Bucs keeping Morris, who'll coach Senior Bowl

Over the weekend, our pal Warren McCarty of ESPN Radio in Amarillo told us that Bucs coach Raheem Morris and his staff recently were told they’ll be back for the 2010 season.

Now, our other pal (yes, we have more than one) Steve Duemig of WDAE in Tampa reports that Morris met with ownership on Monday, and that he has emerged from the meeting with the knowledge that he’s still the head coach.

As further proof that he’ll be back, Morris and his staff will be coaching the Senior Bowl.  If Morris were on the outs, he probably wouldn’t have gotten the assignment.

19 responses to “Bucs keeping Morris, who'll coach Senior Bowl

  1. Sorry to disappoint the “Haters” but it’ll take more than one season to clean up the mess he inherited.

  2. When J-ville leaves the state, some of those fans will end up in Tampa and some in Miami. Guaranteed fanbase regardless of the coaching staff.
    Stink it up a few years then start anew on the cheap. It worked for them before, why not now!

  3. The Glazers ran the numbers. The loss in ticket sales and concessions for a second year under Rah was less than bringing in Cowher. For the Glazers, it is no longer about winning — except at the cash register.
    The win at NO was a fluke, Seattle was a joke, and the GB players stayed out too late at the Mons Venus.
    The most nauseating part is we will have to put up with that arrogant cadaver Ronde Barber for another year.
    Joel and Bryan may as well have told us all to go fornicate ourselves.

  4. Not surprising. If you’re making football-based decisions, you don’t replace Gruden with Morris anyway. Glazers don’t want to spend that cap money. The money they save on player salaries more than makes up for what they pay Gruden to not coach.

  5. Not sure how I feel about this. I don’t think he should have been hired in the first place. The Bucs have to show a big improvement next year to convince me that Morris is right for the job. The guy seemed so out of his element for most of the year. I hate this whole on the job training that the Bucs gave him.
    Agree with Mustard. Ronde has been one of the classiest Bucs in their history along with D. Brooks, Lee Roy Selmon and John Lynch. I don’t think he is arrogant at all. Maybe he was thinking of his brother who is arrogant in many ways. The ESPN NFL stats guy said that Barber had a very good season.

  6. We survived the terrible regimen of John overrated Gruden, we’ll be fine with Morris, that was the right decision.

  7. i say give him another year and see how it goes. its only fair seeing as how money HAS been an object for the glazers as far as player salaries have been.

  8. Gruden was 9-7 the previous two years and was fired. Morris was 3-13 and stays. But, the local press idiots say the players “played hard” for Morris. Great. Let’s just do what Neal Walk once suggested. Don’t keep score. At the end of the game, just have the fans applaud for whichever team played harder, and there is your winner.
    It got so disgusting this year, people celebrated the fact that when Morris fired Bates and called defensive plays himself, the record was 2-4.
    The ownership is “committed” alright: to mediocrity. But not on my nickel. The next Bucs game I attend will be the one coached by someone who the players actually call “Coach,” not “Rah.”

  9. Coaching the Senior Bowl is huge… this should help the Bucs rebuild in a big way… getting a first hand chance to see the talent in Mobile is one gigantic advantage.

  10. A true Buc fan will wait it out. Remember 0 and 26? WAIT IT OUT!!! This coach was set up to fail this year . Rookie coach and mostly rookie team. Did anybody really expect more? It really makes me sick to read and hear all the pure negative crap from people who jump off the band wagon at the first bump. WAIT IT OUT AND SHUT UP!!

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