Bolt's agent puts the brakes on race

Well, that was fun while it lasted.

Usain Bolt’s agent Ricky Simms denied a report that he’s working on a match race between his client and Chris Johnson.

“There is no truth to the story and I have contacted ESPN in an effort
to get them to take the story down because we don’t want this to spread
like wildfire,” Simms said in a phone interview with Universal Sports’ Joe Battaglia.

“Usain doesn’t follow the NFL too closely and is not really familiar
with all of the players. He likes football soccer and cricket.  But more importantly, he has a schedule and a coach to follow and there is no chance that we would set up this type of event.”

Universal Sports breaks down how close a race between Bolt and our favorite homeless 2,000-yard rusher might be, as long as it was kept short.

Maybe Bolt just doesn’t see the upside. 

10 responses to “Bolt's agent puts the brakes on race

  1. @SteelerNation
    Of course he’s scared! Why else would he turn down a challenge of a race, being the worlds fastest man and all.

  2. Usain Bolt was just crowned the Fastest Man in the World in the OLYMPICS. You think he’s afraid to race some dude from the NFL?

  3. Usian Bolt…..good on you…. There’s no reason to take all the time to lay a beat down on Chris Johnson.
    Chris Johnson might not even be the fastest player in the NFL. Have him start there and then try to race a USA runner before trying to race Usian Bolt.
    Hey Johnson. I’ll race you. You might even have a chance to win that one. Thought you’d be sick of losing after this year.

  4. Bolt scared to lose a race. LMFAO!!!!
    What a beat down this race would be. I’m glad Bolt is too classy to even waste his time racing him.
    Hey Johnson. Try racing other NFL players to prove you’re even the fastest in the NFL first. Then, if that works, try racing some American runners. You wouldn’t even have a chance against them. Bolt will leave you looking foolish.
    Stick to football. I thought you’d be sick of losing by now.

  5. This is insane… Tedd Ginn Jr. needs to be in that race as well!
    Under one condition though… no spectators allowed!!
    Haven’t you seen him play? Tedd Ginn slides to the ground in fear whenever he gets near a crowd!!

  6. No reason for Bolt to do this. He is known as the fastest man in the world. IF he races someone like Johnson in the 40 yard dash (or any length even close it it, which is not Bolt’s speciality) and loses, it makes him lose a little shine. If he beats Johnson, then everyone says that he shouldve anyway. Meanwhile Johnson gets cred if he wins or if he even comes close and loses.
    Its a lose/lose for Bolt and a win/win for Johnson. Bolt is smart for saying no way.

  7. Simon you really are simple arent you ? Johnson is the fastest man in the HISTORY of football . Devin Hester?Check…Rodgers-Cromartie?Check…Ginn jr?Check …Desean Jackson?Check… he burns up the track on every team , so Simon you sound like a complete moron … And as far as the race goes , if it was within 75 yards – Johnson takes it easily , however over that distance it would be the distance runner’s advantage . Johnson would be undeniably the fastest man if he lost 37 lbs and dedicated his time solely to running … however he is a great running back ( better than AP easily – has AP broke 2k yards ?) and as is could destroy the top echelon of runners now .

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