Bears are expected to announce that Lovie Smith will be back

The Bears raised eyebrows on Monday by canceling coach Lovie Smith’s press conference.

Later in the day, the Bears announced that a press conference will be conducted on Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. CT.

Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that Smith is expected to return for 2010, and that “sweeping changes” are not expected to occur after one of the most disappointing seasons in team history, given high preseason expectations.

Here’s what we’re hearing as to what else will be disclosed on Tuesday.

First, offensive coordinator Ron Turner will be fired, possibly along with the rest of the offensive staff.

Second, we’re told that Smith could be losing defensive play-calling duties, with the duties falling to defensive line coach/assistant head coach Rod Marinelli.

USC offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates could be a candidate to replace Turner, given that Bates tutored quarterback Jay Cutler during his time with the Broncos.

44 responses to “Bears are expected to announce that Lovie Smith will be back

  1. Regardless of the coach next season, atleast there’s reason for optimism after those last 2 games. Cutler’s thrown 8 tds and only 1 int (in 2 games), matt forte has gotten back on track, the offensive line has gelled, and tommie harris is playing hard again. Once we get urlacher back next season, and hopefully a new OC, Chicago will live upto this preseason’s hype.

  2. The only, absolute only, reason for this is because of his contract. The team has fallen apart since their Super Bowl appearance, and since he took over the D they’ve declined even further. Just not head coach material.

  3. Bears can change all that they want; but they can’t change Cutler’s decision making. He is the second comin of Jeff George= all of the tools/bad decisions

  4. while it is disapointing that they are keeping him the good news is hopefuly turner is gone!the guy has no clue and will be lucky to be calling plays in a pee wee football league.smith should be gone to as he was in charge of team that has only gotten worse since the superbowl year under his direction.what is the point of keeping him if you are stripping him of his d play calling duties and dumping his offensive staff?all that says is that the team is to cheap to eat his contract.but as long as turner is gone it’s a start.

  5. They need a big time WR! Bennett could be a good #2, assuming the #1 WR gets doubled up! D will be fine when Urlacher returns!

  6. I agree that Lovie Smith should return. If 2010 is bad … then bye-bye. But not yet. I have a good feeling about the upcoming season.

  7. Sourdough,
    how about the one against the vikings?
    Putting two games together back to back IS a good reason for optimism.

  8. I have asked for Lovie to leave all season but if he just becomes a coach and not a coach/coordinator/waterboy/popcorn seller I think he will be back to doing great things. Lets get Jim Zorn as a QB coach some help on the O-line and some CB’s and start looking forward to next year. GO BEARS!

  9. No sweeping changes. Oh, man. That is awesome. Thank God! Why should we want to improve at all. We love mediocrity and pathetic performance. I personally say that if they even think of getting rid of Turner who is a WONDERFUL OC I quit being a Bears fan. Ron Tuner and the entire present staff must stay or we will become worse. Heck ask Lovie. He’ll back me up on this. What a joke!

  10. No way………not another wasted year! Thank God for the Blackhawks & Baseball!!
    And the Bears took out a full page ad in the Chicago Sun-Times telling all this rubish about how much they care for the fans………BULL!

  11. They need to launch Angelo as well. His last few drafts have been awful. When the best known draft pick’s claim to fame isn’t on the field, but from a You tube video of him jumping out of a pool, you might be a redneck, er, I mean, your drafting sucks.

  12. How can this be?!?!? UUUUGGGGGG!!!!
    So the head coach completely failed calling the defense so he gets to keep his job and hand the defensive play calling duties to a guy who didn’t produce this year as a D-Line Coach… Oh yeah, and not to mention he went 0-16 as a head coach…
    Brilliant move Chicago…
    Bear Down?

  13. Smith has always been problematic for the team. Yes, he took them to the Super Bowl, but his insane commitment to a marginal-at-best, inconsistent QB doomed that version of the Bears from the get-go, then dragged them down afterward. Since then, it’s been one year of decline after another.
    I hate to see coaches getting yanked on the spur of the moment, but this guy has had several seasons now and has only gone backwards. Can one–bad–SB appearance really carry this much weight? Can his contract really be worth this much ongoing mediocrity?

  14. Lovie Smith = Romeo Crennel
    Jay Cutler = Jeff George
    McCaskeys = Dan Snyder (but with a lot less cash)
    Any questions? Poor Bears fans. If this report is true, you can already write of 2010, when you haven’t even gotten rid of the stench of the 2009 season yet. The people of Chicago deserve better.
    Maybe Barry O will come home and coach the team??

  15. You guys wont have to worry about Cutler next year, he will be traded to the Redskins, and join up with Shanahan again.

  16. The Bears played 8 games against teams that made the postseason this year, they were 1-7 in those games. They struggled to beat an awful Rams team and a horrible Browns team, they took stupid penalties at crucial times, after six seasons the head coach still doesn’t realize that knowing how to use timeouts is important in the NFL and the Pro Bowl QB they acquired looked terrible most of the year. But one lucky win against the Vikings and a season ending win against the train wreck that is the Detroit Lions saves Lovie’s job. Only in Chicago.
    Once again the cheapness of the McCaskey family rears its ugly head. Old Lady McCaskey doesn’t want to write a check for 11 million so Lovie’s team missing the playoffs for the fourth time in six years is overlooked. The victory over the Vikings didn’t prove that Lovie “still had his team” it proved that there is some talent on the Bears and that Smith failed to maximize that talent in the previous 14 games. The Bears play in the second largest NFL market but the McCaskey family runs the team as though they were the Buffalo Bills. Intelligent ownership would realize the value of a coach like Bill Cowher. This is what happens when an 85 year old woman determines the fate of an NFL franchise.

  17. Wow, I thought for sure this guy was on the fast track to Gonesville. Sucks if you’re a Bears fan.

  18. It’s strange how much bears fans hate a coach who took them to the SB. Other than losing that game he’s had about as much success as ditka but then again ditka was an overrated coach to begin with.

  19. Good for the Bears. They’ve had head coaches in the past that were far less productive than Coach Smith. He’s taken them to a Super Bowl already (against the Colts, no less) with a very average quarterback (Grossman). Maybe with some better talent in the offensive coaching ranks they can return to the level of confidence they had that year. The NFL is a very competitive business. Just getting to the Super Bowl is quite an accomplishment.

  20. Cutler makes bad decision….loses games….and Turner gets fired. What is wrong with that thought process?
    Lovie is a good coach…..he just has bad players.

  21. Okay, now I get it. The offensive coaching staff were the ones that threw all those interceptions – not that immature crybaby Jay Cutler.

  22. The Bears played really good the last 2 games of the year. Just good enough to keep their crappy coach around for another more year. Way to go guys. Enjoy the draft.

  23. # last starfighter says: January 5, 2010 6:38 AM
    It’s strange how much bears fans hate a coach who took them to the SB. Other than losing that game he’s had about as much success as ditka but then again ditka was an overrated coach to begin with.
    Are you high?
    Lovie is 52-44 (.542) with the Bears.
    He has won 2 division titles.
    Went to 1 NFC title game.
    Went to 1 Super Bowl and he lost that one.
    Ditka was 106-62 (631) with the Bears including the strike year.
    He won 6 division titles.
    Went to the NFC title game 3 times.
    Went to and won the Super Bowl.
    I am not one of those Ditka fanatics but he was far more successful with the Bears than Lovie will ever be.

  24. you non bears are smith took the bears to the superbowl he gets a job for life?what’s his record since?you know since he made the descision to get rid of the guy who was responsible for the bears d they haven’t made the playoffs for 3 years and the d has gotten worse!if you think he is a great coach you can have him!as for cutler yea it’s all his fult that instead of making the offense fit his skills they make him try and fit into the get off the bus running offense.the one where they can’t run the ball and expect the qb to complete 3rd down and 20 passes when he isn’t running for his life.sure he made bad decisions but you would to playing behind that line and with the idiot making the stupid play calls.but I guess you guys are bronco fans who love your new coach right?or viqueen fans who love childress as long as you have farve right?or maybe you are cheeseheads who love mcarthy ,the same guy you wanted canned earlier this season right?

  25. Philtration, look at your stats
    Lovie has two divisional titles to ditka’s 6 but ditka also coached nearly twice as many seasons and most of these years the division had no competition (lions, packers, bucs, and to a large extent the vikings were lousy throughout the 80’s). This decade the only consistently weak team has been the lions. Maybe you feel Lovie isn’t great but I maintain that he really isn’t worse than ditka.

  26. Lovie is assistant coach material and the Bad News Bears will live with that for yet another year.
    Can you imagine how the true talent players will feel about walking into that training camp locker room next year?
    Demoralized and unmotivated.

  27. Maybe we’ll get lucky and offenses will magically forget how to attack the Tampa-2.
    Maybe we’ll get lucky and draft an impact pass rusher on day 2.
    Maybe we’ll get lucky and the offensive line will be able to run block.
    Maybe we’ll get lucky and Devin Hester will become a number 1 receiver.
    Maybe we’ll get lucky…….nevermind…..We’re screwed.

  28. # last starfighter says: January 5, 2010 10:09 AM
    Philtration, look at your stats
    Lovie has two divisional titles to ditka’s 6 but ditka also coached nearly twice as many seasons and most of these years the division had no competition (lions, packers, bucs, and to a large extent the vikings were lousy throughout the 80’s). This decade the only consistently weak team has been the lions. Maybe you feel Lovie isn’t great but I maintain that he really isn’t worse than ditka.
    Look at the Bears W-L records in the years that they won the division under Ditka.
    They also finished 11-5 with a wild card spot in 1991.
    Are you saying that the competition was weaker back then than Lovie facing the Detroit Lions over the last 6 years?
    How about the 4-12 and -6-10 Packers from 2006 and 2008?
    You can throw out his 3-6 record in Ditka’s first season because that was the strike year and that was not even NFL football.
    After going 11-5 in 1991 with a playoff appearance the Bears went 5-11 the next season and he was fired.
    That was after going 98-45 (.685) from 1983 to 1991.
    7 playoff appearances and only 2 losing seasons out of 10 and he was shown the door.
    So what the hell has Lovie Smith done to deserve yet another year after going to the post season twice in 6 seasons? I am not impressed.
    Lovie does not even come close to Ditka’s work in Chicago.
    I expect more than 7-9, 9-7, 7-9 seasons not to mention some of the most boring football that I have ever watched.

  29. DeluxeReverb says:
    “The Bears have 11 million reasons to keep him.”
    BINGO! For this and no other reason Smith is still the head coach.

  30. I forgot to mention that Ditka coached the bears in the era before free agency. It was way easier then for a good team to stay good. It’s no coincidence that Ditka’s failures in NO coincided with the onset of FA. Oh yeah, and he traded a whole draft for a pothead. That didn’t help either.

  31. Lovie did not trade a second round pick for a known bust (Gaines Adams). Lovie did not draft a guy because he can jump out of a pool. Lovie did not sign Orlando Pace. Can you imagine how much better this team is if Chris Williams starts at LT all season and the Bears just hold on to that $1M they donated to Pace? Get rid of Jerry Angelo and this team becomes much better.

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