Martz wants Bears job but hasn't heard from Smith

In 2001, Mike Martz hired Lovie Smith to be the defensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams. Now Martz is hoping Smith will return the favor.

Martz says he’s interested in working for Smith as the Chicago Bears’ offensive coordinator, although he also said that he hasn’t heard from Smith.

Absolutely, of course I would [be interested],” Martz said. “But I’ve never talked to anybody or been contacted by anybody.”

Martz said he’d like to get the job but he also doesn’t want to intrude on Smith’s process of revamping his staff of assistants. The Bears announced an offensive house cleaning today.

“It would be unfair to [Smith] to jump ahead in any process and be involved in it,” Martz said. “We’ll just wait and see whether things develop.”

Martz has served as offensive coordinator of the Rams, Lions and 49ers. He was out of coaching this season.

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  1. If Martz is hired, Da Bears might as well trade Forte since he’ll be rendered completely useless.
    Offer Forte to Denver for Marshall/Sheffler.

  2. Man with Marinelli already there, the possibility of Joe Cullen and Mike Martz, they would have a very re-vamped coaching staff. Most coaches that leave Detroit don’t get another job period, let alone three of them on the same team.

  3. “Martz has served as offensive coordinator of the Rams, Lions and 49ers. He was out of coaching this season.”
    Probably because he was the offensive coordinator of the Rams, Lions, and 49ers.

  4. Martz and Cutler could be a dangerous combo – and Marshall Faulk was a factor in the Greatest Show on Turf so Forte will be fine.

  5. Hasn’t Mike Martz failed everywhere he has been in the past 5 years? Why is he even talking?

  6. Please, please, please bring in Martz, Lovie!!
    (I’m guessing you can tell I’m no Bears fan.)

  7. actually martz called plenty of run plays for faulk in st. louis.
    i remember one drive that was all run plays.
    forte isnt close to faulk, however.
    and scheffler wouldnt ever see the ball.
    the real gem would be reuniting martz with the guy who blamed him for all the problems in detroit, then proceeded to go 0-16 without martz.
    detroit needed to run the balls out martz offense. because they couldnt stop anyone in 2008.

  8. Florio equals ass has a point… Forte for Marshall with something else makes a lot of sense for both of them if Martz is involved in any way/shape/form.
    As for Martz…meh. Hasn’t everybody figured him out? He might as well pull a “ass-backwards Kurt Warner” and leave football to go bag groceries.
    Martz is starting to remind me of Jeff George a little with having to announce that he’s interested, everytime someone pathetic enough to consider him might have a job opening.

  9. This would be a good fit…. unfortunatley. Doesn’t change the fact though that Chicago has no receivers (fixable) and Jay Cutler is the biggest pussy of all time (unfixable).

  10. The Mike Martz offense is a hoax and a joke, he gets Quarterbacks pounded and under utilizes talented Running Backs. No Bueno

  11. Got to love love how fast people forget about The Greatest Show on Turf, and in Detroit under Martz They were actually a good team in “07”, it was after he left that they went 0-16, this would be the best thing possible for Cutler, because he is way better than O’ Sullivan, and Kitna combined…

  12. @ninjapleazee
    Denver couldn’t run out of a paper bag after the Week 6 bye. Granted, their O-line sucked balls, especially after Ryan Harris went on IR and Ben Hamilton played himself out of Denver, BUT that doesn’t dismiss the fact that No-Show Moreno put the ball on the carpet A LOT, and Buckhalter’s a journeyman intended to give No-Show a blow and make him think about securing the ball.
    As for Martz, his offenses in Detroit and San Fran were so comically unbalanced for the pass that they befit a comical name like “Greatest Show on Turf” (a sucker’s born every minute).

  13. QB Coach Jim Zorn is now available. Do it. Do it. Do it. You know Zorn is hungry to prove himself and he’ll have Cutler zinging TDs up the yin yang. Nobody works harder than a pissed off quiet guy.

  14. Love to see Martz back in the league, his offenses are entertaining to watch. Cutler has a fast enough release, a strong enough arm and is mobile enough to be a good fit with Martz. Neither Warner or Kitna have ever been confused with accurate mobile QB’s like Rogers, Rivers and Cutler.
    Devin Aromashodu and Johnny Knox could have 20 TD’s between them next year.

  15. “Martz said he’d like to get the job but he also doesn’t want to intrude on Smith’s process of revamping his staff of assistants”
    Of course he doesn’t want to interfere, that’s why he announced his interest in the most public forum possible. He wouldn’t want anyone else to know and bring that up with Lovie would he ?
    What a douche.

  16. If half of these coaches could actually have the time to get their people in, time for their young players to learn the schemes, the the quality of play would be much better around the league. Instead, we get a fresh, new merry-go-round of selfish, idiotic players and burnt/ stressed out coaches each off-season.
    Most of you who leave comments on this site are fools… you repeatedly sound off as if a coach should be able to install an entire offensive/ defensive scheme within a day or 2, and win a championship their 1st year?
    I guess that’s what you get when most of the people on this site that leave comments are stupid ass high school kids who don’t know $hit about $hit… or fat laxy non-athletes who sit around eating yodels all day.

  17. # tacious says: January 5, 2010 5:53 PM
    See his quote above, I’m not repeating the entire rant.
    Josh McDaniels, you need another screen name, tacious doesn’t befit you.
    Now that the season is over Joshie has nothing to do but bust our balls.

  18. Under Martz the Rams had some of their most successful seasons ever running the ball. People who buy into the stereotype that Martz only wants to pass just don’t know football. A third of the teams in the league this year passed more than Martz ever did.
    I agree with previous posts: the problem with Martz in Chicago would be Cutler. Martz needs a QB who is smart, quick, eager to learn, and takes orders. Martz is already on record as saying that Cutler “just doesn’t get it.” Martz-Cutler could go as smoothly as Martz-Harrington in Detroit. If you remember that one — after meeting with Harrington a couple of times, Martz basically kicked him out the door.

  19. Martz was good under the big top in STL at home period. His offenses were impractical on every team though in away games, outside in any weather and he just never got it.
    He had 3 probowl level WRs to make it work in STL (again at home) and it never worked anywhere therafter. And he was too much of a fn retard to ever figure it all out.

  20. Ring ring ring…….hello Lovie, my old bud Lovie, remember when I scratched yer back? Well, forget those Cutler comments I made earlier on, I got a real bad itch I need scratched. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………Hello?

  21. Mike Martz is not really a classic Bears-type football guy. I’m not a Bears fan — but really hope they do not screw themselves by bringing this guy in.
    The Bears need to rebuild from the ground up. Martz would be a top down guy.
    That is NOT what they need.

  22. @ Brewster
    That’s pretty funny… however, I assure you, I’m not McDouche
    I’m just a Jets fan waiting for my hopes and dreams to be crushed again in a week or two.
    @ jimmySee
    Maybe the fact that Martz isn’t a “classic Bears-type football guy” makes him the right man for the job?
    Whether you like him or not, the Bears have a QB that possesses a huge arm. Why not bring in a OC geared to help him flourish? They go out and try to land a big time receiver in the off-season, then open that offense up? Sort of makes sense…

  23. Why can I picture Martz walking around the Soldier Field parking lost with one of those mini billboards strapped front and backside saying “I will work for a little bit of Lovie”…

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