Marshall, Scheffler say goodbye, perhaps for good

The abrupt end to the Broncos season could mean the end to the Denver careers of Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler.

Both players were barred from the sidelines during Denver’s 44-24 loss to the Chiefs.  Marshall said he wouldn’t have played anyhow because of his hamstring injury.  Scheffler remains flummoxed.

“I haven’t talked to [McDaniels] and I don’t think
I will,” Scheffler said Monday. “I guess that’s just the way things are going
to be handled and something I’ve got to live with and just kind of know
in my mind what happened.”

The assumption in Denver is that both players are goners.  Marshall supported that theory Monday by taking his nameplate with him as he completely emptied his locker.

Marshall said all the right things about enjoying his time in Denver.  Asked if he’d return, Marshall said, “Not my decision. I just want to let my agent handle all that stuff and I’ll just go from there.”

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  1. As much as the Bears could use him and a reunion with Cutler might be good … I just see this kid as another T.O. Great talent but not worth the money or disruption.
    Anyway, the Bears have already given enough 1st rounder’s to Denver 🙂 If they tag him let Snyder or Davis toss away the picks.

  2. at least Marshall hasn’t had off the field issues in a while…that aspect seems to be improving so perhaps his trade value also rises at this point.

  3. marshall has more than a few teams who would welcome his on the field talents – denver is a community though that values off the field integrity even more .. floyd little – eddie mccaffrey – elway – even terrelle davis all are community icons well beyond the gridiron .. to put it in street language ‘homie dont play that’ cry baby stuff like marshall pull .. cutler same thing — whine and mope doesnt play in the mile high city ..

  4. Does Belichick take a flyer on him with Welker possibly out for the whole 2010 season? Other than a high 2 or maybe a 1 draft pick what does he got to lose. Draft picks are full of potential and more often than not they do not pan out.

  5. Scheffler has been saying some weird things on his facebook page, the lockerroom is jacked up because McD doesn’t have the trust of the Shanahan holdovers.
    “Good things happen to good people, and bad things happen to bad people”

  6. Fins should contact Marshall!! We need a receiver. I’d even take Penny Marshall over Tedd Ginn.

  7. Marshall’s been redecorating the dog house for years now – I can understand that cut. I wouldn’t want him on my team, either. But what did Scheffler do to deserve the cold shoulder?

  8. Marshall To Bmore, Reed, RayLew and Suggs as well as trevor will punch him in the face, and get him right and play football. We will be able to afford him, mason will be gone after we win the big game =p, toss demetrius. Bring him on with clayton, harper, kelley, marcus smith, eron riley, our TEs our Rbs, GG.

  9. Isn’t this a problem with athletes today – “I just want to let my agent handle all that stuff and I’ll just go from there.” Why is it up to your agent? THis is your career, your decision – why don’t you make the decision. Why don’t you decide do you want to stay in Denver, do you want to play somewhere else? When a player is a free agent, why is it up to the agent? Why doesn’t the player say I want to play here and here, and not here and here? Why doesn’t the player say this is what I want to be paid, or this is who I wanted to be paid similarly to?

  10. Marshall, Boldin, and T.O. all probably available next year–interesting. The Bears have the greatest need, obviously, though I wonder how much they’ll be able to do with fewer draft picks and the awkward/expensive coach situation. Not sure what to think of Cutler, but that team would be a lot more fun to watch with some A-list receivers. They’ll need them, and pronto, to keep up with the Vikes and Packers.

  11. I hope Denver sends Marshall to the Fins. The silver lining to Miami’s late season collapse is that they will be picking 12th in the 2010 draft. Offer up the 12th pick, plus a mid-round pick, and the Fins may have a deal.

  12. Hope the Big Tuna makes a call to Marshall’s agent. He would add a new threat that could put the Miami Offense over the top.
    Hope McDaniels has a plan, because he went from prodigy to bumbling fool over that 2-8 run.

  13. I’ve said it all along, even during the 6-game win streak: McDaniels is a punkbitch little boy with an expensive toy and if he doesn’t like you, he’ll take his ball and go home. From the Cutler fiasco to the New England win when he ran up and down the sideline pumping his fist to the “We own you” comment to the Chargers defense to the babyish way he’s handled this Marshall and Scheffler situation….a punkbitch. i hope the both get signed by some AFC West squad so they can punk him twice a year like Shanahan did to the Raiders.

  14. I sure wouldn’t mind seeing the Bengals make a run at Scheffler in the offseason. We obviously need a receiving tight end, and Scheffler is a competent blocker as well.

  15. Elways Jock is hilarious. Isn’t Denver the club that fell in love with Travis Henry & Maurice Clarett and has guys getting into shootouts in nightclubs?

  16. What a mess McDaniels has put upon the Bronco franchise. You now have Kyle Orton, you’re losing Scheffler and Marshall, probably for good. What do you have left? Royal and Moreno, good players but definately not enough.

  17. Come on over to Tampa. We need a big time receiver for Freeman to throw to.
    We’ll throw the Bronco’s the same deal we threw to Cleveland for Winslow: 2nd & 5th. Hell, we’ll even throw in Clayton for free.

  18. Can’t wait to see how great this team is without their best two receiving options and Franchise Quarterback Kyle Orton leading them. Should be two and out for McD!

  19. They will probably trade marshall to the seahawks so they can get there first round pick back.

  20. seahawkfan says:
    They will probably trade marshall to the seahawks so they can get there first round pick back
    The Seahawks would be dumb to do that. They have more pressing needs, like offensive line, running back, quarterback, d-line, cornerback and safety. Oh, and a new coach as well.

  21. We’ll trade Decoy Heyward Bey, JaFatsus Russell, and Javon Walker for BM straight up.
    And, just to sweeten the deal, we’ll send Al Davis along to run your football operations, scouting, coaching, and meddling departments.

  22. In a radio interview tonight with former Bronco Alfred Williams, Brandon Marshall made it clear he wants to remain in Denver. He says he feels working with Josh has made him a better receiver, and that he would not have been able to play this week regardless of the benching because his hamstring was too damaged. McDaniels probably felt like that admission was hurtful to the team and showed a lack of heart on Marshall’s part, but that doesn’t seem to be the full story. Both did what they believed was best for the team and their careers.
    He also mentioned that despite his want to stay in Denver, it was not his call. All he can do is try to stay, but in the end the organization makes the choice for him.
    I think part of this story has been blown way out of proportion and part of it just makes it clear that people (both Marshall and McD) are not perfect people. Just guys doing the best they can to do their jobs.

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