Bills battling Glazer over semantics

Earlier today, FOX’s Jay Glazer reported that the Bills had fired their entire coaching staff.

The Bills responded with a statement explaining that the coaches are still under contract, that they are free to seek other work, and that their status will be determined by the new head coach, if they haven’t already found other work.  While seeking other work.  Or finding other work.

Glazer has now responded, making it crystal clear that the coaches have been fired.

“The Bills assembled the entire coaching staff in a room Monday morning and new general manager Buddy Nix informed all the coaches that they all had to clean out their offices and remove their belongings from the team facility no later than Wednesday,” Glazer tells  “Not only that, when the coaches left the room, there were boxes outside the hallway they could use to put their stuff in to clear out.

“The coaches were also told that while they would like for teams to still go about the proper protocol and ask for permission to speak with them if interested in hiring, NOT ONE REQUEST would be denied.  The Bills even addressed insurance ramifications in the meeting – a conversation usually reserved for coaches being whacked.

“In reality, if the entire staff is gathered in a room and told they had to be gone and gone by Wednesday and boxes were waiting for them. . . .  Hey, if it looks like a firing and sounds like a firing, you get the gist.  Not sure why they went out of their way to dispute it, but if they want to get into semantics that’s fine.”

So that’s the bottom line.  The coaches have been fired — and the Bills for some reason are trying to make it look like they haven’t been fired.

16 responses to “Bills battling Glazer over semantics

  1. The Bills didn’t fire them officially. What they did was tell the coaches they wouldn’t be had back, but the contracts have not officially been terminated.

  2. I’m inclined to believe this, and I probably wouldn’t challenge it. Sounds 100% believable, but…
    Since when is Jay Glazer omniscient and his word is “the bottom line”? Just seems a little Salisbury-esque generosity aimed towards the only guy in the world you have a man crush on bigger than the one you have on Pat White.

  3. Sounds like Buddy Nix was enrolled in the “AJ Smith School of Etiquette” while in San Diego.

  4. It’s a “Breaking News” report like this that makes it possible for me to miss PFT attacks on Mangini

  5. Imagine the documentary of the Buffalo Bills, this portion of the film would be called, “Not Your Buddy, Nix the Tyrant” or this might be called, “How to Nix the trash and go to the Super Bowl”.
    Seems like they hired Nix to bang the drum, just hope he is not as wreck less as this story sounds.

  6. exactly why should bobby april be kept on the staff???? i seem to remember losing two games this year directly resulting from special teams, and probably more, i’m trying to forget this year already…..

  7. Grab your belongings sounds like see you later, to me anyway. Why would the Bills even respond to this when clearly they are cleaning house. Get Cowher over Billick if you are smart.

  8. I sure hope that Bobby April is locked out! His speciall teams were anything but special this year! On a team that devotes (WASTES) so many roster spots on backups who only play special teams, that pathetic.
    As to this Glazer report, my guess is that old buddy has alzheimers and can’t remember if he fired them or not!

  9. Glazer is a magical man. It’s like he flies around like a little fairy and watches all the NFL activity happen. Every little detail he knows.

  10. Let’s see, the coaches are gathered together, told to pack their $hit in the boxes that the team has generously provided outside their doors, and have everything out of there by Weds. at the latest ….. oh, and by the way, if anyone has any team that wishes to contact them about a job, the teams has no problem with that ……
    ….. sounds like a firing to me, but what the hell do I know?

  11. Or the bottom line is that the source is one of these coaches who is understandably perturbed, therefore prone to exaggeration. That’s most likely the case. Punk sports “journalists” don’t really care too much for fact checking or authenticity.
    I find it hard to believe anyone would be that stupid to actually put boxes outside the door. And I find it hard to believe an alleged source who would leak this alleged story complete with details, wouldn’t rather have leaked it to a tv station with cameras as they all pile out the door boxes in hand in this 24/7 media age we are in.

  12. Yeah after this one, Bobby April should definitely be gone. For the past few years his special teams success has been completely relient on having a couple amazing return men. How often do you see other teams go offsides on a kickoff? I’m not sure, but I think Bills special teams had more penalties than any other team in the league this year. Two most important part of special teams: Few Penalties (fail) and few turnovers (fail).

  13. The Bills are trying to save all the coaches some face by not publicly claiming they were fired.
    Glazer’s just being a huge whistle-blower dickhead and making it appear bad for all the coaches. In other words, the Bills were trying to make it appear not as a firing for the sake of respect for the coaches.

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