Cribbs doesn't think he's on Holmgren's "To do" list

Mike Holmgren is rather busy this Tuesday. 

He wasn’t too busy, however, to speak with Josh Cribbs’ agent about a new contract.  And Cribbs doesn’t like what he heard.

Agent J.R. Rickert told FOX’s Alex Marvez that Cribbs was offered a “take-it-or-leave-it” multiyear extension that averaged only $1.4 million per season, with potential to reach $2 million.

Holmgren spoke about Cribbs Tuesday: “I believe players should be rewarded for what they do.”

Holmgren also pointed out that Cribbs has three years left on his existing contract, which makes a new deal almost unprecedented.

Cribbs is a passionate player, so it’s not surprising to see that he was emotional on Twitter Wednesday in response to the offers.

“Thanks everyone, I love playing for the browns & put my all in to it, but it doesn’t look good 4me at this point on returning,” Cribbs wrote. “I don’t believe I made the to do list for the team in 2010.”

2010 is only six days old, so there is no motivation for Holmgren to rush into a deal. Heck, he doesn’t even have a G.M. or coach yet. (Well, he has a coach.  But not his coach.)

No matter what happens in January between the two sides, there is plenty of time left before training camp to pay the man.

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47 responses to “Cribbs doesn't think he's on Holmgren's "To do" list

  1. The Browns organization is going to look (even more) awful if they can’t keep the one true playmaker the team has happy. He’s come as close to singlehandedly winning some games this year as any player can in this league.

  2. Honor the contact you signed Josh, I think you are a great player but if I SIGNED a deal I guess I would be obligated to HONOR the contract.
    I am sick and tired of being held hostage by players that think they are bigger then the team, no one forced you to sign the deal you did.
    That is why you hire an agent, I understand that you changed agents and I don’t blame you but again I say you have 3 more years left, if you don’t want to play here sit on the bench and in 3 years when you are forgotten no one will care.

  3. What a fool Mike Holmgren is.
    “I believe players should be rewarded for what they do.”
    What the hell is wrong with this idiot? If he hasn’t noticed or heard Josh Cribbs is the only one who has performed, and performed well. I hope Josh Cribbs leaves, he is too talented and classy to be in a shithole like Cleveland with a horrid staff. Only things great from Cleveland are their fans and Josh Cribbs.

  4. He can’t really expect a team with a 2 day old president, no GM and so much uncertainty to drop everything else to sort his contract out (which still has a few years to run).
    His agents don’t seem very professional on this one – leaking e-mails from the browns to the plain dealer.
    He will get paid, but it mightn’t happen for a little while

  5. I think Holmgren should pay the man, but seems like tweeting about your contract negotiations is not a wise move. What happened to the good ol’ days when agents and GMs played hardball behind closed doors and no one heard from players until they decided to sit out?

  6. I’m a long time Browns fan and season ticket holder. I’m tired of Josh Cribbs and this contract deal. We were 5 – 11 with him on the team. He should be mad at his agent for cutting such a stupid deal in the beginning. If Josh had been paid 5M a year and sucked would he have given money back? We’re doing a lot of cutting ties and moving on so maybe Josh needs to go.

  7. the fact you refer to 1.4 million as “only” is a bad he isn’t getting what he wants but if he doesn’t like it go get a real job!let him whine all he wants but stop talking about it already!

  8. “The fact that Roscoe Parrish and Andre Davis make more than him is a joke.”
    THAT, is an outrage!!!

  9. No team will tear up a contract with 3 years left on it. Cribbs should just make money good old aAmerican way. SUE his agent.

  10. Holmgren should call his bluff and let him hold out. He’s only 26… but he has to know that his career (like all NFL careers) is going to be short. Holding out even a year at the prime of his athletic ability is a year he cannot ever get back playing football.
    Besides, he sided a contract. If he feels like he is underpaid, then he has every right to hold out; he isn’t required to play for what he feels is a salary that is too low. But in the end, he is going to suffer a lot more than the Browns will.

  11. Randy Lerner is probably thinking of firing Mike Holmgren… it has been 48 hours since he’s been on the job.
    I think Lerner is still paying Phil Savage, Romeo Crennel, Butch Davis, Chris Palmer, Dwight Clark and Carmen Policy… he might as well throw a few million to Cribbs. At least Cribbs produces results.

  12. It’s Holmgren’s 2nd day for chrissakes! And seeing how Cribbs is under contract for, at least, 4 more years I don’t think “The Big Show” is sweatin’ this one. Stay classy Josh.

  13. Relax people,
    This will play out fine. Josh is getting antsy and rightfully so….but it’ll get figured out in the end.

  14. He still is what he was before the season started- a great special teamer who is only good on offense as a gimmick. He has no leverage. I’d almost rather have his roster spot taken by someone who could return kicks and be a legitimate offensive player. If his agents didn’t go public so often , perhaps a new deal would already be in place.

  15. why pay him? is he disrupting a championship run here? The man freely entered into a 6 year contract extension in November of 2006 after putting up good return numbers in 2005 and 2006. What has changed? He’s still putting up good special teams numbers but isn’t doing much more than that. Hold out in 2010, 2011 there will be a lockout and 2012 he’ll be a 29 year old forgotten man that falls off faster than Dante Hall

  16. The Browns have minimum of 11 draft choices. Before they renew Cribbs contract , they want to see what money they have left after the draft,

  17. “If he feels like he is underpaid, then he has every right to hold out; he isn’t required to play for what he feels is a salary that is too low. ”
    No, he does not have a “right” to hold out. I guarantee you that nowhere in that contract he signed does it say “if you feel your performance under this contract results in you being underpaid, you may hold out and not attend OTAs, training camp or games.”.
    Yes players hold out, but it is neither a right or ethical to do so. The team has every right to withhold payments if he does hold out, that’s the only right regarding holdouts under these contracts.

  18. I would think Mike Holmgren has a few more important things to resolve before he considers Cribbs’ contract. Given that this kid is still under contract and can’t go anywhere, he’d be LOW PRIORITY in the scheme of things.

  19. I know Cribbs is putting up spectacular numbers on kick returns but what makes him think he is more than $2 million? I mean, seriously. He is a kick returner. That’s it. As a WR, he only has two career touchdowns.
    He just needs to sign the deal and shut his trap. He isn’t that special.

  20. If anyone is stupid enough to think Cribbs doesn’t deserve more money or that the Browns are better off letting him sit on the bench than paying him or trading him than they truly don’t understand football. Cribbs is their best player by far. He is also having career numbers in the kick return field. Either pay him a contract similar to Sproles or Hester or other players with similar duties. Or trade him away. I bet you could even get a package with a 1st round pick in it. or a good chunk of other draft picks.

  21. @ johnnydom – I used to feel the same way, but you have to think about it. This guy was a undrafted college free agent, that had to try and compete against 30 other guys, to even make it to training camp, then he had to compete against 72 other guys to make it to the 53 man roster!
    This guy took the road less traveled and look at what he has done since he has been in the league!?
    He deserves it, whoever this chick that does the number crunching is a mangini chick, that is a hard nose capologists and right now she is trying to save her job and I don’t like the direction this is going.
    Cleveland is not high on free agents players list, this is bad PR, the guy earned his keep this season, stayed healthy and this is how the Browns repay him!? Plus he is not asking for Devin Hester money!? YOu know and I know, he is a way better player than Hester – in his sleep!
    Bad move for the organization! That ego B.S. is all B.S. – thats to show who is running the show!

  22. Yea, second day on the job and no general manager, lets drop everything to renegotiate a deal for someone who still has three years on his contract.
    Just like the Rolling Stones say …”You can’t always get what you want and if you try sometime you find you get what you need.”

  23. I’m all in favor of him exercising every bit of leverage he has and holding out. Refuse to play, Josh!
    Go use that college degree and join the work force and scrape by like the rest of us working stiffs.
    Maybe then you’ll appreciate what you’ve got.

  24. I’ve gone back and forth on this one, but the guy does have 3 years left on his contract. If he under performs, or does something stupid off the field, i.e. Kellen Winslow or any number of other players have done, will he renegotiate it down?
    Its not good business to just go renegotiating contracts to every guy who wants one. I don’t see Big Tuna doing anything this year. Maybe even trading him for a first rounder if he can get it.

  25. Re:Johnnydom
    While I agree players should not bitch about their contracts and honor them, I agree in basketball, baseball, hockey and any other sport that offers GUARANTEED contracts. The NFL however, does not resulting in a team being able to cut a player without fulfilling the contract themselves. That being the case and the length of some NFL careers being factored in leads me to think the players should absolutely be able to hold out. As a DIE HARD football fan I want my guy on the field, but am not upset with him for seeking a better contract. Unfortunately it’s more business then anything these days. If owners are cashing out then the players who are carrying the teams and providing the actual entertainment should cash out as well.
    Get your money Josh! (While getting it reallize you are still an average NFL reciever at best and a great special teams player… Probably not going to get yourself allpro money only being great on special teams though)

  26. Cribbs is great but umm he has a contract. If he doesnt like the contract he signed then he shouldnt have signed it.

  27. Us working stiffs don’t understand that the nfl is a large corporation/entertainment business,so we can’tcompare him to us we work for 10 bucks a hour might earn our boss a few pennies on the dollar.Cribbs is one of the reasons Cleveland fans show up to the ball games he makes millions,for his boss THATS THE DIFFERENCE 1.4 IS A INSULT DEMAND A TRADE I WOULD

  28. Josh Cribbs is more than a special teams player,he plays alot of positions and the only one he struggles at is wide reciever but hes effective at running backs and on all the special teams,he is a great football player hes a throwback to the leather helmet days

  29. I love Josh Cribbs, I think he should get a healthy new contract, and I think he’s the best special teams player in the NFL and one of the best big-play threats the game has ever seen.
    But no one ever confused Josh with a Rhodes scholar. He’s a little immature, a little melodramatic……
    Last year he said he wouldn’t play the 2009 season without a new contract, only to do just the opposite.
    Josh – relax…… You’ll get your money…….. but you’re definitely NOT the # 1 priority of the organization, nor should you be. PROBABLY BECAUSE YOU ARE STILL UNDER CONTRACT!

  30. Watched him miked up on tv. Guy really is a passionate player,can see why he is so good. Things don’t work there Josh,come on over to MN.We can find a place for talent like yours.

  31. 6 year contract extension? fire the agent.
    holmgren will wait at least another year before renegotiating.
    by the end of the contract, cribbs will be useless to the browns.
    faster shiftier guys will abound by then.

  32. To all you shmucks asking Cribbs to come to your team, this Browns fan says:
    Fork over your first and third round picks and you have a deal!
    Cribbs is awesome. He’s probably my favorite player, in fact. But it’s just bad business to give a guy a huge contract when you already have him signed cheaply for the next 3 years. The fact is, after these three years he probably won’t have near the impact on the game as he does now at age 30. The Browns have offered him a salary increase of 220%! And that’s if he meets none of the incentives.
    Browns are saying, “Josh, we have all the leverage here. We’re willing to reward you for your past performance by giving you a 220% raise, regardless of how you perform in the future. If you do well in the future, there is an extra several million dollars in it for you.”
    I’m sure the Browns are willing to raise their offer a bit, perhaps to $2 million, as of course their first offer isn’t going to be there best (regardless of the reports saying this is a ‘take-it-or-leave-it offer). There really isn’t a chance of this not getting done, because as some of you have pointed out, his other choice is sitting out and making NO money….
    …unless one of the other teams out there want to give us a 1st and 3rd rouner that is!

  33. I love how the Cleveland media is spinning the story by saying Cribbs is cleaning out his locker, like it is some unprecedented occurance that nobody else on the team is doing at this time of year.

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