Niners throw Al Everest off the cliff

Though the 49ers have finished with a non-losing record for the first time since 2002, at least one head is rolling.

According to Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, special teams coordinator Al Everest won’t be returning in 2010.

Everest joined the team in 2007, hired by former head coach Mike Nolan.  His three-year contract expired after the 2009 season.

As Maiocco explains, Everest freelanced on December 6, calling for a reverse on a punt return without the blessing of coach Mike Singletary.  The exchange resulted in a fumble, and the turnover contributed to a 20-17 loss to the Seahawks.

After the game, Everest explained that he had not properly communicated to Singletary the possibility that the maneuver would be used in a game.

23 responses to “Niners throw Al Everest off the cliff

  1. Finally! Andy Lee is great and I’m sure Al had something to do with that, but our return teams were a joke this year. Fumbles on returns arguably cost the Niners as little as 3 games, and as many as 6 depending on how you look at it (We fumbled in 3 games where we lost by one score, 6 games we lost in which the fumble arguably was the turning point).

  2. That is a positive step for the Niners. Now if they can just push Jimmy Raye off the same cliff they may actually have a shot at making the playoffs next season!!!

  3. No sympathy here. You don’t go making a risky play at a key time like that – putting the entire teams’s effort at risk – without even running it past the HC.
    Dude screwed himself.

  4. I would say calling a boneheaded special teams play, without the head coaches knowledge would get you fired all right.
    Then again, the Steelers gave up 4 TD returns on special teams, and both their ST coaches still have jobs too as of today.

  5. Haha. Everest. Off the cliff. I get it.
    Wish it hadn’t taken me two trips to the site….

  6. Who cares, the 49ers are a dead franchise anyway. One of the few completely rudderless organizations in the NFL. Can’t even get close to making the playoffs in the weakest division in the NFL. Singletary will be long fired and forgotten before they have a new stadium.

  7. I Love The Header….
    Freaking brilliant.
    Mr. Florio you should take a side job with The New York Post.

  8. Bobby April would do the same thing to Singletary although Singletary would jack him up. Singletary wouldn’t be a fan of April’s consistent cry for special teams players, but it seems like a likely landing spot if April doesn’t join one of the new coaches.

  9. Not sad to here this news, our ST can be much better and that stupid reverse play in SEA was just idiotic. ST is one area that we need to focus on in the offseason, we need more than someone who just waves punts off or calls for fair catches. Morgan was okay as a returner but I would rather save all his energy for offensive snaps.

  10. Would any sane person consider doing anything behind Singletary’s back that may make him angry?

  11. They were last in the NFL in returning punts & 23rd returning kickoffs…that may have had something to do with the firing.

  12. We all know Florio has a penchant for drama. Everest wasn’t fired, his contract just wasn’t renewed. Considering that, I’d say “thrown off a cliff” is a bit harsh. How about “he wasn’t invited along to continue up to the summit”? (49ers will get there again eventually. Hopefully within my lifetime.)

  13. You can’t blame Coach Singletary for making this decision. He’s the coach and he deserves to know what’s happening with his team at all times. This firing makes a statement, that “Coach Mike is now in charge”. He’s making fast progress in bringing the 49ers level of play up a few notches. Other coaches, particularly the ones’ in the NFC West, will need to study films very closely if they want to keep up in the future. Singletary has given the old 49ers a new heart for winning with enthusiasm.

  14. Arizona Cardinals
    49ers!! HA! They’re a joke! 8-8!
    cry all you want about beating us twice….WHILE YOU WATCH THE PLAYOFFS FROM HOME!
    We’re in….You’re Out….AGAIN!
    The team will implode every year the way Singletary runs them. He pushes them way too hard in training camp and OTA’s and they burn out. I’ve seen this with many coaches. They run the team at full speed and do two a day’s for most of training camp. The teams always come out strong then fade. He’ll do it again and the same thing will happen next year.

  15. AZ Red Bird, how many SB titles does your team have? Cause we invented “one for the thumb” in SF. Until you get one, I would STFU. Hope you guys win it this year (I do) cause its gonna be real hard to win with Leinart next season.

  16. Hey VOXVERITAS when was the last time the cowgirls won a playoff game? 94? Who won the SB that year??…. Oh yeah the niners…STFU

  17. Lol,
    Just found this thread and lmao. don’t know if anyone will ever see this post, but here goes…
    Marklar – ‘One for the thumb’ invented by the niners? Umm, try again. Pittsburgh won 4 SB’s before the niners won one!
    AZ Red Bird – you posted on 1/6/10, but even back then you should have realized that there was no way you were getting back to the big dance. And now that Warner retired, your January weekends just got freed up.
    Time will tell if you guys (Niners) gave up a gem or a goat, but he can’t be any worse that what we (Steelers) had in a ST coach.

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