Kyle Shanahan wants to coach with father

All signs are pointing towards Mike Shanahan joining the Redskins before long. If he does, Mastermind Junior may not be far behind. 

Texans offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan told the Houston Chronicle he thinks the “timing will be right” to join his father next season, if Mike is offered a job.

“When he got fired by Denver last year, I told him when he came back I wanted to work with him, no matter where,” the younger Shanahan said Monday.

To go public with this plan, we have to assume Texans coach Gary Kubiak and the Houston organization is fine with this decision.  Kubiak coached under Mike Shanahan for 11 years.

10 responses to “Kyle Shanahan wants to coach with father

  1. Shanahan (like every other coach) is a terrible GM. Unless Allen has has real power is not just a puppet to do Shanahan’s bidding, this hire will end like every other one by Snyder – badly.

  2. Why would you want to work for your father and not be your own man? Cut the apron strings – make it on your own.

  3. Great! Now the redskins can deal with toss passess on the goal line in games that ultimately decide the season….

  4. yeah. like every other coach. Look at Andy Reid’s wining % and then look at the pro bowlers he’s drafted. and then revise your uneducated statement

  5. Somebody needs to tell Kyle that the RedButted org hires their asst coaches, not the head coach. At least they did the last time around.

  6. This is a recurring theme in Washington. Joe Gibbs had his son. Shottenheimer had his son. Now Shanahan and his son, so odd…
    But if any of you have seen what Houstons offense can do, then this is excellent news for Skins fans if it all comes true.

  7. Hopefully he signs his BFF Chris Simms. Simms did a great job holding the clip board this year in Denver.

  8. “Great! Now the redskins can deal with toss passess on the goal line in games that ultimately decide the season….”
    I’m pretty sure redskin fans would just be happy to get to a point where one game can decide the season

  9. Actually Shanahan had pretty much given up the GM duties in Denver for the last 3 or 4 years. One of his first hires, if not his first, will be the Goodmans. A father son scouting team. The reality is that there are more than a few NFL starters that were drafted by the Broncos over the last few years. Dominic Foxworth on the #3 Baltimore Ravens defense. Cody Myers on the #4 Houston Texans offense. Then there’s Marshall, Royall, Scheffler, Clady, DJ Williams, Ryan Harris, Chris Kuper and more that are doing very well in Denver and elsewhere. And I didn’t even name any of the running backs.

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