Belichick: "Who's been been wrong more than Charley Casserly?"

You can’t accuse Bill Belichick of being boring with the media anymore; he just needs the right target.

Last month, he happily took shots at some Carolina Panthers in defense of Randy Moss. Speaking Monday on WEEI, Belichick took aim at CBS analyst Charley Casserly.

Belichick was asked about Casserly’s report that Tom Brady was playing through three broken ribs.

Who’s been wrong more than Charley Casserly since he left the Redskins? His percentage is like a meteorologist,” Belichick said.

“He has no relationship to this team. I’d say less than zero. Based on what? He’s never at a practice, never at a game,” Belichick said before getting into a discussion of sports media practices in general.  
“At least he put his name on it which is more than a lot of guys. But, like he usually is, he was 100 percent wrong.”

Ouch.  Well, at least Casserly got the Mario Williams pick right.  That notwithstanding, it looks like Casserly won’t be taking the Floyd Reese route from the television studio to Foxborough.

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  1. sounds like Casserly’s report hit a nerve, so there’s at least something to it *2 broken ribs). kinda like Fischer snapping earlier about Adam Schefter.

  2. Bill Simmons was the first guy to tell people Brady had broken ribs, but nobody believed him. He does have some broken ribs and a bad finger.

  3. Wow! Someone actually got under Belichick’s skin. I have no idea if Charlie Casserly is right about Brady’s ribs, but I do know that there’s NO WAY Belichick will tell the truth about his qb’s injuries. Belichick usually lets these reports go by the way-side, but the fact that he came out to refute this report makes me think that Brady is nursing broken ribs

  4. A number of people both in the media and in the NFL have discredited Charlie Casserly over the years.
    Belicjick just bitch-slapped Casserly like he’s deserved for so long. Not many have the balls – or the credibility – like BB does.

  5. He was fairly right with Eric Winston, Dunta Robinson, Owen Daniels… Andre Johnson… DeMeco Ryans, David Anderson, and yeah, Mario Williams, one of the toughest decisions made in recent drafts?
    I don’t think he’s much of an insider or is particularly good at what he does now, but he deserves some credit for his time with the Texans, especially the 2006 draft.

  6. Maybe Billy and T Cable could wrassle in WWE or WWF, whatever the traveling clown show is called these days. Winner coaches J Russell and takes three wrasslers for O-linemen.
    (wrasslers will require a masking agent for juice tests.)

  7. Did he actually deny Brady had broken ribs or just utter some of his doubletalk while saying exactly nothing?

  8. Good. Everyone complains about Belichick’s dull as dishwater media approach…choke on that, haters!

  9. Harsh but true about Casserly. How did NFL teams employ this guy? I listen to him, yet have never found myself enlightened about anything.

  10. I listened to the interview on WEEI and he also sharply criticized the field conditions at Reliant Stadium. Belichick felt the field was extremely poor for an NFL stadium and had a lot of ruts and abnormal conditions. He also said the end zone was very spongy and saturated.
    I believe the field is natural grass and can be brought outside on a rail system.

  11. I believe the field is natural grass and can be brought outside on a rail system.
    You are thinking of Arizona.
    Houston’s field is grass, and stays in place at all times. I think the roof may be left open when games are not going on to let the grass grow?
    Either way, don’t see the purpose of having a grass field in an indoor stadium other than just to be able to say that they can do it. Either play outdoors, like men, or play on turf if you’re not.

  12. Belichick brings up a good point Casserly is 100% wrong all the time. Never realized it until I reviewed his track record.

  13. This is not the first time BB has commented negatively about Casserly when Casserly has said something. I can’t remember exactly what the topic was but it was a couple years ago. On a message board Sunday there was a topic about how someone on CBS whose name the poster didn’t mention reported this about Brady’s ribs and some people were joking about how if it were Casserly there would be nothing to it and he has no credibility on Pats news. I have no idea what pissed BB off about Casserly to begin with but there has to be something more than meets the eye there because he doesn’t go after people like this blatantly too much.

  14. I wish a meteor would just land on BeliChick as he steps into his car.
    It doesn’t need to take anyone else out, just him. Oh yeah, and Wade Phillips. It could take him out also.

  15. Just thinking Belichick like an elephant never forgets .Casserly’ breathless ,over the top reporting of the Spy gate mess had to be front and center in that comment.

  16. Belicjick just bitch-slapped Casserly like he’s deserved for so long. Not many have the balls – or the credibility – like BB does.
    that statement made me laugh more than I have in a long time.
    That dude has NO credibility outside of New England. Stop making him out to being this all mighty person he ain’t.

  17. Something’s gnawing at BB. He was never like this in the “dynasty days”. But this is pretty funny, I like that he has been ripping other teams/players/idiots lately.

  18. how dare any of you question the all mighty Belichick!!!! at his command he could kill off an entire section of this country because they sure do drink the Kool-Aid up here!! Not to mention the Buffoons that are on that WEEI afternoon show…..never heard more homerism in one four hour block in my life…..Smerlas, Shepard and that Fat Ordway are the worst!

  19. straverse says:
    Good question. Who has been been more wrong? PFT maybe?
    Try Chris Mortensen at ESPN. How do you know when mort is lying? When his lips move.

  20. @Richm2256
    how can you(anyone) use credibility and Belicheat in the same sentence. that asshole lies and has lied more than mike vick

  21. I don’t think BB is a Casserly fan. Went after him a few years ago on one fo his other reports if I am not mistaken. I think this is his opening salvo in trying to swing the Pats focus from Welker injury to us against the world – his Reliant Stadium statements aside, which could actually be another salvo.
    I listened to interview he had on WEEI – sounded excited about playoffs, but with an edge that is a little sharper than normal in public view.
    By Sunday, look for Pats to be flying around on d with some new offensive wrinkles. They’ll need it as Ravens are a very good 9-7 team.

  22. casserly has to be the second luckiest goof in the NFL to napolian, who had jim kelly and peyton manning fall into his lap. (even though he came within a hair of drafting ryan leaf.) charlie has made a career and gotten rich off bullshitting and riding bobby bethard’s coattails. the only reason he drafted mario was, he knew he was getting the boot and was trying to screw the texans by passing reggie bush. he pulled a costanza, maybe he should do everything opposite of what he believes. charlie wouldn’t know a football player if he were sitting on his lap. or giving one a lap dance for that matter.

  23. I don’t know how any of these guys play with a broken rib. You can barely sleep from the pain every time you move, let alone run or throw a football 40 yards. Sorry for being a little off topic, but it just seems that people forget how amazing that is.

  24. Who run scores up on people and then runs away like a teenage nerd who got an atomic wedgie after an ass kicking more than Bill Belechick?

  25. I know people who’ve met Belichick and they unanimously say he’s a great, funny guy. If any in the lazy media would ever listen to his coaches show they’d probably have the same impression – but perpetuating the “ogre” is more fun for a group of people who are collectively some of the most miserable people alive (see Dan Shaughnessy).

  26. Wow.
    Bill Belichick speaks.
    My guess is he’s planning to retire this year, or next and is trying out the media thing. If Casserly, Dungy and Harrisson can throw rocks at everyone… why not him?

  27. Check out the youtube video of him doing a cooking segment on a local cleveland morning show. He’s showing them how to make a grilled cheese or pbj, can’t remember, but hilarious.

  28. BB has forgotten more about football than every single poster on this site will ever know…He has a dry sense of humor which can be tough for people to get around. Some of our local (Boston) media have to figure out clever ways to ask questions…when they were trying to get him to speak about Eric Mangini (by name), one of the writers asked who his favorite Cleveland waterboy was! 🙂 He played along just fine and got a kick out of it. Sometimes they’ll ask him about his other jobs around the NFL and his experiences and he’d go into a long story about this guy or that guy…what he did in that situation in 1983, and so on.
    He’s not an ungrateful, unfeeling individual as most of you guys point out…I’m sure he can be a jerk from time to time though. Back in 2003 when he was still on the outs with Parcells (then with the Cowboys)…he prepared his players for the Bill vs. Bill questions by telling them, “Look…we’re both assholes.”…and that was that.
    We’re very lucky to have this guy as the head of our football team…i hope this year he does a bit better choosing his assistants and players in the draft. He’s not been too good at that…Last good draft was 2003. I’ve yet to see him do anything worth anything in the offseason with Pioli gone.

  29. This has the makings of perhaps the best thread of comments on PFT ever. LOL. You guys crack me up. Who knew that Belichump could be the core of all this pent up emotion. LOL.
    And maybe I am naive, ignorant and stupid, but wasn’t Charlie Casserly at least partly responsible for architecting the Washington Redskins during their heydey? Yeah, I know Betherd was there, but wasn’t Charlie behind the scenes breaking down tape till the wee hours of the morning looking for that diamond in the rough? I mean, they did win three rings in Washington. Whether Casserly deserves any credit for bringing in some of that HOF talent is certainly up for debate. But in my mind if you put Belichump and Casserly on equal ends of the scale I think I’ll take good ‘ol Charlie’s word over anything resembling a pulse that squeaks out of Bumbling Bill’s rude and arrogant mouth.

  30. # Mike Z says: January 4, 2010 6:28 PM
    Wow, Belichick actually made me laugh. I never thought I would be able to say that.
    Took the words right out of my mouth.

  31. Belichick made a scornful public comment a few years ago about “that genius Charlie Casserly.” Can’t remember the context, but there clearly is some longstanding and public animus here.

  32. It was more wrong to cheat, Belicheat. So I guess you’ve been more wrong than Casserly.

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