Winfield will play in short-yardage only

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported earlier this week that cornerback Antoine Winfield may see a reduced role on Sunday.

ESPN’s Rachel Nichols reports that Winfield will play Sunday only in short-yardage situations.

The word came from Winfield himself.

Winfield has struggled with downfield coverage due to a foot injury that kept him out for several weeks.

5 responses to “Winfield will play in short-yardage only

  1. Good luck Winfield and Vikings…going to miss the playoffs…leaving for Greece, Italy, and Switzerland back for the super bowl.
    Dueces Florio

  2. Will the Vikings gain agreement from Giants receivers to only run short pass routes when being covered by Winfield?
    This is stupid. Making it known that he’ll only play in short-yardage situations is an admittance that they’re not comfortable with him covering receivers downfield. If I were Tom Coughlin I’d be making some changes to the game plan… If you see #26 lined up out wide, run that receiver deep. Regardless of the down and distance. There’s a good chance Winfield will get burned or the safety will be drawn that direction to free up the middle of the field, or maybe he’ll commit an illegal contact penalty.
    Bottom line: it’s foolish to put Winfield out there if he’s not ready yet. But it’s even more foolish to make the game plan known.

  3. Happy Be-lated X-mas New York! Another sign of the worst coached team in the NFL. Brett knows!
    I agree with Childress’s expert asessment. Adrian had the ball in the correct hand on the fumble. Psst……Adrian always carries the ball in his right hand no matter what side he’s running.
    Inside info: Peterson will not listen to coaching when it comes to his running style and habits.

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