not passer, would get hit. He just had bad luck that the hit caught him as bad as it did.
    I hope He’s ok.

  9. This injury was arguably as much to do with White’s own position, and him lowering his helmet. I’m sure most people won’t see that though.

  10. That was not an illegal hit. Runners can get hit helmet to helmet. Skill position players get hit like that all the time. This time it’s unfortunate that it was a qb who put his head down instead of sliding or running out of bounds. I just hope it’s a concussion at worse especially since he was moving his hands and legs.

  11. How was no flag thrown on that? Not only was it blatant helmet-to-helmet, White was also out of bounds. Something needs to be done with the officiating of the Steelers, it’s obviously unbalanced.

  12. White lowered his head into Taylor’s helmet, thus no flag. Notice the announcers never mentioned the possibility of a flag, in fact the one said it was legit.
    Wishing a swift and healthy recovery for Pat White.

  13. 4G63 says:
    January 3, 2010 3:36 PM
    I’d like to see a fine of at least $100k for this hit…players don’t give a shit ’til you hit ’em in the wallet!
    Let’s make it a million. He should also be banned for life. Charges should be filed with the local police department. And Pat White should sue him and take away his house and children. The cheating dirty Steelers need to be taught a lesson!

  14. Nice helmet to helmet no call.
    I guess the refs are “laying down” for the Steelers already?

  15. It was a good hit, however, White had no business being in there to begin with. You dont hinge a slim chance at the post-season on Pat White. If Henne was unable to go, Thigpen should have played the whole second half. I know Thig was the 3rd qb, but it was evident Henne wasnt coming back.

  16. I am a Fins fan and I didn’t think it was a dirty hit. White lowered his helmet and caused it. Nothing dirty about it and he was in bounds when it happened. Let’s not make this something that it isn’t

  17. I love how all of these supposed “fans” of football do not even know the rules. It was not an illegal hit, period.
    Pat White was a runner at that point, not to mention that he lowered his head. But all you see is Steelers and, boom, it has to be favoritism.

  18. You want to stop helmet to helmet contact…want to stop these types of unnecessary concussions? Make the play an automatic ejection, 1 game suspension (no pay) type situation…automatic fine of $50,000 on first offense…escalating on subsequent plays…anyone doubt that if that had been Manning or Brady or Rothliesberger a flag would have been thrown?? I dont know if it was a dirty hit, but the tackler was leading with his helmet…that was the problem and is the problem…the head is not a missile and should not be used to tackle….it has nothing to do with Pitt or Miami or anything else…using the head to tackle needs to be outlawed, plain and simple…in any event it was unnecessary…White was going out of bounds, going down, and wap…upside the head…as for the nonsense that any player can lead with his head into another players head…where do you people get that one??? Should have been a flag…here’s the rule:
    To protect players from concussions and other head injuries, the NFL in 1996 made it a personal foul for helmet-to-helmet contact. Blows to the head of the offensive player would result in a personal foul as well. This rule was designed to stop players using the helmet as a weapon to stop or tackle opposing players and to protect the offensive players.
    A fine can be levied against a player for helmet-to-helmet contact.

  19. Ya know what’s really sad? The fact that as soon as I saw that hit, after saying a quick prayer for Pat White, all I thought was how many losers were going to call for Ike Taylor’s crucifixion and of course bitch and complain about the officiating.
    If you want to hate the Steelers, then hate them. If you want to state your opinion, know what the F you’re talking about. He clearly led with his shoulder. the NFL defines helmet-to-helmet as striking from the crown of it. Unfortunately, the side of his helmet hit White’s. There’s nothing short of Taylor not trying to hit him (which would jeopardize the job they’re paying him to do) that he could have done differently to prevent it.

  20. The hit was legal, and the announcers immediately said as much. This is shoddy journalism intended to do nothing but stir up controversy. Taylor lowered his should to make a clean tackle in the chest, and White lowered his helmet.
    Anybody criticizing the hit is merely demonstrating their ignorance.

  21. People, Taylor’s helmet clearly struck Whites helmet…that was the first thing that hit White…if you saw otherwise, you are blind or biased…I’m not saying it was a dirty hit…I’m saying the rules make it a hit subject to penalty and fine…check out the rule if you don’t believe or understand…get rid of helmet to helmet contact!!

  22. “Let’s make it a million. He should also be banned for life. Charges should be filed with the local police department. And Pat White should sue him and take away his house and children. The cheating dirty Steelers need to be taught a lesson!”
    Sure, what the hell?!?
    BTW, you’re awesome!!

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