Report: Cowher is inclined to wait another year

At a time when it appeared that Bill Cowher would return to coaching after three years off, it now appears that he won’t.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports, citing an unnamed source close to the situation, that Cowher is not expected to take a coaching job in 2010.

His best option is in Buffalo, and we’ve heard that he really doesn’t want to become the coach there.  Options in Tampa and Carolina haven’t materialized.

Though Schefter points out that Cowher likely will be at the top of the “A” list in 2011, the luster of that 2005 Super Bowl title will eventually begin to fade — and after a certain number of years he’ll face questions as to whether the game has passed him by.

The reality here is that Cowher waited a year too long to make his return.  Last season, he could have pitted the Browns against the Chiefs and driven his price to record heights.

So while Cowher has done a great job of keeping his name in the mix for new jobs, he hasn’t done a good job of getting the most out of the opportunities that have come his way.

Pretty soon, there might not be many, especially at his asking price.

40 responses to “Report: Cowher is inclined to wait another year

  1. I like Cowher for the Bills, but why would he leak information to a rival network? Doesn’t he work for CBS?

  2. Please … as soon as the Giants, Cowboys and Chicago jobs open up, he will be totally onboard with coaching in 2010.
    Sorry Vox, the Cowboys are the greateest

  3. I knew he wasn’t interested in Buffalo. I knew it. he will wait for Carolina, Tampa or maybe the Giants if Coughlin gets the ax.

  4. Where did you think he was going, AJ ?
    I don’t think Cowher needs BIG money although he MAY want it. Since ya’ll appear to know, what is that “asking price” he demands ?

  5. Let me just say this..If these coaches were as “Genius” as people or themselves think they are.They would take a Buffalo job or a team in that class and see what they can do with it.As a Browns fan i would rather not have Cowher ,because thats another reason the Pittspuke fans would have to open their mouths about

  6. If Carolina or Tampa really wanted him, wouldn’t they go get him? If Tampa doesn’t perceive him as an upgrade over Raheem Morris, that might be an indication that Cowher’s self-perceived value now far exceeds his actual value. He’s making a great living now doing something he’s not particularly good at, but he’s got zero stress, so I think he wins.

  7. Smart move by Cowher and I love how he told cheap old Ralph to stick his offer where the sun don’t shine! Keep pinching those pennies Ralph and pull out your old roledex and find someone you know……..perhaps Marv Levy will take the job!
    Sell the team Ralph! You are pathetic!

  8. Cowher’s 2006 win was against a week Seahawks team. In fact, Pittspuke’s win last year against Arizona was even worse. I could have assembled a junior high squad and beat the Cardinals! Even further, their 1979 win against the Rams was a joke as well. The Rams finished 9-7 and were 5-6 at one point. They were the modern day Arizona Cardinals. So basically 50% of their Super Bowl wins should be discounted! Why doesn’t anyone ever question this! Put an asterisk next to these wins!!!
    If Nick Harper cuts the other way, Bill Cowher is nothing more than a poor man’s Marty Schottenheimer who fell in love with a gay QB for 5+ years. We also would have remembered Jerome Bettis the way he should have been memorialized: A loser! Nothing would’ve been more fitting than him retiring fumbling on his last possession and costing the Steelers the game!!!!

  9. Few owners want to be on the hook for Cowher’s 10 Mil in a strike season. Especially if they have to eat their current coachs salary during that time also (i.e. Chicago, Carolina, Tampa, etc). So they pass. Which means if Cowher is gonna be a picky, conceded, greedy itch he will have to wait to 2012, which by then Florio is right, he will be less desired. And WE dont want him anymore….hed be more appreciated in Buffalo than any other city, but ego doesnt work good in Buffalo, and he clearly cant check his at the door.
    F- Cowher.
    Next up: Marty Schottenheimer

  10. So… ESPN (Mortensen) reports that Cowher is stealth negotiating with the Bills… and ESPN (Scheffter) is reporting that he is off the market until 2010.
    That pretty much assures them of being right.
    Or wrong. Whichever way they choose to report it.

  11. So 18 hours after its reported that Cowher was putting together a staff, its now reprted that He’ll sit out another year ? Come on. Either Mort or Schefter are now getting some bad info. Are the “sources” guys that pick up jockstraps in the lockerroom, or front office dweebs in suits ? I’m sure the next 7 days are going to be a whirlwind of news and breaking stories as per usual at the end of each season.

  12. Its still very early. The Fox situation in Carolina isnt over yet. And it took 3 weeks for the Glazers to fire Gruden in Tampa last year. So things don’t always happen immediately.

  13. “He could have pitted the Browns against the Chiefs”
    yeah, because they’re much better coaching options than Buffalo. Buffalo has a large amount of young talented players to build around.
    you and schefter are both idiots.

  14. ispysomething7=hater.
    You act like Pittsburgh can control who the NFC sends to the Super Bowl. Glad it took you two paragraphs to show us all how jealous you are. keep posting, keep making zero sense.

  15. Dear steelers fans >>> Please come to the Bills home opener next year and i will gladly “Lendale White” a terrible towel down your throat. Section 125. See you there.

  16. Wow, these are some of the goofiest posts on PFT yet. Several new names, but you’re not attracting better quality, Mike. ispysomething7 should be on the comedy circuit–as a rodeo clown. He’s already up to his ankles in dung.
    @ Hap … Steeltown is one of the cushiest posts in coaching. You get to work with owners who know what they’re doing, and you don’t have to worry about being fired if you come in 8-8. The only downside is they don’t pay megabucks. Cowher left because he wanted that $10 mill paycheck.
    The other thing Cowher wants is to run his own show. So don’t look for him to pin on that Cowboys star or sign up to play Laurel to Holmgren’s Hardy. As I’ve said before, when it comes to power, pairing Holmgren (or Jones) and Cowher would be a case of Titanic meet Iceberg.
    The Glazers made made a bizarre move by dumping Gruden and elevating Morris. Now that he appears to be turning things around and winning over the team, it seems only fair to give him another year. That’s not a commentary on Cowher’s coaching ability.
    Why would anyone consider Buffalo a good opportunity? The owner is in his 90s and notoriously cheap. His heirs don’t want the team, so when he passes it will likely be sold and moved. The coach taking that position won’t have any kind of stability and is unlikely to pull Cowher’s asking price.
    The Giants or Carolina would be the perfect fit for Cowher–if they decide to dump Coughlin or Fox. If not, he may have lingered too long at the broadcast table.

  17. Could it be? Could Coach Cowher actually be more interested in the game of Football than in lining his already fat wallet?
    Then again; he’s not offering to Coach a team for free so what do I know?

  18. Hey virtualplague,
    Have you watched a Bills game this year? I have watched them all. This team has almost no young talent to build a team around! They have no QB, no D Line, no LBs (Poz is very overrated), no young WRs (Evans is getting and looking very old), and their best RB will be 29 next season……….other than a couple of rookie G’s, a FS and maybe a CB (McKelvin) this team is void of talent!

  19. @ShadowWind …
    Cowher was set to make $4.5 mill in ’06, and after Super Bowl XL, the Steelers offered him a contract extension that would have paid him somewhere between $6-6.5 million. He balked. Although he was supposedly among the top eight on the coaching pay scale, he still wasn’t happy that his recently vanquished opponent, Mike Holmgren was numero uno. Holmgren was set to make $7 mill in ’06 with a schedule that called for his salary to increase by $1 mill a year over the next two years.
    So Cowher “retired.” Was he burned out after 15 years? Probably. Did the money have something to do with it? Probably. Did he think he’d wait a couple of years, come back, and make really Big Bucks? No doubt.
    Is it greed or ego? These guys like to feel they’re the top dog–but the top dog is the guy making the most money. Do they love the game? Sure. But there’s more to it than that.

  20. i know this is boring to say
    but i hear that Cowher likes the gig he has
    the life and lifestyle he has now and that it
    would take a NearPerfect Scenario to get him
    back in the league before the strike in 2011.
    im just sayin……

  21. That’s what most people call leveraged negotiation. Shefter and Mort could both be right here … but both Mort’s report is actually a couple of weeks late. Shefter is helping Cowher negotiate IMHO.

  22. To ispysomething7:
    Hey crybaby, I will send you a Terrible Towel to wipe your tears! When I read your post, I said “ismellsomething”, and it stunk. LOL, which loser of a team do you support? Your post was a worthless rant and a waste of time. You can stick your ifs, ands and buts where the sun don’t shine. You can say that about any game outcome, “if this would have happened”, etc. The only thing that matters is the final score, moron. Pittsburgh has been on the winning end of the final score in 6 Super Bowls. Go look it up in the NFL record book. Case closed.
    What, no bashing of Mean Joe and Jack Lambert? Wow, that is surprising.
    Get lost loser.

  23. Now, the Giants sounds interesting. Somehow that just has an immediate rightness to it. I like the idea of these top-flight AFC coaches (Shanahan, Cowher) getting into the mix with prominent NFC teams.
    It’s funny how things change. A month ago, spots like Tampa and Carolina seemed wide open. It may not last, but some continuity and a little less rush to constantly make changes seems like a good thing.

  24. He’s clearly waiting out the Carolina job. Talk of him coming back didn’t even start until the Panthers meltdown was in full effect. Cowher already lives in North Carolina, his family is comfortable there, and the Panthers are currently the best fit for his game style: strong defense and a commitment to the rush. Fox has one more year on his contract. I think at the end of next seaseon, unless Fox pulls out a strong post season showing, he won’t be offered a contract extension and Cowher will be offered the job.

  25. Why are people so obsessed with landing Cowher???? If winning a Super Bowl is your ultimate goal, history is not on your side if you hire him (no coach has ever won a SB with two different franchises), and it took him near 15 years to win just one.
    Cowher was a great coach, no question. I’ll never dispute that…
    …HOWEVER it baffles me how a guy who was the “Dan Marino” of head coaches for so long all of the sudden is the “holy-grail/top-of-everyone’s-wishlist/going-to-lead-us-to-the-promised-land” prospective coaching hire of the decade after winning ONE Super Bowl, not to mention the team somewhat tanked and missed the playoffs a year later.
    Pittsburgh fans are happy to have had a coach like Cowher, as they should be. And THAT is where his legacy should lie here, now, and forever. Leave his legacy with them, and quit trying get a piece of it for your own. History shows EVERY team that has ever tried that ultimately ends up disappointed.

  26. also Adam Schefter is much more reliable than Mort (I recall almost a year ago when Mort reported that the Chiefs were ready to hire Mike Shanahan after they axed Herm Edwards, and Adam immediately came out and refuted it…and of course we know who was right there).

  27. @AWestcave …
    You make valid points. As a Steelers fan, I’ll always love Cowher, but he’s not Chuck Noll. He didn’t walk into a dead franchise and redefine how an entire league views the draft, then in three years build a powerhouse that won four Super Bowls. On the other hand, if I’m not mistaken, he did have the highest winning percentage of any NFL coach during his tenure, got his team into the championship game six times (I think that’s right), and into the show twice before winning it all. Owners who want teams to be consistently competitive would find him a great catch.
    As for his Steelers legacy, I think that remains intact as long as he doesn’t pull a Favre. If he stays away from the Browns, Ravens, Bengals, and Cowboys–and I’m sure he will–his legacy shouldn’t suffer … unless he actually beats Pittsburgh in a Super Bowl.
    Personally, this season notwithstanding, I’m content with Tomlin and with Bill well wherever he lands. Though I’m sure Carolina is his top choice, I think the Giants would be a fascinating fit for him.

  28. Steeler Nation
    “i bet that fat piece of crap got beat up daily’
    i thought he was a steeler fan not a steeler fan hater.
    everyone of them ive ever seen out in public is wearing a throwback jersey that looks more like a moo moo than a shirt.
    dare anyone say anything bad about steeler nation on a blog…. LMMFAO
    they travel well to games but are generally seen as the most revulsive football fans out there.
    Enjoy the offseason SteelerNation and Adrian too

  29. I look forward to Cowher never getting another shot.
    With hundreds upon thousands of coaches willing to take ANYTHING to get a shot at coaching, it is rewarding watching money-grubbing guys like this who are trying to put teams against each other in bidding wars fall flat.
    If you want to coach because you love the sport, take a job you can get. If you are only interested in money, by all means play yourself out of the market like that…… or go to the Redskins.

  30. 1-5 in AFC conference games is all you need to know about Cowher!
    Just say no to overpriced HC’s!

  31. @texasPHINSfan …
    I don’t know that there are hundreds upon thousands of QUALIFIED coaches out there, but I’m with you. You look at the stress of working for an Al Davis or a Dan Snyder. Then compare that with working for the Rooneys. He never had to worry about being fired. He flat-out took OFF the year after the ’05 Super Bowl. Just phoned it in. But they offered to bump him from $4.5 mill to $6.5. A $2 mill raise on a year he phoned it in. But making terrific money working for terrific people in one of the premier franchises in all of sports in your hometown where you’re a superstar and have job security isn’t good enough. You want to be the highest paid guy in the league.
    Fine. Go do that. Love ya. Thanks for the memories. Wish you all the best. And we’ll bring in Tomlin for half the price and just keep rolling along.

  32. @BorisBulldog
    Cowher had to have won at least 2 AFC Championships as the Steelers went to the Super Bowl in 95 and 2005. Still, I see your point. Just think your numbers are a little off.

  33. I have never been sure why people are so down on Cowher because he only went to the Superbowl twice in 15 years. That is better than all but probably 10-15 coaches in the Superbowl era. Plus he took the Steelers to the AFC Championship game 4 other times (and lost – yes I know). How many coaches have been to six conference championship games?
    I do not define NFL coaching success solely by Super Bowls won but I appear to be in the minority,

  34. # bigtrav425 says: January 4, 2010 12:44 PM
    Let me just say this..If these coaches were as “Genius” as people or themselves think they are.They would take a Buffalo job or a team in that class and see what they can do with it.As a Browns fan i would rather not have Cowher ,because thats another reason the Pittspuke fans would have to open their mouths about
    Anyone else catch the irony of “bigtrav” using the word genius in this incoherent, grammatically awful mess?

  35. # Buffalo Hogan says: January 4, 2010 1:20 PM
    Dear steelers fans >>> Please come to the Bills home opener next year and i will gladly “Lendale White” a terrible towel down your throat. Section 125. See you there.
    Thanks for the offer, but I’m not going to waste my time with you. But feel free to buy yourself a towel and do whatever you wish with it. All the proceeds from sales goes to charity, and they kids will thank you for your contribution (as I am sure they were happy to take LenDale’s nickle).
    Bye Now!

  36. Hate my post, that’s cool. At least it turned heads and it’s not the same retread garbage that’s posted in here! Bringing Cowher in would a huge mistake to any franchisee! Leave him in the booth. His Superbowl win was a freak of nature– it shouldn’t have happened!

  37. @ispysomething7 …
    Car crashes also turn heads … without offering anything of intellectual value.
    It’s hideous, yet people can’t help looking. For a few seconds. Then they just drive on.

  38. redsquare says:
    January 4, 2010 2:13 PM
    Now, the Giants sounds interesting. Somehow that just has an immediate rightness to it.
    Yeah I totally agree. IMO, the Giants and Steelers have a lot in common in terms of their philosophies: brutal defense, physical run game, and now, young superbowl winning QBs that are maturing into great passers.
    Giant’s need a defensive minded head coach. Rex Ryan worked wonders for the Jets.

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