Report: Billick is assembling a coaching staff

With former Ravens coach Brian Billick reportedly on the list of potential candidates for the Bills’ head-coaching job, WGR radio in Buffalo reports that Billick “is already assembling” a coaching staff.

While the move isn’t unusual, it potentially bolsters the perception that Billick thinks a lot of himself, and that he’s being a little presumptuous regarding his chances of getting the gig.

But it shouldn’t.

The reality is that few candidates for the position of head coach enter the interview room without a firm plan for hiring key personnel to join him — and something more concrete than “well, I’ll call him if I get the job” strategy for landing assistant coaches.

The men who get hired to be NFL head coaches are as prepared when they interview as they are for a Super Bowl.  They know the offense they’ll run, they know the defense they’ll use. 

And they know who’ll join them, and they know who won’t.

The process of making those calls increases the likelihood that someone will blab, and that’s apparently what happened here.

So none of this means Billick is getting the job, and none of it means that he’s being pushy.

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  1. As a Bills fan I ask:
    What’s the big deal with Brian Billick anyway? Yeah he won the Super Bowl in his second year. Barry Switzer or Mike Tomlin could have won with that defense.
    And Mr Offensive Mastermind’s “offensive” (if you’re a Ravens fan) accomplishments? Uninspiring play with post-prime McNair and… Kyle Boller
    Granted, he won the big one with Trent Dilfer as his QB, then again that defense…

  2. “So none of this means Billick is getting the job, and none of it means that he’s being pushy.”
    So what does this mean Florio?

  3. billick did what to deserve another chance. offensive guru he once was called, rode his d-coordinators coat tails to his winning seasons, always had an offense (or lack there of)raiders fans would be proud of.
    seems like a nice guy, and can pick good DC.
    Oh give him another shot. just not on my team.

  4. Well, Rex Ryan and Marvin Lewis are out on the defensive side. So, I guess he’s going to have to rely on Matt Cavanaugh and his “high flying” offense. The AFC East must be very scared.
    If Buffalo hires Billick, they may turn into the Detroit Lions of the 2010’s.

  5. “The men who get hired to be NFL head coaches are as prepared when they interview as they are for a Super Bowl.”
    From the outside looking in, Tom Cable strikes me as that way- completely unprepared for the Super Bowl.
    Florio- Is this post based on your years of hiring/interview experience with the NFL, or the multiple head coaches you interviewed for this post or have met in the past? Or from the “inside scoop” from the disgruntled guy who did not get the job?
    Some of your “insider’s” view see to have little insider to them….

  6. So really, what you’re saying is that I wasted my time by reading this pointless article?

  7. Bills fan – His teams were always more competitive than what the Bills have put on the field in the last decade. Billick took a franchice that was pathetic and had not had a winning season, let alone a playoff appearance, and won a Super Bowl in his 2nd season. He is a good head coach because he is extremely competitive and organized. The year the Ravens won the Super Bowl, he showed the team the practice and travel schedule for the entire season, including the playoffs, in training camp. The man knows how to win. Trash him all you want for not being able to produce a QB but I have yet to hear him call himself a mastermind or genius. That is the media’s creation. And as for the talk about how pompous he is/was, most of that came from protecting Ray Lewis at the Super Bowl when he talked down to the national media who resented him for it ever since. You would be lucky to have BB as your coach. I hope he gets the job.

  8. I think this means he already has the job, or else he wouldn’t be assembling his staff.
    Think about it – he’s been “available” to be hired as a coach for awhile now, so why start now with regards to building a coaching team?
    Survey says:
    Because he already has a job, it just isn’t announced yet. 🙂

  9. egregious – I’m a Raven’s fan and completely agree with your comments. I was never a fan of Billick as a coach and the whole Boller experiment was a disaster. The defense and Lewis carried the team to a Super Bowl win.. good luck if he gets the job!

  10. Actually, it’s pretty noeworthy news – as far as I’ve heard, he’s the first candidate of any repute at all who has expressed any interest in what is sure to be a crappy job for at least a few years….

  11. I love how after the fact some genius will say anyone could have won with the Raven’s defense but during that season the Ravens were not expected to win the superbowl.
    1 Team wins the superbowl each year, if someone can get it done give them the damn credit and quit being little girls. If he rode the coat tails of denfensive coordinators then I guess since they left those guys have just been racking up superbowl trophies.
    Tomlin and Switzer inherited teams that had already been there not a team that never have so it’s no comparison there either.

  12. @frox
    you are exactly correct, the Bills would be lucky as to have BB as their coach. He is funny, articulate, intelligent, a players coach and a winner.
    You could do much worse, believe me.
    He will be in the Ravens Hall of Fame one day soon I hope.
    Hire him now!

  13. Survey says… He can’t just have a staff of guys sitting around awaiting his call, “hey guys I got a job, lets go!”
    Ya think if these coaches are any good, other potential head coaches might want to hire them and/or they may already have jobs which they may or may no be interested in leaving.
    Ya think if you went for a head coaching job you have a better chance of getting it if you could say
    “I’ve got Ditka (just pick a name) lined up to be my DC” instead of “If you give me the job I’ll start making some calls.”

  14. BB is extremely well organized and is a great motivator. There are a lot of Billick haters out there in the media because he called them to task during our SB run in order to protect Ray from the media. It was brilliant and it worked, but it came at a cost and he was willing to pay the price. For that, he won a SB in his second year.
    BB is a very good head coach. He has a couple of things that no Buffalo coach has had in years…. That is a winning resume and a superbowl ring.
    I wish him and the Bills well if he takes the job. He also has no issues with needing to control the whole organization which would play well with Ralph Wilson.

  15. I’d like to see him get the job… think of all the fun everyone would have with the Buffalo Billicks.

  16. Billick sounds like a great choice for the Bills. They’re probably better off getting him and having some money left over for additional staff & players than putting all their chips on, say, Cowher.

  17. Billick will be a good choice as long as he has Zorn for OC. Say what you will about Zorn as head coach, but the guy is Holmgren-trained on offense. Assuming, of course, that Zorn doesn’t end up as OC in Cleveland.

  18. Look I dont like Brian Billick. I think that defense was studly for his entire term there.
    With that said, I would prefer a guy that won a Super Bowl (no easy task no matter how you try to discredit it) than Charlie Weiss, Jim Fassell, Jim Hasslet, Ron Rivera, CFL coach of the year, Bumbly McFumbly, Mrs. Schottenheimer, or the other 150 candidates that would only get a head coaching gig in buffalo.
    So he’s not great, but he’s better than Wade Phillips, Gregg Williams, Mike Mularkey (wait need a moment to Vomit), Dick Jauron or Perry Fewell…

  19. We could certainly do worse… There really is no ideal solution as I doubt that any prodigal candidate would WANT to come to buffalo.
    Ralph is notoriously cheap with players & staff
    Ralph still has to pay Dicks contract
    We currently have very minimal talent on Oline
    We currently have a underdeveloped LB corp
    The QB of the future is not on the team
    There isn’t alot of room to maneuver in the roster as we’ve signed ALOT of bonuses that would kill the cap were Coach to clean house within the next two years.
    There are definitely some bright spots on the roster, and it’s an incredible fan base to play for… but it’s not going to be easy to establish this team.
    Of course, I’ve been saying this since week 5. :/

  20. Billick is a master at motivating his team and giving them an identity. His problem is that he will never hire a coordinator that has a chance to outshine him. This is why there was never a proven/successful OC in Baltimore. Rex Ryan rose through the ranks as a Billick understudy.

  21. As a Ravens fan is I loved the guy, but realized his time was running short and that it was probably time for him to move on. When he took over the team had talent, but he molded them into a real team that cared more about winning than themselves.
    Many people complain about his offenses which were pretty terrible, but I think he checked his ego after the TD drought and created an offense meant to play towards the team’s strength on defense. Certain times they were painfully conservative and hard to watch, but they seemed to win games (look at his record) which is really the bottom line. The 2003 Ravens team is a great example… that terrible offense still managed to score 391 points and win the division.
    Other benefits.. his antics made me laugh and his press conferences were must see tv. He played up to the grudge matches in the division and gave the fans a ton of insight into what happens behind the scenes with the Ravens. He squeezed a lot out of teams that weren’t expected to do well (99, 02 & 03), but also seemed to have let downs from teams that were expected to compete (04, 05 & 07)
    His problems: He was loyal to a fault and defended coaches and players that probably should have been let go earlier. He meddled in the offense so much that he should have never given up play calling duties to Cavanaugh in the first place. He would go round and round with certain members of the local press and the whole routine got old after a few years. He had issues developing QB’s and WR which is well known.

  22. I don’t get the comments on this blog. Billick was a good coach. Harbungle isn’t a pimple on his arrogant butt. Both are arrogant but; Billick did get a ring all Harbungle has managed to do is squeak into the play -offs. This year a one and done count on it, without Rex to carry his sorry butt. They will show up unprepared just as they have for just about every game this year. They tried like hell to lose Sunday.
    I’d take Billick back in a New York second, at least the team had some fire now they all look like their bored to death phoning it in.

  23. Thank the lord. The way the skins have been playing I was gonna have to watch his d-team broadcast skills far too often next year! Buffalo please hire him!??? If he ends up in DC I will cry and you can laugh at me.

  24. Perhaps by “Assembling a coaching staff” the report is really saying that he’s putting together stick like figure, designed by fashion label”Coach”.
    Billick has no business with a headset on ever again. That said, if it’s going to happen anywhere it should be the LA Clippers of the NFL – Buffalo.

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