Jack Del Rio looks safe

It appears a four-game losing streak to end the 2009 season will not end Jack Del Rio’s coaching career in Jacksonville.

Del Rio was not expected to lose his job, partly because of financial reasons. Owner Wayne Weaver owes Del Rio more than $15 million over the next three seasons.  Michael C. Wright of the Florida Times-Union also reports that Weaver quietly extended the contracts of Del Rio’s assistants during the season.

The report from Fox’s Jay Glazer that there are “strong indications” the Jaguars are up for sale is another factor that could delay any major changes.

Del Rio met with the press on Black Monday, which is always a good sign for a coach.  Perhaps knowing his precarious status, Del Rio upped the ante for his team. 

“We’re a young team that fought its way into [playoff] contention.
Another strong offseason and we ought to knock the door down,” Del Rio

If not, he’s in trouble.  One columnist said Del Rio should be on “possibly the hottest seat of any NFL head coach.”  Del Rio’s defense has collapsed for two years running.  They gave up 380 points in 2009, the most since their expansion season.

The Jaguars coach, now 57-55 for his career, has lasted seven seasons. He knows he can’t survive another finish like this one.

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  1. I guess if teams are in mega buck bidding wars for fired for failing coaches like Shanahan and Gruden the Jags are ….. smart??? … to keep Del Rio?

  2. I would not be so sure about this or at least I hope this report is not accurate. Maybe I feel that way because I am a Jaguar fan and citizen of Jacksonville. This report means one thing if true; Mr Weaver really loves this town but in his Final Analysis, our city does not have what it takes to keep an NFL franchise. It makes me sad that he has come to this conclusion. But I don’t blame him. He had no idea the combination of Shack Harris and Jack Del Rio would make the franchise irrelevant in its hometown 7 years later. Local pundits note the outcry is not near as loud to fire Jack after his 7th season and one playoff victory compared to the outcry after Coughlin’s 8 years and two AFC title appearances. The main reason for that is because about only 25,000 people in this town care enough about the team to the point of buying season tickets compared to about 55,000 in 2002. The outcry won’t be louder if 30,000 less people are interested. But Mr Weaver knows it will be easier for him and the Jags to part ways with the city as long as the enthusiasm for the team stays at its current levels or recedes. Him firing Jack would have been a signal that he has not given up on this city being an NFL city. He would show that mediocrity is not acceptable in Jacksonville and the organization would be reborn in many ways around town. I think Jack staying is the surest sign Wayne has ever flashed regarding how long this franchise will remain in Jax.

  3. As a Jags fan I am disappointed with this. Del Rio is not a championship coach. His team has been very lackluster and inconsistent. 7 years is more than plenty to build a playoff team and he has looked almost laughable the last couple seasons. Time to turn over a new leaf Weaver! Bring in some new blood to mix things up a bit and see what settles! But ofcourse if you sell the team all of this is moot anyway. 😦

  4. He had a big roster turnover, and a bunch fo rooks starting all over the place. He deserves one more year.
    The players simply aren’t executing and the DG is running for his life. Even though MSW had a breakout season at WR, and could have broken 1,000 yards had he not missed two games, I don’t think he is the solution to our need at #1 receiver. He is just too inconsistant and disappears during games. He was shut down for the final 5 games of the season. If the Jags can some how get Elvis Dumerville or Julius Peppers than they should def. go after Dez Bryant in the draft.

  5. @King,
    When you are 7-5 and lose 4 in a row can you use the rookie excuse? When you lay 6 eggs in your 9 losses can you use the rookie excuse? It seems to me focus and preparation are the biggest ingredients in those two points and that is all on coaching. There will be 25,000 people in the stands next year on opening day in J-ville.

  6. It’s hard for any coach to win when you have Mike Tice scalping tickets in Jacksonville, and Troy Williamson being, well Troy Williamson.. Good luck Jack Del Rio and Jag fans in 2010.

  7. Well, Seeryer, I was popping over to say good for Del Rio … but, gee whiz, when you put that spin on it!
    As a Steelers fan, I have no stake in this drama, but Del Rio did my team a kindness four seasons ago and a I have a long memory. I think he’s a classy guy, and for that, I’m happy he kept his job. But your analysis sure gives pause. I’m a Florida native, and have never thought the state could support three pro teams. College ball is everything in north Fla. (how did you escape that Gator fever, my fellow Bama fan?). But I hate to see the loyal Jags followers lose their team. Just hate it. I remember when the Jags were in our division–you never saw an empty seat in those stands. The whole thing is too sad. Another league blunder.

  8. I like Del Rio. But this is a performance business and he has been handsomely rewarded to this point and will get a fat check to depart. I wouldn’t feel sorry for him. Personally, I think he would fit perfect in Oakland. Maybe he could be the one to get that right finally. I don’t think he is blue collar enough for this town. I know that sounds cliche but it rings true to me. Coughlin was the grindingest grinder when he was here. People respected that. He was a victim of his own success however. See Del Rio having 8 years if he comes back, the same Coughlin had. Coughlin was a Bryan Barker pants wetting and Brunell int’s in the end zone in two AFC title games from taking an expansion team to the Super Bowl. Del Rio won that single game in PIT but the next week Brady was 26-28 and Garrard matched him until Northcutt drops a TD that would have given JAX the lead. This year Warner goes 24-26, an NFL regular season record, Vince Young makes his first start in over a year and rakes up a 118 rating while Titans run for Jags franchise worse 313 yards. We lay an egg in SEA 41-0, 2nd worse loss in franchise history. Brady goes 23 of 26 and was a Fred Taylor drop from matching Warner. Zero sacks or even hits against Manning or Brady in week 15 and 16. And on top of all that, he waits until the last game of the year to not give Reggie Nelson a snap on defense. That decision cost them 3 wins in my opinion. I am sure I am missing something or multiple things. And he hires horrible coordinators. Koetter failed at AZ ST and the only job he head job he has even sniffed is UNLV. Have fun Dirk. Mel Tucker comes from a pitiful CLE team as a 3-4 guru and we end up running mostly a 4-3 all year. I wish all this weren’t true but it is. See ya at CFT.

  9. Seeyer and Deb? Am I really on PFT? 😉
    Anyhow, big changes were made. Shack Harris was finally let go after last season — and all you need to do is look at his first round picks:
    Byron Leftwich – gone, barely holding a clipboard
    Reggie Williams – gone, can’t get a job
    Matt Jones – gone, can’t get a job
    Marcedes Lewis – turning into a nice TE
    Reggie Nelson – needs to learn that “bump and run” is a coverage style, not tackling technique
    Derrick Harvey – A decent run-stopper at best right now.
    The long and short of it is that the Jaguars have three fewer sacks as a team than Elvis Dumervil does by himself. And if you’re going against competent offenses and are unable to put up even a token pass rush, you will lose.
    As far as Tucker and the 3-4, he’s run the 3-4 exactly once in his coaching career — his last stop. Everywhere previous, he was a 4-3 guy. Here, of course, they tried both and came to the sad conclusion that you could line up the front however you like, they’re not getting to the QB.
    Anyhow, I’m not sure getting rid of Del Rio fixes anything. If Smith has another couple of drafts like the last one, then Del Rio’s ability or lack thereof will out itself. But to coach this team to even playoff consideration is a pretty good job of making chicken salad out of robertg.

  10. hrudey,
    When 42,000 people show up for 7 out of your 8 games you have to make a change. Drafting Tebow is not the answer. Maybe it is part of the answer if he is there in round 2. THE CITY NEEDS TO BE JOLTED BY SOMETHING WEAVER DOES. Jack’s mediocrity and inconsistency combined with zero fan enthusiasm and 25,000 and dwindling season ticket holders demands a change at the head job. He needs to try to get Cowher or Gruden. Personally I prefer Gruden becasue he is an offensive guy. JDR is a defensive guy and his defenses have blown the last two years.

  11. It’s no secret. I as well as most Jags fans know what the situation is. Once again there is not ONE owner in the league that would keep a coach with a record of 57-55 around. I’ve been preaching this most of the season. Wayne Weaver is on the verge of cutting his losses with the team. He owns a team that is probably the most boring team to watch and more importantly a coaching staff that is irrelevant.
    Look around the league now. Buffalo is creating buzz firing their entire coaching staff. Cleveland is making buzz with the Mike Holgrom hire to gut that organization inside out. Washington is firing coaches like always, but you can’t fault an owner who doesn’t accept mediocrity. Jim Mora in Seattle is on the hot seat after 1 season. Lovie Smith is on the hot seat after making the Super Bowl a few seasons ago. John Fox and Jeff Fisher who are great head coaches are on the hot seat.
    Then there’s Jacksonville who accepts mediocrity.
    Here’s the problem. Jax has a good fan base, but people are tired of average. Average playcalling, average coaching, average drafting, average game play year end and year out. Weaver isn’t and at this point never will no anything to create excitement and buzz to get the fans excited. He already has his site on selling otherwise he would do whatever it takes to bring CHAMPIONSHIP football to Jacksonville. It’s sucks as a loyal fan. I sleep and eat Jaguar football, but I’ve accepted that this situation is over. I can relate to what the fans in Baltimore felt in 1984 when the Colts left and when the Browns left Cleveland. It’s hard when you love something so much and see that final days of it’s existence. SHAME ON WAYNE WEAVER FOR ACCEPTING MEDIOCRITY MORE IMPORTANTLY SHAME ON JAX RESIDENTS FOR NOT REALIZING WHAT AN NFL FRANCHISE MEANS TO A CITY.

  12. Hey there, hrudey! (But if you boys invite that idiot gatorfan1, I’m outta here 😉
    Bump and run is a coverage style, not a tackling technique … ROFL
    As Parcells says, it’s hard to cook without any groceries. But I agree with Seeryer that picking up a big slab of Tebow at the store probably won’t fix the problem. He could fill the stadium, but he can’t play QB the NFL way. If he tries to play his way, defenses will kill him. Bama proved that. (Roll Tide!!!) Doubt fans will have the patience to want to watch him go through the learning process or play another position. But I’ve heard some say they would buy season tickets just to see him. You never know.
    Cowher wants megabucks and a good measure of control. And he wouldn’t go to a team with an uncertain future. Gruden’s hungrier. But no point speculating since Del Rio is safe. If you don’t see Weaver making big moves in FA to fill the obvious holes–or going for Tebow in the draft–then Seeryer’s probably right about him having little long-term interest in salvaging the team.
    I wish someone could explain to me why LA warrants yet another shot at an NFL franchise. How many teams do you have to tank before the league gives up?

  13. Hey, Jag4Life, it’s been a while. Don’t know why it took so long for our posts to go up.
    Wish I had an answer for you. Though I’m in Florida, when the Rooneys were restructuring and it looked for a time like the Steelers might get another majority owner, I was beside myself … even though the new guy promised they’d stay in Pittsburgh. I fell in love with a package: an owner, a city, a team personality. Can’t imagine losing any piece of that puzzle. It would break my heart. I loved them as much as a kid in the 80s when they were losing as I do now. I just hope something can work out–without damaging another team like the Vikes.
    Maybe you can start an online Jags fan campaign or something.

  14. What’s up Deb? Yeah it took my post like 6 hrs show. I see you and my buddy Seeryer have been talking. Seeryer and I seem to be on the same page with the Jack Del Rio thing. He’s a nice guy but his ship has sailed and gone. But from all reports he back yet again. So we get another year of 1st down-rush up the middle, 2nd down-rush up the middle, 3rd down incomplete pass, 4th down punt. Woo-hoo, can’t wait!!!!
    Anyway you Steelers have a good thing going. I wish we could get that going on in Jax. It just hurts knowing that my team is on the verge of possibly leaving. I’m not Tebow fan by any means, but if the Jags decide to draft him 1 st round(which I doubt) or trade down to get him and more picks in the 2nd then I’m all for it at this point. Maybe that will be a win-win situation. You sellout every week and maybe that will buy time to get this organization into division contention form and start building some tradition. My only fear is that I hope it’s not too late.
    Just like any team Weaver needs to see this is a 50/50 relationship with the fans. A give and take. Give us excitement and give us a good product so we truly feel we have a chance every season to compete in the division and we give you more season ticket holders than you can imagine. Logical thinking would say he wouldn’t think of selling a team since he’s selling the fans short. But we all know every owner lives by C.R.E.A.M. (cash rules everything around me).

  15. @Jag4life …
    I know Seeryer from CFT where we both cheer for Bama. Thank God for that this year!
    Yep, we’re blessed in Pittsburgh. The Chief had a son (Dan) who has a football brain, and he had a son he raised to take over. Art II’s been running day-to-day for a few years now. Don’t know what kind of offspring he’s produced, but I hope it’s level-headed and has a football brain 🙂 They’ve tended to act in the best interest of the team/fans through the years.
    Other football families have sold when the old lions have died and the heirs haven’t shown an interest. The new owners are newly minted billionaires who see them as toys (Snyder) or purely investments that need to pay off ASAP. Don’t know much about Weaver. Is he a football guy at all?

  16. @Seeryer
    I’m glad you’re down with the Wu-Tang.
    I don’t think Weaver’s a football guy. Probably not. I know he made most of his money in the shoe biz. Rack Room Shoes I believe.

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