Giants, Bears may compete for Fewell

Perry Fewell will interview for the Bills head coaching job this week, but he’s a long shot to land that job.

It doesn’t sound like he will be out of work for long, though. 

NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora reports Fewell is likely to become Lovie Smith’s new defensive coordinator in Chicago if he doesn’t get the Bills gig.  Bears fans wanted an entirely new defensive scheme, but that would require a new head coach

As we were just about to post that news, the Associated Press reported that Fewell will interview Thursday with the Giants about their defensive coordinator position.

Fewell is a natural fit in Chicago, as he worked under Smith in St. Louis and Chicago in 2005.  The Giants don’t run a Tampa 2 defense, the scheme Fewell was raised in.

17 responses to “Giants, Bears may compete for Fewell

  1. Fewell would be a good fit for either team…..I thought he did some good things with an injury ravaged Bills defense, including being aggressive….something both those defenses lacked this year.

  2. fire coughlin and go after cowher…..please giants please….we need a fire lit under the team and the “chin”is the right guy

  3. The Bills are compling with the Rooney Rule….”pretend to have interest in a minority candidate and then hire the white guy who already has the job…”
    At least, Mr. Rooney walks the walk! If Ralph Wilson hires a black coach, then he’s going broke…

  4. I always thought a good coach can change his defense based on his personnel vs. trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole.
    I am surprised how Bills coaches are coveted, yet bashed week to week by fans and opposing teams.
    No coach will be missed.

  5. Fewell is awesome – hate to see him leave the Bills but he’s not getting the HC gig so he deserves a new beginning elsewhere.
    And he invented the “creep” defense. Enough said.

  6. Giants don’t need to run a Tampa 2 type defense. They need to get someone in who will run a 3-4 D. Jay Alford is the perfect nose Tackle for that type defense and Canty can be a great sub for him.

  7. Lovie is just looking for another brown noser to run his out dated and not very successful defense. Someone to take the blame when it fails and to plant a big wet one on his ass every now and then to show their gratitude.
    He acted like a pompous jerk at the press conference today like he had just done something great instead of being given another to year to fix his own cluster.
    For a guy who should have been shown the door today he was pretty arrogant.
    I hate him even more.
    He came right out and said that as long as he is the coach they will run the defense that HE wants and that the team’s poor showing on that side of the ball for the last three years was everyone’s fault except for Lovie Smith.
    He loves him some Lovie.
    When asked about the Packers changing their defensive scheme with great success he rambled about them “running the same defense last year and going to the playoffs with it”
    The Packers did not run the 3-4 last season and they were a 6-10 team.
    This is a team that is in the same damn division as the Bears and it just goes to show how clueless this turd really is.
    What a joke.

  8. I was hoping St. Louis would fire Spagnulo or Carolina would fire John Fox (though he likely would of found another HC job) and the Giants would resign one of them for the D Coordinator position…it cant hurt to dream!!

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