Ochocinco says he can't extend his knee

On Sunday night, the Bengals’ trainer told NBC’s Andrea Kremer that receiver Chad Ochocinco “absolutely” will play on Saturday despite injuring a knee during warmups before Cincinnati’s 37-0 loss to the Jets.

But Ochocinco is singing a different tune, Twitter style.

He has posted on his Twitter page that he “can’t extend” the knee, and that he’ll have an MRI at noon

Ochocinco also complains that the field at Giants Stadium was a “mini ice skating rink” beyond the hash marks prior to the game.

Meanwhile, Chad has said nothing about his vow to Bob Costas that Ochocinco will change his name back to Johnson if shut down by Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

But Ochocinco is making good on one promise — he says he owes Fireman Ed a trip to the wild-card rematch between the Jets and the Bengals in Cincinnati.

25 responses to “Ochocinco says he can't extend his knee

  1. Well he did wirte this:
    “@revis24-you’ve hurt my feelings shutting down my ENTERPRISE-ill be the first to say you’re the best easily-round 2 Saturday- CHAD JOHNSON”

  2. Of course he won’t make good on changing his name. He will make up some BS excuse on why he wasn’t shut down, like he always has.

  3. Jets/Colts
    Might as well move on to the divisional round right now.
    Whatever, Ocho. Bengals are done with or without him.
    Jets will come into Indy as dead men walking with nothing to prove. Caldwell and Manning will implode under the pressure.
    Pats roll into San Diego and Norv outhinks himself and short circuits.
    Jets at Patriots AFC Championship Game.
    You heard it hear first.

  4. Anyone following Chad’s twitter page throughout the year remembers the pictures he posted of his blown up knee a few weeks ago…this is not a new problem.

  5. thats what happens when being shut down by darrelle revis on national tv after talking alll that garbage..

  6. You don’t read his twitter too closely then:
    # @revis24-you’ve hurt my feelings shutting down my ENTERPRISE-ill be the first to say you’re the best easily-round 2 Saturday- CHAD JOHNSON about 2 hours ago

  7. I just don’t care. Self promoting douche bags do not interest me in the least. Shut your damn mouth and play.

  8. If I’m Fireman Ed, I don’t hold my breathe waiting to collect. I remember reading her Johnson stiffed someone out of a Cadillac.

  9. Why does Chad think he’s such an elite receiver? He’s not a top 10 receiver in the league.
    Last night, when he was talking pre game about beating Revis, he was saying Revis hasn’t faced him yet, even though he shut down 5 other elite receivers in the league already. Why does he think he’ll be any different if Revis has already shut down better receivers? I’m not even a Jets fan, but the guy can clearly defend some of the best. Chad Johnson is far from the best. If he didn’t run his mouth all year, nobody would ever talk about this guy.

  10. Does this mean Chad Ocho es Estupido can’t extend his mouth too? I hope so. His act is not funny and never has been and never will be.

  11. ONE AND DONE . Good season Bengals but its over now . No im not hating . But i see the reality infront of me . Least you swept the division right ? lol

  12. Why do so many of you people get so upset by Chad O/J? He talks harmless smack back and forth with teams he plays against, and adds a needed bit of levity to this increasingly tired and humorless sport. What’s it to you? Chill out, losers, and go back to rooting for Mike Vick.

  13. @chunga
    “Pats roll into San Diego and Norv outhinks himself and short circuits.”
    “Jets at Patriots AFC Championship Game.
    You heard it hear first.”
    Pats “Roll” into San Diego?? Are you kidding me? With no Welker and Brady with a broken finger and broken rib? You have to be joking.. San Diego is licking its chops waiting from Brady and the Boys to come back into town so we can destroy them like we should of back in 06′ Please Chunga.. tell me who the hell on that poor excuse of a Defense is going to stop the Bolts? Brandon Merriweather AKA Burnt Toast? He showed on Monday Night Football vs. the Saints that he can’t shine under the big lights…
    I cant wait for Saturday, January 16th. Bring on the Patsies (IF yes… IF the they get past the Ravens)…
    I am sure glad I heard here first…Your pathetic predictions are going to be put to rest real fast..
    Go BOLTS!

  14. chunga says:
    January 4, 2010 10:42 AM
    Jets at Patriots AFC Championship Game.
    You heard it hear first.
    Uh, no- I heard someone make that prediction about a week ago. It’s probably not right, but in any event, I didn’t hear it “hear” first.

  15. Chad 20th in yards, 26th in receptions, 1oth in TDs. I’d say is among the better WR in the league and thats without really playing in Week 17.

  16. Can’t extend his knee, gets badly outplayed and embarrassed on national TV (nice move NBC…..hope your ratings were a zero), but still has the BIG MOUTH.
    That’s OK Chad, after next week, you’ll have all off-season to rest your knee and that mouth. The Bungles are still the Bungles, and an embarrasment. They might have won their division, but they are not as good as Pittsburgh or even Baltimore.

  17. I like Chad he bring fun to the No fun League
    As for the tuff being icy it is January in NJ so icy is the norm
    You should have checked it out and changed your shoes
    You do play in OH I think its winter there as well
    Good Luck Bengals

  18. This dude’s a bum – pure and simple. He’s already making excuses for him being shutdown next weekend.
    I still find it amazing that this dude is continually ranked week in and week out as a Top 10 wideout, yet his numbers again this season (72 catches) (53 in 2008) reflect those of a WR 2 and are an indication of a declining skill set.
    No matter – word is Flava Flav needs a body double, so he’s got work in his future.

  19. You guys are taking this too literal. The spirit of the “changing name” thing was just to get people to tune in to the game which otherwise everyone knew was meaningless. Chad was brilliant for that, and I’m sure Goodell knows this.
    Also, Chad’s challenge was under the assumption that both guys would be healthy & ready to go. I’m no Cincy fan, but give the dude a break – he legitimately injured himself on that frozen tundra they called a field and couldn’t go 100%. I don’t think you can hold him to that with an injury that prevents him from making cuts & planting – that’s 80% of what a WR has to do. Chad was running at like 60% when he was in, smart to bow out and get his knee scoped.
    Don’t demand a name-change for that. Let’s be fair here.

  20. Looks like Woodley was right, way to lay down, Bungles! Oh wait, that was a straight ass whoopin… One and done, everybody knows its coming.

  21. That vow thing didn’t really originate from Ocho. Costas kept pressing & pressing him for a sound bite – it was pathetic. I don’t hold Ocho responsible for it.
    Also, initial reports of Ocho’s injury kept saying he “fell”. Well, yes, technically, but if you’ve seen the video, he slipped on the clearly icy surface, just as he stated. I don’t blame him for that; the fields these guys play on should always be as safe for play as possible. Don’t see that the stadium people paid much attention to that.

  22. Excuses, excuses the attention whore could’t catch a ball against Revis and now the excuses start.
    He will go down as an average receiver with a BIG mouth.

  23. Taken from the Bengals site, directly from Marvin Lewis’ press conference:
    On Chad Ochocinco’s injury:
    “I don’t know. He had a bruise on his leg or knee, so they held him out the second half. ”
    On whether the injury will affect his practice time:
    “He’ll be fine. His pride got bruised. ”
    Did you see that??
    His pride got bruised.
    Translation—> Revis shut him down but Chad talked so much trash ahead of time he embarrassed himself, so he used the “oh, my knee” injury to be pulled from the game.
    One and done, Bengals….one and done….

  24. To emoney: Why does he think he’s elite?
    Johnson finished the 2006 season with 87 receptions for a league leading 1,369 yards and 7 touchdowns.
    His yardage was third most in the NFL in 2007.
    He led the AFC in receiving yards for four consecutive seasons, and he made the Pro Bowl five straight times from 2003 to 2007. (just so you know it wasn’t a guy receiving from the likes of Manning, Brady, Favre, Warner, etc.)

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