Redskins fire Zorn

In what hardly constitutes a “stop the presses!” moment, the Redskins have fired coach Jim Zorn, according to multiple reports.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post writes that, despite reports from WRC and WUSA of the firing, some members of the coaching staff hadn’t been informed of the decision as of 7:00 a.m..

(Um, did they really need to be?)

Per Reid, members of the media were assembled at Redskins Park when the team buses returned at approximately 2:15 a.m. ET.  At 2:45 a.m. ET, security ordered all media to leave the parking lot; one member of the security detail explained that the team wanted Zorn not to be bothered when he left the building.

Zorn eventually left the building at 4:43 a.m. with a security escort.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells us that, despite Zorn’s Sunday night comments suggestion he had “no indication” that a firing was coming, Zorn was simply being a “smartass,” and that he already knew at the time that it was over.

If he didn’t then, he does now.

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the day.

28 responses to “Redskins fire Zorn

  1. The healing begins baby! We’re about to start from the ground up with a GM, how it should be done! Let’s hit it strong Shanahan! =D

  2. Zorn should be fired. he lost it when they got beat by the detriot loins. that would have been the final straw. And I’m not even a fan and living in washington dc and i know that he was bad for the redskins.

  3. Best Wishes Coach Zorn. You are a good person who was placed in an impossible situation. In my view, Coach Zorn was merely a symptom of the true problem with this organization — a dysfunctional front office headed up by an incompetent owner. Belicheck could not have succeded in that circumstance.

  4. Belicheck could not have succeded in that circumstance.
    You are right because Tom Brady does not play for the Redskins.

  5. Same results different year since 1993. Joe Gibbs couldn’t win, why do you think Mike Shannahan will? The Redskins will always be awful and I love it.

  6. I agree with Turk, the way this man was treated for the past few months is a disgrace. I will be rooting against Shanahan, Haynesworth, Snyder, and the rest of the overpaid Redskin jackasses next year. Which of course means they’ll win the Superbowl.

  7. he should never have been hired as the HC. Remeber he was originally brought in to be the OC, and when they couldn’t fill the HC position they gave it to him. This isn’t a slight on Zorn as it is a slight on the Redskins. As an Eagles fan I hope they never figure things out

  8. I love how people say things will always be – like the Redskins will always be awful. It indicates that they themselves have no capacity to look inward and make positive changes in their lives and therefore assume no one else can either.
    The is the first day of the long road back to prominance for the Washington Redskins because Dan Snyder has learned and decided to change. Hail to the Redskins.

  9. The Skins could easily hire a guy like Tom Cable as they could a guy like Bill Cowher…
    That’s the status quo.
    Only the Redskins could make Haynsworth a bum.

  10. “Hosstyle In Tampa says: January 4, 2010 8:08 AM
    Dan Snyder should fire himself…”
    Isn’t that what he basically did by hiring a GM and a new coach?

  11. Nothing against Jim Zorn, should have never been the HC at all. My hope is this is the first step (of many) towards repairing this franchise. Think Bruce Allen is just rolling up his sleeves. If Shanahan is the next one in, get him in quick. And then focus on weeding out the roster.

  12. SkinsYES,10+ years later you think you have it figured out ? Dude, you’re aged and lead the league perennially(sp?) in dead cap money and you have WAY overpriced free agent aquisitions that aren’t living up to their billing. Face it-IT’S GONNA BE A WHILE. That org is like a fish-it stinks from the head down.

  13. Hats of to Jim Zorn for hanging in there and not quitting, like management wanted him to do.
    Now they have to pay the man and pay the man they should.

  14. funny how these 4skin fans think this will improve the team. This team has no talent, overpaid thugs who cannot play entire season or play part time, and a QB that sucks.
    cellar dwellars for the next 10 yrs.

  15. Joe Gibbs couldn’t win
    uh, he took us to the playoffs two years, he did a better job than most would with the talent at the time, now we have talent at reciever and on defense, we need a line and qb (something free agency and the draft need to be looked at) then we could be a good team, Shanahan needs to be hired though to improve, he could fix us to a respectable team again.

  16. Dan Snyder is certainly not learning. Allen/Shanahan won’t work either. They have an old team and Jason Campbell can run it especially after he has to learn another offensive scheme.
    Bruce and his brother ride the coat tails of successful people and get their names included. What a shame. Mr. Snyder sell that team for a nice profit in 2015.

  17. Dan Synder is the dirt bag in this situation. They will never be a good team/organization with him at the post. He’s a loser.

  18. Hey .VoxVeritas…
    Vinny turned down the offer to stick around as a consultant.
    I say we won’t know if things will be the same until the draft…if they continue to ignore the Oline, then we’ll know Danny is still calling the shots.

  19. @SmashMouth
    It remains to be seen if Snyder can keep his hands off the team. Allen is a joke. He has ZERO talent evaluation skills. He’s merely an accountant who can do wonders with the cap. Wait and see.

  20. At 2:45 a.m. ET, security ordered all media to leave the parking lot; one member of the security detail explained that the team wanted Zorn not to be bothered when he left the building.
    Sounds a lot like prohibiting the fans from expressing themselves by carrying signs critical of Lil Danny Snyder into FedEx field. They’re all of a sudden concerned about Zorn’s feelings?
    Snyder is without question the biggest scumbag owner in the NFL, and that’s saying something because the last time I checked Al Davis was still breathing.

  21. I have to give Zorn props. Snyderrato did everything they could to make him quit, and he hung in there for his players (which is probably why the players like him as much as they do).
    Fact is, he never should have been the HC. He was brought in as the OC, and because no respectable coach wants to deal with Snyderrato, Zorn was forced into the situation that he wasn’t ready for.
    The offensive line has not been properly addressed in 3 years, when it’s been obvious that it was on its last legs. Clinton Portis became the “non-answer” when he decided it was a good idea to gain 20 lbs, and change his running style. And I could go on forever…but those two will be fine for now.
    Also…looking forward to someone NOT making the mistake of letting Jason Campbell walk. He is the best QB option out there this offseason (barring an unforeseen situation like a surprise trade or cut). At least keep him around for one more season.

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