The Shanahan watch commences

With the Redskins officially firing coach Jim Zorn in an e-mail that came through the pipes at 7:46 a.m. ET, the clock is now ticking on the announcement that Mike Shanahan will be the new head coach.

But despite the best (albeit clumsy and misguided) efforts of the team to pre-comply with the Rooney Rule, an e-mail announcing that Mike Shanahan is the next head coach has not arrived 114 minutes later, like it did when Bruce Allen became the G.M. less than two hours after Vinny Cerrato vamoosed.

For starters, it’s still unresolved as to whether the Redskins will be required to interview at least one minority coach now that the job finally is vacant.  ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported on Sunday that secondary coach Jerry Gray will have to be re-interviewed after Zorn is fired.  (Given that the league office previously has declined to comment on whether the Redskins will be required to interview a minority candidate after firing Zorn because Zorn had not been fired, we’ve asked the league for a comment, now that Zorn has been fired.)

Regardless of whether the Redskins can hire Shanahan without interviewing Gray or another minority candidate after Zorn’s termination, we suspect that the league office has suggested that the Redskins refrain from moving with the same speed that characterized the departure of executive V.P. of football operations Vinny Cerrato and the arrival of G.M. Bruce Allen.

More importantly, we think that Shanahan will continue to be coy, in the hopes of attracting more teams to the table and/or squeezing more cash out of the Redskins.  Indeed, ESPN’s Adam Schefter, who widely is regarded as having a hotline to Shanahan, writes that “the focus will now shift to whether Redskins owner Daniel Snyder can do enough to lure [Shanahan] to Washington,” and that Snyder “covets” Shanahan.

In other words, Snyder had better be ready to pay the man.

Though Schefter has reported that Shanahan isn’t interested in Dallas (which surfaced one day after FOX’s Jay Glazer reported that Dallas isn’t interested in Shanahan), it makes sense for Shanahan to wait for a week to monitor the outcome of Saturday night’s rematch of the Week 17 game between Philadelphia and Dallas.

If the Cowboys get blown out by the Eagles, Dallas coach Wade Phillips could be fired — and Shanahan might suddenly look a lot more appealing to owner Jerry Jones. 

Meanwhile, other jobs might unexpectedly open up this week, now that the regular season is over and the Redskins will be openly courting Shanahan.

So Shanahan has all the leverage, and there’s no reason not to use it.

11 responses to “The Shanahan watch commences

  1. Maybe Snyder will hire Bobby Hebert as Shanahan’s offensive coordinator first, and then Shanahan will bail on becoming head coach. Then by default, Hebert becomes the Skins coach.

  2. as a loyal redskins fan for 29 years….i think they should get rid of this horrible franchise
    and daniel snyder should put a loaded revolver in his mouth and pull the trigger
    mike shanahan??? who cares

  3. Clearly Snyder will have no problems paying for Shanahan and will pay whatever he requires (and more) to get him to come to DC.

  4. So you’re saying that Shanahan has “hand.” In the Skins Front Office, everyone there uses it.

  5. Again, why do they have to comply with a bogus rule anyways? And the Cowboys will not get blown out against the Eagles like the Eagles just got blown out Sunday. It will be a close competetive game with the home team walking away the victor.

  6. lukestrass says:
    January 4, 2010 9:55 AM
    as a loyal redskins fan for 29 years….i think they should get rid of this horrible franchise
    and daniel snyder should put a loaded revolver in his mouth and pull the trigger
    mike shanahan??? who cares
    You need to be on anti-depressants.

  7. Yeah, L’il Danny sure does know how to strategize and negotiate.
    Like the Raiders, the only way this franchise gets competitive is when the owner leaves.

  8. Shanahans coming to Washington. He isn’t going to drive up the price because no one wants to pay him $10 Mil a year except Washington, which has to so they can counter Snyder. Expect a huge overhaul. The question is not whether it will work, is whether Snyder has the patience to suffer through 2 more seasons of mediocre football before we are a contender again. Cuz thats what it will take to do it right and for the long term…

  9. Dan Snyder and Al Davis: two owners that are horrible for the NFL. They must be stopped. Dan Snyder is hard to get rid of, enough said.
    With Al Davis, it is actually very easy. All you need to do is shoot him in the head and sprinkle holy water on the carcass. Then burn it to make sure it doesn’t come back again.

  10. Given the performance of the Cowboys on Sunday, not only will Phillips be ok, he is going to the Super Bowl. I hate the Cowboys, but they really laid wood to the Birds yesterday. That was no fluke. The team was prepared, they executed well, took advantage of a befuddled McNabb, and, they stomped the demoralized Eagles. It seems as if there is no other NFC team that is more complete at this point. Not the Vikes, Cards, or Packers, certainly not the Saints.

  11. If the Bolts blow up, Shanny would be perfect in San Diego. Good team, great QB, no Cutler-like temperament…oh…wait…a little Cutler-like temperament.
    Don’t get me wrong: Chargers are playing as well, if not better than anyone in the league. But name me one Norv fan. One. Isn’t any. And there’s no reason to think he won’t derail this train in the playoffs. And when he does, only an AJ Smith can say, “all is well”, “wait’ll next year”. Or, he could fire this incompetent and hire Shanny-Two-rings. Nevermind that Shanny’s record has been a bit spotty lately…
    “Covet”. So special Danny. Didn’t you covet Spurrier too?

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