Week 17 Morning Aftermath: Jets could be dangerous in postseason

Last year, some called the 9-7 Cardinals the worst team to ever qualify for a berth in the NFL postseason.

And they nearly won the Super Bowl.

This year, the Jets could face similar criticism.  They have the same record as the 2008 Cardinals.  Unlike Arizona, which had a two-time league MVP under center, the Jets have an untested rookie quarterback who has yet to prove that he can perform at a high level in the elements.

If they’re bombarded with beliefs that they don’t belong, coach Rex Ryan will find a way to use it to motivate the troops to overachieve.

But they might not need it.  With a top-flight defense and a run-heavy offense, the Jets are built to succeed in the postseason.

And Ryan knows it.

“I feel good about our team,” the first-year coach said after the game.  “I think we’re right there.  In these conditions, with that great running game and you play great defense, we’ll be tough to beat.”

(Of course, humility might serve Ryan’s interests better, but we’ve accepted the fact that he’ll never change.)

Actually, the one thing that hurts the Jets is the thumping they administered last night to the Bengals.  With that dominant, 37-0 win, the Jets will catch no one by surprise in the postseason — especially since they open up with the team they just beat.

If the Jets can repeat their feat on Sunday night, however, things will instantly become very interesting in the AFC, as the Jets return to Indianapolis for a game that the Colts surely will take a lot more seriously.

40 responses to “Week 17 Morning Aftermath: Jets could be dangerous in postseason

  1. The Jets will not be dangerous. They’ve faced their next 2 possible opponents already this season. The problem for the Jets is they gave it their all while the Colts and the Bengals played 2nd stringers. I know the Bengals had starters out there but when you bench 3 of your more important defensive starters and your star RB you’re not playing to win. The Jets have shown their hand and won’t get tot he AFC Championship game, thats for sure.

  2. You’re talking as if the Ravens have no chance to win. If they win, being the sixth seed they would play the colts and the Jets if they won would play San Diego.

  3. Mark Sanchez is a poor man’s Matt Leinart. The Jets are not “dangerous” just because they beat a Bengal team that went down like an ATM on a holiday weekend.

  4. I agree … the Jets will be real dangerous – as long as the teams they play are sitting half of their starters or at least some of their key players.

  5. “Jets could be dangerous”
    Um… kind of like that dangerous Redskins team that you picked to win the superbowl?

  6. The Jets dangerous? The NFL Jets, like the ones from New York? I just want to make sure we’re talking about the same team.

  7. Hey, at least Rex Ryan knows they’re in the playoffs.
    On the positive side for the Jets, they get to play the second worst team in the playoffs. Any other team and they’d be toasted.

  8. Congratulations to Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez, Thomas Jones, and the entire Jets organization. They were laughed at and discounted, and are now in.
    Hope it’s a good run for you, Jets. The #1 defense and #1 run game deserves some time in the spotlight. Give ’em hell!
    And now, let’s cue the IQ point-deficient window lickers who will take jabs at Ryan’s size, eating habits, or anything else they can think of to make themselves feel better (kind of like we all did back in the second and third grades)….
    In 3…..2……1………

  9. Here’s one for florio; the steelers are the best team to NOT MAKE IT.
    And, for you to question humility? please

  10. I don’t know why everyone keeps saying that the Jets exposed themselves by going all out against the Bengals. Sanchez threw the ball 15 times–they didn’t show any of their pass game. Every team in football has already seen their run game, and very few have been able to stop it.
    There are plenty of reasons to doubt the Jets in the playoffs but that’s not one of them.

  11. The Jets are easily the luckiest team in the playoffs given that the colts and bungles both laid down for the Jets which needed to win those two games to get in. Ask Houston how they feel about that?
    Ok, they caught on a huge break on the scheduling of two playoff bound teams at the end of the season but let’s not confuse dumb luck with real talent, which the Jets have very little of. If they don’t beat the Bungles next week, for sure, they will lose the next game. Dangerous my ass.

  12. 5 of top-10 rushing offenses in the NFL are sitting at home at the moment
    only 2 of the top-10 passing offenses in the NFL are doing the same
    so be careful because everybody knows how to twist stats into theories these days
    the NFL is much more pass-oriented now than what some people fail to realize

  13. It’s funny seeing a dozen comments basically calling the Jets push-overs.
    I guess having the best Defense and Running game in the league doesn’t buy what it used to….like ‘respect’.
    Our problem is that we have a rookie Qb. I understand that.
    BUT, if he can avoid shooting the team in the foot with turnovers, the Jets are a tough out.

  14. The Jests blow. that fat weirdo Ryan couldn’t coach his way out of a soggy paper bag. They will be crushed in round 1 and will struggle to win 6 games next year.

  15. Arizona has Kurt Warner at QB.
    The Jets have some kid named Sanchez.
    Little bit of a diff there.

  16. The Jets lost 7 games, and won two pre-season games against the Colts and Bengals. By my count, they were a .500 team at best. If anything, they will go into Cincy and get thumped.
    Rex Ryan is so arrogant, he will think that the last two wins were legit. Marvin Lewis set this game up pretty well.
    I am no Bengals fans, and I used to like Rex in B-more, but he looked like an idiot pumping his fists while up by 30 points last night. Show some class, and act like you’ll be there again.

  17. I want to see the rusty Colts lose to the team that they allowed to make the playoffs by resting. Sweet sweet justice.

  18. Please, please, please Jets, go get it done. Beat the Bengals. Beat the Colts. I don’t care what else you d, but if you accomplish those two things I will jump on the bandwagon and make you my 7th favorite team in the NFL.

  19. The AFC is definitely top heavy. There are teams that are much better than the Ravens and Jest…..my God, those teams suck. The Ravens will be badly exposed next week, and we can only hope the Jest win and get to go to Indy, so this farce of a “playoff” team will be put to rest. Any team with freakin Mark Sanchez at QB deserves to get drummed…..and they will.

  20. The Jets are the worst team in the playoffs, but not by far. The Jets again get lucky and play the emotionally drained Bengals who have looked like the Bengals of old the last 6 games of the season. So the Jets may have a chance in game 1 but from that point on, they will be the pawns that the Colts or Chargers will use to warm up for the AFC championship game.
    The Bengals were a great story in the beginning of the season when they were squeaking out wins to put them in the post season, but at the end of the season they have showed that their early season success was a bit lucky.
    That said, I really think Houston, Pittsburgh, or even Tennesee would provide tougher outs for the top seeds than Cinci or the Jets.
    Just an opinion so dont go getting your panites in a bunch.

  21. tleg81
    Your opinion would make a lot more sense had the Jets not already beaten the Titans and the Texans this season.
    Most talk bakers are morons who place way too much of their own sense of self worth in 20 year old kids who play football. I would never waste my time to write bad things about someone elses team..go read a nook or something you guys are pathetic.
    I was a proud season ticket holder this season..the place was amazing..the fireworks the confetti..TJ leading the emotional charge out of the tunnel.Thanks Woody!!! I feel great about my team no matter how far they go the rest of the way..but they can be reaaaaly dangerous.
    They can run on anyone That makes them dangerous.
    this goes out to all of you ….go ahead..waste more of your life telling us your opinion about a team you probably saw play once or twice..you need to get lives..

  22. # BenRapistberger says: January 4, 2010 1:47 PM
    I want to see the rusty Colts lose to the team that they allowed to make the playoffs by resting. Sweet sweet justice.
    Well that’s to bad because it won’t happen,to bad your team wasn’t able to beat the Colts then you wouldn’t have to try and live through another team.

  23. I would be the happiest man in the world if the Jets could beat the Bengals and Colts, if for nothing else but to shut up all the haters. I don’t even care if we go to the Super Bowl. With a rookie quarterback, nobody expected that. But with a big defense and a great running game, saying we don’t have a chance to beat anybody is ludicrous. Chances are, we won’t have enough offense to get past the 2nd round, but stranger things have happened.

  24. Jimmy Smith says:
    The Jets are easily the luckiest team in the playoffs given that the colts and bungles both laid down for the Jets which needed to win those two games to get in. Ask Houston how they feel about that?
    Seriously? The Texans made the playoffs because the Patriots absolutely laid down in the 4th quarter and let Houston finish their comeback against the subs.
    If the Texans wanted to make the playoffs, they shouldn’t have gotten thumped by the Jets and thus lost the tiebreaker.

  25. how does a team expose themselves when all they do is run in between the tackles and occasionally run an option. there are no tricks about it. you get blocked too bad. if you are out defending an option guess what you cant do it by yourself. its all about execution, whether you know the play is coming or not doesnt mean you will stop it.
    i also find it pathetic how people put down a team that took advantage of the opportunities they had. who cares how you make the playoffs as long as you do nobody can say a word about it. whether you back in or get airlifted into the playoffs you have a shot at a super bowl win. and everyone knows any given sunday in the nfl. so stop hating and enjoy some playoff football because now everyone who is complaining about these teams look like pathetic little bitches. its better to be lucky than good.

  26. Any coach with half a brain will drum up a game plan to beat the Jets. Step one, max protect on pass downs to stop the Ryan blitzes. Step two, eight to nine men in the box on defense and let Dirty Sanchize try to beat you.
    If Cincy decides not to do this, they will probably lose. But they won’t.

  27. “Tuscany says:
    January 4, 2010 1:16 PM
    I agree … the Jets will be real dangerous – as long as the teams they play are sitting half of their starters or at least some of their key players.
    The Jets lost to the Dolphins twice, remember. They appear great when the team they plays doesn’t try, play all their starters, or has thrown in the towel.
    Too bad the playoffs won’t be as easy as the last two weeks. Gameplan against their run, and they will be forced to throw, which will expose Sanchez. He doesn’t throw picks when he doesn’t have to throw, which has happened the last two weeks.

  28. Hmm… let’s see. They’re in the playoffs. They have a good-to-great defense. They run the ball extremely well.
    Yeah, you’re all correct… they have no chance.

  29. Green Bay in the NFC and Baltimore in the AFC are the two most dangerous teams coming out of this round of the NFL playoffs…

  30. Its about focus. The Bengals were not focused last night and the Jets were. Rest assured the Bengals will show them why we are the AFCN champs come Saturday.

  31. Cincy vs. Jets will be the most boring game ever.
    Whats the over/under on a quarterback throwing over 100 yards in this game?

  32. madsqgrdn,
    The Jets beat the Texans the 1st game of the season and the Titans the 3rd with Kerry Collins at the helm. You are crazy if you think those teams are even close to the same teams now……
    I’m just saying the NFL is no longer a run-the-ball and play good defense, league anymore!! Those formulas are still great to have but if you have crappy QB play, you are in trouble. Sorry but I think teams with average defenses, average running games, and an above average qb will be more threatening to the elite teams than the Jets who have a good running game, good D, and probably one of the worst qbs in the league…

  33. How are the Jets all of a sudden a ‘dangerous’ team? They barely made it in as a wildcard. They got extremely lucky.

  34. GO Brad Smith and their gadget plays! I think it’d be awesome if their success in the playoffs was due to their older version of the wildcat. It’s also a bit amusing seeing all of the surprise of the Jets success–with the amount that they have been Snyderin’ free agency, success shouldn’t be such a surprise.

  35. Wow, seems to be a lot of Pats fans out there posting. Nervous about losing Welker and don’t think that Tom’s delicately styled hair will be enough to advance this year?
    Hold out hope that the NFL will come up with yet another rule to help out Brady and the Pats.

  36. I really love all the comments about how the Colts and Bengals didn’t try. Don’t you realize how stupid you sound and how that would only mean something if they actually won the game? The fact that they got blown out in both while sitting 3 or 4 players doesn’t bode well for either of them in the next two weeks. (And it will be the Jets playing them in the next two weeks)

  37. @ packer4life
    How true. It’s amazing what the media tries to do when a New York team makes the playoffs.
    Breaking news in the New York Post… Rex Ryan ate another cheeseburger. Sorry, you asked for it.

  38. Having the best defense in the league is not luck. Neither is having the best rushing offense.
    If Sanchez has to win the game there might be trouble. But the Bad Kitty Bengals are weak and will go down bad. Has a team ever been shut out twice in one season?

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