Martz responds to comments by Armey

Former Rams general manager Charlie Armey thinks Mike Martz would be a lousy offensive coordinator for the Bears, and he isn’t shy about saying it.

Speaking to Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times, Martz responded to Armey’s comments.

“Working with him, he never expressed that,” Martz said.  “I thought things were
really good, but I guess that’s why things ended up the way it did. If he felt that way, he never
expressed that. He was very amiable. He was very complimentary.”

We admire Martz for taking the high road, but his final days in St. Louis were the opposite of amaible.  They were dysfunctional with lots of in-fighting reported.

Martz seemingly has so much to offer the NFL, especially quarterbacks.  He has to overcome the perception that he’s difficult to work with, and Armey’s comments won’t make that any easier.

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  1. Martz was coming around in San Fran and respecting Singletary. They just didn’t have the horses to run his offense. Martz needs to hedge his bets and stop talking about head coaching jobs, and focus on being an offensive coordinator. If a team thinks they can have some continuity with him as coordinator, they’d be more willing to give him a chance. Fact is outside of the uFL or CFL, he’s not going to be a head coach anytime soon

  2. Martz is a paranoid power grabber. Kyle Turley broke it down pretty well about Martz in St. Louis. He confirmed Martz ran Warner out of town because he was paranoid Kurt was undermining his authority. Nobody runs a SB winning QB (not to mention the numbers he put up and the awards he won along the way) out of town as fast as the Rams did. And keep in mind Turley was a Bulger supporter during Warner’s final days. Martz is a wackjob.

  3. Martz went to a super bowl with dick vermeils team. He lost. Then got fired. Then went to Detroit and San Fran and got fired again. This guy seems completely overrated.

  4. How much credibility does Charlie Armey have around the leauge, and what does he gain by going public against Martz like this even if it’s all true what he says?

  5. Seems that if Martz was to get the Bears job, he would already have it. If Lovie liked or respected him enough, he’d be in Chicago already.
    Of course, Lovie seems to only want people around him who are either his bud, or so grateful for a promotion from their former role, that they’ll keep their mouths shut. And we know how well that’s worked out the last few years.
    They claim they made all these big moves, but all of Lovie’s guys just happened to survive. They even fired two guys who are the equivalent of graduate assistants. What a sham.

  6. as a packer fan, i would prefer the bears chose someone who is certain to fail. charlie weis – please report to chicago immediately…

  7. This is off-topic, but PFT hasn’t covered spit-gate yet.
    An Eagles reporter spat on the Cowboys star twice before the game in which the Cowboys won 24-0.

  8. Charles Armey did a nice job drafting for the Rams when he actually had a say. The Lions at one point were rumored to be willing to give up a first round pick to get him before the Commish put the kabash on traindg picks for execs. So was the rumor around the water cooler as the crow flies.

  9. “# slothism says: January 6, 2010 11:14 PM
    as a packer fan, i would prefer the bears chose someone who is certain to fail. charlie weis – please report to chicago immediately..”
    While I can’t stand ND, you can’t argue with the job Weis did with the Pats. Sure he had Brady, but he had Brady when he was first starting out, not the Brady McDaniels inherited. I would have gladly taken Weis, but know deep in my hear that they’ll grab Bates. Lovie doesn’t want anyone who will provide an opinion contrary to his own. As a Bears fan, I hope they go 0-16 next year. I don’t want any reasons to keep the Lovie and Jerry show around, and perhaps this would force the McCaskey’s hand to have actual successful football people running the show. Throw Ted Phillips under the bus too for giving that bs press conference yesterday too.

  10. martz is one cool dude with me. he loves QBs and allows them to do what every QB loves to do… pass pass and more passing. i think it would be a good fit in chi-town. they need to get a #1 & #2 receiver tho. all they have right now are #3s & 4s at that position. cutty needs help big time in that area. folks that know how to get open and who will go all out for cutty. a lot of cutty’s ints were due to bad receiver play. i do agree that he sometimes try to do too much and gets in trouble. but what QBs don’t do that???

  11. Martz has a lot to offer a QB? He gets way too much credit for figuring out that Marshall Faulk was a great RB and can catch, plus you have two great receivers in Bruce and Holt. Genius summarized. He could not figure out to throw to Vernon Davis who led the NFL in TD catches this year, instead making him a blocker. I pray he is not the Bears new OC.

  12. In St. Louis 90% of the problem was the combined dysfunction of Jay Zygmunt and Charlie Armey. Martz is an odd egg but he always had the respect of his players, except whackjob Turley, and he’s motivated by nothing else than winning. Read the comments Warner made this week regarding Martz’s role in his career. Listen to Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, Lovie Smith, you know, respectable type people.
    Martz took the high road when he was sidelined in St. Louis with a dangerous heart valve infection, even though Zygmunt froze him out of any involvement, and then coldly, fired him while he was down. Nice job, Zygmunt (Armey’s boss at the time, by the way).
    Yeah yeah, of course Martz didn’t do it all on his own. Marshall Faulk and Torry Holt arrived in St. Louis in ’99. But to take what had been a really poor losing team suddenly to the Superbowl twice, and then have them become the losingest team again once he was fired, tells you about his talent as a coach.

  13. Isn’t Kyle Turley calling Mike Martz paranoid like Mike Florio calling Brett Favre a prima donna??

  14. umm…..Your point about Martz is taken, but Vernon Davis tied Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald for receiving TDs.

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