Lovie speaks: Marinelli won't be defensive coordinator

Lovie Smith stepped to the podium Tuesday, and he was grateful to be there.

“First of all, I am excited to remain in my position,” Smith said, speaking after President Ted Phillips and G.M. Jerry Angelo, with ownership looking on.

Smith confirmed that he will no longer run the defense, although the scheme won’t change.

When you have a basic philosophy, of course you want someone with a similar philosophy . . .  At the same time, you want to bring in some new ideas.

Smith talked about the decision to hire someone else to run the defense.

“You look at every season independently.  I felt like last year that was the best for me to do.  I feel differently now,” Smith said.

Of course, someone from above may have forced Smith to feel differently.  The coordinator position will be filled from outside the organization.  Reports that Rod Marinelli was going to take over the defensive coordinator job proved premature.  

Smith implied Marinelli preferred to remain the defensive line/assistant head coach.  

No matter what jobs Marinelli and Smith hold, they know they will need to win in 2010 for Smith to hold this press conference next year.

20 responses to “Lovie speaks: Marinelli won't be defensive coordinator

  1. Lovie meant to say:
    “I feel like we can put a good football STAFF to coach the guys on the field.”

  2. There is no question that this press conference was a huge joke. It’s obvious that the ONLY reason why Angelo and Lovie were kept was because it was the most cost-effective decision for the Bears’ owners. NO ONE in Chicago is buying the bull that these guys were shoveling.
    Expect the Bears to be one of the worst teams in the NFL in 2010 since no one there has the backbone to do what it takes to put this team on the rebound back toward the top of the division. The Lions are closer to winning the division than the Bears.

  3. McCaskeys: “We’re excited to not have to pay another coach. It’s a wonderful day in Bears history.”

  4. Lovie meant to say:
    “I’ll do what ever they tell me to because I’m just happy to still have my job. I’ll fire any assistant coach available to save myself.”

  5. Great Lovie…..stick with your vanilla cover 2 base…. it’s not like the league has caught up to it….. for that matter, I don’t think the league has caught up with the West Coast Offense either. When is the last time a West Coast team won a Super Bowl? I know the Eagles and Seahawks made it in recent years, but those weren’t exactly offensively charged teams….

  6. That was quite a dog and pony show for the Bear fans. It will prove to be a terrible football decision to keep Lovie, but with the impending collective bargaining troubles looming, it may be the right business decision. Another 7-9 season looms.

  7. So let me see if I get this, the team president held a pc and announced Marinelli would be dc, Lovey then came out and said no he won’t, seeming to imply he doesn’t want the job. Oh yeah, this is starting well. These guys better get it together fast, I’m sure there are other guys that will take their jobs for about the same money. And that seems to be all it will take. Any new coach taking over after next season will be screwwed by not having the picks they gave for Cutler.

  8. I don’t necessarily feel the coach was the reason the bears did poorly. Cutler was a big part of that in his bad decision making. Also…each guy on that team needs to look themselves in the mirror and ask if they gave their all this year….I don’t think so.

  9. QB Coach Jim Zorn is now available. Do it. Do it. Do it. You know Zorn is hungry to prove himself and he’ll have Cutler zinging TDs up the yin yang. Nobody works harder than a pissed off quiet guy.

  10. I’ll be stunned if it isn’t Perry Fewell as DC. Lovie keeps the defense he wants and makes it appear like he got someone outside the team.
    Judging by the comments made about running the ball and not changing offenses all the time, I’m guessing Martz isn’t their first choice for OC. I think it’s Bates job to lose, though he’ll have to sell them that he’ll run the ball more than he did in Denver.

  11. Congrats Mccaskeys you have let the charter NFL franchise slip into the abyss with Lovie, Jerry and Ted at the helm. What a frickin joke. I think all of the saps who bought PSL’s (like me) should file a class action for fraud since I bought seats to see NFL football not this garbage.

  12. Lovie wants to find a new defensive coordinator to run “our system”. Can I suggest searching the nursing homes and retirement communities sinceno one else in football runs your Tampa 2 any longer. Its a great system when you have Warren Sapp, Derick Brooks and John Lynch in their prime. Not so much with Tommie “no knees” Harris, Craig Steltz and Hunter Hillenmeyer.

  13. No Press Conference available at this time. Phillips opening statements, that’s all. Phillips, though, did not look happy and it appeared that an ultimatum was given. RBTL. As much as I wanted Lovie (and Angelo) fired, I respect the decision. Time to move on and wait for the next PFT post about Chicago. Go Bears in 2010……I’ll have to change my screen name now that the season is over.

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