Marinelli could be taking over Bears defense

One year removed from authoring a winless season in Detroit, former Lions coach Rod Marinelli could be moving back into the head-coaching on-deck circle.

We mentioned last night that we’ve heard Marinelli will be calling the defensive plays in 2010.  According to David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune, Marinelli could be doing so not as assistant head coach/defensive line coach, but as defensive coordinator.

Per Haugh, Marinelli remained at Halas Hall on Monday after all assistant coaches were sent home, presumably to talk about his new duties.

Such a move would likely mean that defensive coordinator Bob Babich, whose contract is expiring, won’t be back.

But the development is more of a slap at Smith, who took the play-calling duties from Babich in 2008.  Basically, the Bears are doing to Smith after the season what the Redskins did to former head coach Jim Zorn during the season.  The difference?  Instead, of giving the duties to a guy who previously was calling out “O-73,” Smith has been usurped (or, as Michael Scott would say, “uslurped”) by a guy who should have “0-16” tattooed on his forehead.

And speaking of areas of exposed skin, Vaugh McClure of the Chicago Tribune reports that former Lions defensive line coach Joe Cullen, best known for being arrested days apart for drinking drunk while clothed and then sober while naked, was spotted at Halas Hall last week (we assume he was sober and clothed but, hell, who knows?).  If Marinelli is bumped up to defensive coordinator, Cullen could replace Marinelli as defensive line coach.

And if Marinelli receives the promotion, it will be the first time he ever has served as a defensive coordinator at the NFL level.  He coached the Tampa defensive line exclusively before becoming head coach of the Lions.

19 responses to “Marinelli could be taking over Bears defense

  1. What are my Bears thinking?!?! All of today’s Chicago Bears “Coaching Changes” are going to be based on Finances and not Football…
    Ted Phillips needs to be relieved of his duties…

  2. And he is on record as saying he didn’t want to be a coordinator — he preferred being a position coach. Hmmmm.

  3. Beautiful…..Detroit did great things with their defense on Marinelli’s watch….. Get comfy at the bottom of the division

  4. Bob Babich should have never got this job to begin with. He ran the NDSU football program into the ground, then did a mediocre job at best in St. Louis, and somehow this guy kept getting promoted.
    As a Vikings fan feel free to keep Babich around for as long as you can. Or if you want to give it to the only coach in NFL history to go 0-16 that’s fine too.

  5. not sure why dallas drake gets rehired. other than berrian, when have the bears had a good receiver under his watch? lovie keeping his friends as usual.

  6. My guess? They offered it to him first and he declined.
    Marinelli was burned hard in Detroit by an awful front office and is still reeling from the blow. He wants to do what he’s good at for a while; coach the DLine.

  7. Rod was a great coach. That 0-16 team played their hearts out for him every game. Blame Millen for the lack of talent not Rod.

  8. Post should have mentioned how much Joe Cullen has benefited from being Rod “pad level” Marinelli’s son-in-law, or at least disclosed the relationship.

  9. It’s Darryl Drake, and he did a pretty good job bringing along Knox and Aromashadu this season. Bennett also appears pretty comfortable in his routes I’m not a Hester-as-WR apologist, but you have to give him credit for improving his blocking and route running as well.
    Position coaches don’t create talent, they bring out the best in the players they have. I think receiver is an area of concern, but I also think that everyone in the league was surprised by the success these young guys had. Drake is pretty good; give him a real #1 receiver and all the guys we have now will look awesome. Too bad we have no draft picks left. Is Boldin a free agent this year?
    Good for the Bears for not picking up Marinelli, or bringing in naked/drunk drivers for the D Line. I hope they get someone that knows how to line up the secondary for coverage. Maybe a 3-4 could use all those extra linebackers we have, considering the middle of the line was a joke this year. I’ll welcome any scheme change, on either side of the ball. Man this is going to be a long offseason

  10. I’m sure the city of Chicago is quivering with excitement and anxiously awaiting the 2010 season given all this good news.

  11. rod is a GREAT d-line coach, and i know the d line has tremendous respect for the guy, they play with alot of heart and if he can get gaines adams turned around they’re pretty set on the dline. i really hope they get in bates as qb coach and get a descent oc and dc, leave rod as dline coach. i’d like lovie at dc or OUT, but doubt that’ll happen.

  12. @purpleguy
    And we are looking forward to all of the forthcoming antagonizing posts from division rival fans too. Oh joy! 🙂

  13. I am presently laughing my f’in ass off at the Chicago Bears! Looks like you guys will be taking our spot next year at the bottom of the Norris! Pound the rock m’fers! With no draft picks and your aging defense, i’d say you’re pretty well f’d!

  14. That is AWESOME for the rest of the division. Marinelli is sooooo stubborn, he refuses to blitz. They will get picked apart every game, trust me.

  15. So what you’re saying is The Lions have a legitimate shot at finishing 3rd in the NFC North next year?

  16. Oh joy i hope he takes the job! The Bears defense will be the worst in the NFL very very soon. I feel sorry for Bears fans though that they will have to put up with his defense. It is one of the worst you will ever see in action, a la the 2008 0-16 Detroit Lions. Worst pass defense, run defense, and scoring defense in the league lol.
    I can tell you EXACTLY what he will do and what your defensive game plan will be no matter how good of athletes you have it will fail miserably. He will run nothing but the cover 2 defense where he only rushes 3-4 players and drop coverage back in zone. He will tell you how his defensive front will get all the pressure while his secondary gets picks and stops the pass because of it. But in reality his D-line will get NO pressure and the secondary will be so porous that the open receivers will look like they aren’t even being covered. And no matter how bad the pass defense looks he will never ever blitz anybody no matter what. And since he will never send a blitz you will get run over and run through all game.
    You will also get a look at his genius son-in-law Joe Barry on the staff just completely ruining everything he touches. Marinelli is a horrible coach and that Cover 2 defense is just the absolute worst. Sure his players play with heart but what did that get the Lions? 0-16 with the worst defense in NFL history.

  17. As a Lions fan I have to admit Marinelli is NOT a bad coach. He will do fine with Chicago’s D. Look how well Morningweg did after was fired and took over as OC for the Eagles. Detroit get’s in their coaches way.

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