No Bears press conference while Lovie meets with boss

A two game winning streak to end the season improved Chicago’s record to 7-9, but it’s unclear whether that will save Bears coach Lovie Smith’s job.

Business was not being conducted as usual Monday.  There was no day after press conference from Smith.  Instead, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune reports that Smith met with G.M. Jerry Angelo and perhaps other high ranking brass.

Angelo made some waves with ominous words a few weeks back, saying Smith’s job would be evaluated at the end of the year.  That evaluation has begun, and it may include forcing Smith to make some changes to his staff.  The expectation is that Smith will be safe.

For now, the assistant coaches were given the day off while Smith met with his bosses. 

A press conference will take place Tuesday or Wednesday in Chicago, but the participants and content of said conference are to be determined.

9 responses to “No Bears press conference while Lovie meets with boss

  1. This was planned.
    It’s still the Bears, and he still has $11 mil left on his contract. Maybe they’ll hire a new DC and OC, and they should. But Lovie will be there, so will the Cover-2, and so will the fan frustration in 2010.

  2. Can Lovie play wide receiver??
    Get Lovie some god damn talent and that guy will have the Bears battling the rest of the NFC north again.
    as a Viking fan, I have respect for Lovie! Class act!

  3. I’d take Cutler and a 5th round pick (became Johnny Knox) over Orton and a 1st every time! Especially when that 1st became ‘no show’ moreno or superplex ayers.

  4. Lovie had talent but he wasted it.
    He does not know who to play or where to play them when they do get into a game.
    A real coach would have beaten the Colts in the Super Bowl but all we had was Lovie Smith.
    They will bring his tired act back for another year because of the money and because he fits in with Jerry Angelo’s clueless and arrogant attitude.
    If these two spent half as much time developing and scouting players as they do patting themselves on the back then the Bears would be in great shape.
    Jerry: “How do you think we did Lovie?”
    Lovie: “I thank we did a hell of a job Jurry… we are close”

  5. Lovie has obviously lost control of his staff. Regardless of what type of person he is, if he is forced into making staff decisions at the end of each season he needs to go. Angelo, or better yet Phillips, needs to man up and thank Lovie for his time and move on. Either let your coach hire his own staff and make his own decisions or eat the money and let him go. I’m a Lovie fan but this is pathetic.

  6. even if they bring lovie back there is no way they can bring turner took him all year to figure out that cutler works best when allowed to roll out?it took him all year to put a wide reciever on the field that proved in 2 games he has what it takes to make big plays?if they bring smith back he has to change his thinking about offense.offense is part of the game and you need to score every chance you get,not get a lead and hope the defense holds the other team the rest of the game.that worked in the past but since he got rid of the coach who made it work and took over they have gone from one of the best to one of the worst defenses around.the injury to urlacher was big but you have to be able to adjust and he never did.if they allow cutler to do the things he does best like the last 2 games they will be better next year but they have alot of work to do.

  7. Lovie is not the problem–he’s a good enough coach. Heck, he went to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman as QB. The Bears have nothing for talent. It’s the GM.

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