Giants fire defensive coordinator Sheridan

One of the “major changes” Giants co-owner John Mara promised has happened.

The Giants fired defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan after one season on the job, according to a terse statement from the team.

Sheridan’s crew gave up 40 points or more four times, including three of the final four weeks.

Here’s the telling quote from Mara Sunday: “I know we had some injuries, but I don’t think we had catastrophic
. There’s no excuse for performing the way we performed over
basically the last 11 weeks.”

Mara is right.  Kenny Phillips was a big loss, but his absence doesn’t explain the collapse of the secondary.  The defensive line had injuries, but ultimately underperformed as one of the deepest, highest paid units in the league.

40 responses to “Giants fire defensive coordinator Sheridan

  1. If Coughlin were going to be fired, he probably would have gone at the same time as Sheridan.
    Hey, PFT, how about a story on how last year eight head coaches were fired, but this year, only about four will be fired.

  2. so coughlin i guess now he is admitting that:
    1- he never should have hired sheridan for that job
    2- he never should have defended sheridan during the season after it was obvious what the problem was
    3- he should have fired sheridan then either at the bye week or during the season when coughlin still could have saved the season

  3. Everyone knew this was coming, so let’s talk replacements. Who is available? And be realistic… I don’t think John Fox is really an option. I think he gets retained and I doubt he goes back to be being a D Coordinator

  4. Now if they can just give Kevin Killdrive the old heave-ho maybe this team might stop underperforming.
    The play calling on both sides of the ball was completely uninspired this season.

  5. Spag is way too classy to hint at it, but he’s gotta be smiling inside. He is way undervalued. They had serious injuries but they had a mega cast this year too. Wow, who would’ve figured?

  6. as a giants fan i am very glad to hear this.
    now i just want tuck and jacobs fired too!
    after a-p went down, nobody on the d stepped up to be a leader (should have been tuck). instead you could see him sitting on the bench pouting when he should have been rallying the troops.
    and jacobs… well he just doesn’t run like he’s pissed off anymore. he used to run over guys. no d-backs are hesitant to tackle him anymore.

  7. I guess the whole team laid down the last 2 weeks to make sure Sheridan was gone? Was his system soooooo bad that (even) the players on Offense refused to show up?

  8. Sheridan should walk the plank. He was a big part of the problem, but his dismissal is not the anwer to the problem. A guy who has been around the corner as many times as Coughlin, shoulda had a much better handle on things a lot sooner – especially with the Giants player personnel. Coordinators are NOT plug & play components. They are critical and sensitive positions.

  9. Get ready for Dick Jauron to earn another HC job by getting the Giants Defense back on track…..

  10. The offense didn’t look too good the last few weeks either, what about Glibride? I was at the game and it was wierd watching that guy — he always seemed to be standing off to the side away from everyone. Was he afraid of getting punched by Coughlin or something?

  11. Christ finally, just had to wait till the end of the season. Don’t even want to start speculating who’s going to be coming in, cause nobody has a freakin clue.

  12. Gilbride’s contract is up so wouldn’t have to be “fired” per se. Just not brought back. Anyone that wants Tuck gone is a moron that doesn’t watch / know football at all. Guy is the best player on the team. Not his fault he played with a bum shoulder all year that now requires surgery. Jauron could be a strong choice. Curious if Weiss would get a look at the OC position.
    Kennadrin why are the Giants losers?

  13. Jet fan (not a Giants hater) but a football fan in general… Coughlin should be safe. He just won a SB (2007/8 season) so that should give him some leeway. Next year he will be on the hot seat.
    Coghlin fired his first set of coordinators OC John Hufnagel & DC Tim Lewis. Steve Spagnuolo became a HC and chose Bill Sheridam who was just fired. So 2 of his 3 DC choices have failed and 1 of 2 OC. Overall somewhat disppointing but a SB win will erase a lot of disappointment.
    I think Dick Jauron will be his choice for DC – he just might bring Perry Fewell with him too. Coughlin will be the guy on the hot seat in the 2010/11 season.

  14. RevSkip,
    No worries Kildrive’s contracts up! He better not get resigned!
    Now its who replaces him! I think if they leave it completely up to coughlin he’ll go get Dick Jauron but this team wont respond to another Zombie on the sidelines, I think the Giants D needs a coordinator that gives them life,energy and attitude!!!
    Maybe someone young like Raheem Morris that has experience with building bad secondaries and hes young and exciting, this team just looked like they took the life of there coordinator …NO FIRE! NO FIGHT! Did you ever see Bill go over and say come the Heck on you guys need to freaking wake up! NO! NEVER!

  15. Sheridan gets what he deserves that defense was horrible. Vikings put up 44 against them. P.S michael vick for mvp.

  16. Good choice for coordinator would be Mike Trgovac, currently Packers defensive line coach, formerly dc at Carolina for six years with 3 top ten finishes in that run. He could do well with the Giants talent. He coaches a ball hawking style and comes from a d line oriented background. I don’t know if he would be a good fit with Coughlin.

  17. Thank you Mr. Mara
    As a PSL holder I now have some hope for next year
    Now for the players get your heads out of your ass or you two maybe on the outside looking in

  18. First step toward the right direction for the D. Get rid of AP and Osi while there in the cleaning house mood.

  19. This needed to be done 8 weeks ago! Gilbride’s done well this year, and Jacobs has a bum knee. This is just what was needed. Now, we just need a decent replacement….maybe someone who will run a 3-4????

  20. This is how pro teams are run the season is over now the owner gets into the game
    The Maras are the class act of the NFL

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