Redskins plane seen in Denver

The latest sign Mike Shanhan will be the Redskins head coach: There are multiple reports that the Redskins team plane has spent some quality time in Denver.

The Washington Post reports that Dan Snyder’s plane landed in Denver at 10:45 this morning, while KOA radio in Denver reports the plane was there last night.  Mike Florio, meanwhile, has a source that says the plane is on its way back as we type. 

The passenger list is not available, but Shanahan’s arrival in Washington now seems to be a matter of when, not if. 

15 responses to “Redskins plane seen in Denver

  1. Last time this happened, it was said that Danielle had business in Denver. How can this be news IF everybody is saying it’s gonna be MS any way ?

  2. The best would have been if the team plane stopped in Denver on the way back from San Diego to pick up Shanahan!
    Now thats a story.

  3. This sounds reminiscent of Len Patabelly reporting that he was told Redskins One was in Charlotte before Gibbs return but did not report on rumors. My how the world has changed. Two different stories, none corroborated.

  4. hey mike how about you start using as a source. we knew this a few hours ago

  5. Doesn’t matter. Vince Lombardi himself could coach these Skins and no major step forward would be taken. Until Snyder relinquishes total control they will be crap, and I don’t think his Napoleon comple mind can handle that fact.

  6. I hope he brings Alex Gibbs, his o-line coach in Denver, to coach the Skins o-line. I think the world of Joe Bugel, but it’s time………….Most importantly, though, I hope Bruce Allen sees what Cerrato was always blind to-the fact that the Redskins have a great need for a bunch of under-25 year old gigantic linemen. Maybe I’d keep Dockery, but that’s probably it. Youth, Speed, and Size on the o-line. Everything else wrong with the team will fix itself if you do this………………

  7. They might as well try picking up Brandon Marshall while they are at it.
    “I Just heard that Marshall’s name tag removed from locker. The games afoot!”
    – Tweet from Mark Schlereth 15 minutes ago

  8. Have to agree with Hap – it’s always news when a frickin’ plane is spotted at the airport?
    This summer it was the damn “Favre-watch” plane coming and going from Miss.
    Now, it’s the Redskins “Shanahan-watch” plane in Denver.
    …how abot a damn “Cowher-watch” plane in Buffalo?

  9. There were also “several reports” that the Dolphins plane was seen at Cleveland’s Burke Lakefront Airport (the assumption being that Bill Parcells was on it) just before the Browns hired Mike Holmgren.
    This “Redskins Plane Seen in Denver” story is not only virtually meaningless, but probably isn’t even true.

  10. Yeah, Rosenthal, the source is one of those websites that track planes where ever they are. Making it sound like a Woodward & Bernstein thing.

  11. The persons tracking the Redskins plane, are they the same people that track Santa Claus every year?

  12. With Dan’s tail number, it isn’t difficult to do your own research and find his plane. “N904” is the beginning of his tail number, I’ll let you do the research to find the last two digits.

  13. I think it’s a done deal. Snyder will sign Shanahan. Guy’s like Dan Snyder are used to getting what they want and can afford to pay for it.. The bigger question is whether or not Snyder will let Shanahan do the job needed to turn the franchise around, or if instead he’ll meddle in personnel and coaching affairs as he has with every other coach.

  14. Maybe it is I but I find it funny that the other links have less “comments” in regards to the Bills head coaching vacancy, DeSean Jackson’s comments towards the Cowboys but each article on the “redskins” are filled with redskins’ hater. I am a redskins fan and dislike the cowboy but I am NOT clicking on their team article and seeing what is going on with their organization. Maybe we should print additional jerseys for 2010 to send to all of your enviers. Rather we go 4 -12 or 12 -4, it appears we are relevant. I never hear any talking about the Lions or the Rams. I guess their organization is doing a banged up job. Does not anyone see that Snyder finally got it right by hiring proven football leader to build the appropriate structure, leadership, and team to compete in the NFC, thus giving the players the opportunity to win on any given Sunday?
    If you watch the games, the defense has been holding his own. With more time in the pocket, Jason would be able to make plays down the field. Shanahan is a master is the zone-run blocking. If we decide to come back with Portis (who Shanahan drafted) or another back, this is what is missing for an effective offense. So this is more than a big name, it is the right head coach to fix for what is lacking.

  15. I hear the plane is shaped like a big penis so Snyder can get the feel of what it is like to have a big one!

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