Ray Lewis thinks Tom Brady injuries are a "set-up"

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will play against the Baltimore Ravens this weekend with injuries to his ribs and finger.

Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis doesn’t feel much sympathy.

Lewis said on a call with reporters today that he thinks all the talk of Brady’s injuries is just setting Brady up to have a heroic performance in which he’ll be praised for playing at less than 100 percent. And Lewis would prefer not to hear anything about Brady’s heroism.

“I think sometimes, that’s the biggest set-up ever,” Lewis said. “Look at all the great ones, man. All the great ones, man, every time you say they’re hurt, they come out and have their best games. So, forget all that! Who’s hurt and who’s not. If you have your uniform on, we understand that you’re playing full throttle. You’re playing just like who you are.”

According to Ian R. Rapoport of the Boston Herald, Lewis used a high, shrill voice while mocking the idea that anyone should think Brady’s injuries are affecting him.

“Oh Tom has this! Let’s try and do this, let’s try and do that,” Lewis said. “As soon as you try to do that, it leaves people man-on-man, then he hurts you. . . . Then he’s [celebrated] because he’s done it with three broke ribs and a finger.”

In Lewis’s view, if Brady is on the field, that means the Ravens are playing against Tom Brady at 100 percent.

“Bottom line, is if he suits up, he’s ready to play,” Lewis said. “Let’s play.”

69 responses to “Ray Lewis thinks Tom Brady injuries are a "set-up"

  1. If anyone in Boston is upset about this quote, too bad. This is Lewis showing him respect that Brady will be at his best.
    I can’t blame Lewis, because the Ravens have been dealing with this issue and Roethlisberger for years.

  2. Bill Belichick in response to the injury claims: “I will put my name that, like he usually is [Charley Casserly], he is 100 percent wrong.”
    So…the man himself is saying that there are no broken ribs.

  3. The Ravens need to hit Randy as hard as possible within the Pat’s first couple of plays and not necessarily try to injure him, but take him out of the game and if he gets hurt so be it. Ed Reed should then be able to feast as Touchdown Tommy looks for Ben Watson and Running Back Du Jour!

  4. Hmmmm… I agree… Brady is a big vag… But at the same time WTF is with the ratbirds this year?? It seems like they are all paranoid…. Suggs, Lewis c’mon… The walls ain’t closin in dick! They aren’t coming to get you! Shut up!

  5. So Steve McNair plays with some bruises and he’s a hero in O.J. Version 2.0’s eyes but Brady plays with broken ribs and a broken finger and Brady’s being propped up by the media?
    I just hope Brady’s middle finger works just fine …

  6. Hey, I’m all for going after Brady full-throttle. But the Ravens need to generate a better pass rush this week to get that done.

  7. Oh geeze, somebody take the crack pipe away from Ray Ray. Brady’s already said the injuries are old and nothing significant at this point.

  8. I hope that the Pats kill the Ravens by a huge, and ridiculous margin of victory. I’m talking like 60-10 or something absurd like that. This way Ray “whines like a bitch in heat” Lewis has no excuses after the game. His silence alone would be worth the entire 2009 season.

  9. Speak the truth Ray Ray.
    Same as the Steve Mcnair was a warrior BS. He was fragile. Way to call a spade a spade Ray.

  10. I agree with him on the point that who cares about his injuries, but if you’re not playing with some kind of injury this time of year you’re damn lucky.

  11. I hat to say it, but Ray’s right.
    I don;t buy any of Brady’s injuries either. ESPN and co. look for any excuse to cannonize Brady.
    Seriously, if the guy’s able to play, he’s able to play. What’s the big deal if he is nursing some injuries. Everyone is at this time of the season.

  12. The reporter(s) asked Ray about the injuries and basically based on this quote said he’s playing as like Brady’s 100%..what’s the big controversy here?

  13. So, one of the NFL’s two leading authorities on murder and mayhem questions the Patriots ethics?
    He and Leonard Little should get together to discuss this outrage.

  14. Not buying them?? Who’s selling them?? Mike Florio? Ray Lewis?
    You havn’t seen Brady complain about the injuries. Quite the contrary.
    Every player in the NFL has injuries this time of year. Brady has a broken finger and 3 broken ribs. He has had them for 3/4 of the season. He has been wearing a flack jacket since week 8.
    Belicheck wouldn’t elaborate on an injury if you had a gun to his head. The only reason this is news is because idiots like Ray Ray whine about it….and morons like Florio run for the nearest pen and pad.
    Say what you want about the injuries, but nobody is whining about them in the Pat’s camp.

  15. Sounds like Ray “Stabby” Lewis is already making excuses about why the Ravens will be slaughtered by the Pats…

  16. Who cares. Brady admitted he has been playing with both issues for a while. Doesn’t seem to have affected him. The Ravens better show up to play. That fat marshmallow Suggs needs to hit Brady in those ribs and find out if they really are broken. Once he has him down, he can look under Brady’s skirt and see if he has a set.

  17. funny that the biggest talkers are the biggest whiners. have some class ray ray and shut up and play.

  18. @TomBradysbaby
    Whining??? He was saying if you don’t play your best game against Tom Brady he’ll beat you.
    Learn to read retard.

  19. I agree with Ray…but there are a ton of whiners in this league that play QB. Favre has had hangnails and whatnot, then the media gets all wet talking about how tough he is when he plays well. Roethle-somethin’ is the same way…. McNair’s injuries were tiresome to read and hear about every time he stepped on the field. WHAT A WARRIOR! Pffffftt…enough already.
    Brady never calls attention to his injuries and when question directly, he always defers the comment saying everyone on the team is banged up at this point in the season. I dare anyone to find quotes from him that indicate otherwise. I doubt any of us would even get out of bed if we were dealing with the injuries that Brady has been dealing with…or that other football players deal with. But, Brady’s a lot tougher than most people think…

  20. Weeks and weeks ago, there was a report out of Pats country that Brady had a couple of “cracked” ribs, not broken, and nothing since then, and then suddenly there’s a report that he has broken ribs. If it was a case of 2+2= 4, that would be pretty debilitating. NOBODY on ANY TEAM’S medical staff would let a player play with 3 or more broken ribs, no matter how they were braced up. It affects your breathing, and if something goes wrong, a lung could get punctured.
    I believe the recent report is just an amped up version of the same pair of cracked ribs from several weeks ago, plus a finger.
    Ray, if Tom needs another finger, you should be kind enough to give it to him …

  21. Ray can be hypocritical but I think hes right on this one. If Brady had these injuries for weeks; why disclose them now the week prior to wildcard weekend?

  22. I am not sure where I see Ray Ray whining. Idiot fans are as bad as the media. Invent stuff out of quotes that aren’t there.
    Let it play out on the field, and then talk your garbage. If your fat mouths could win a football game, than Robert Kraft would be paying you.

  23. i love that the ravens are one of the biggest trash talkers in the league and continually win nothing. Good job Ray, keep talking and keep choking.

  24. Ray “Stabby” Lewis…Good God that made me laugh out loud. Bravo!
    Ray is probably right. Every team puts out misinformation, just look at the month before the draft every year. Please don’t think this is something Belichick only does.

  25. and Ray knows when people are faking injuries…I doubt those 2 kids he killed in the ATL were faking either…Ray- enjoy hell

  26. What’s funny is that everyone thinks the Pats are so much better than the Ravens, but if you look at the last two times we played them, we nearly won, and should have if not for the Ravens killing the Ravens. Ray Rice freakin owned your crappy defense in Coxburrow and Brady is playing with three broken ribs? That is never good against a defense like Baltimore, he may get taken out early, i have watched the Ravens for a long time and this is what they do, like it or not, but it is quite fun to watch! If Baltimore runs the ball this week, the Pats are the team that is gonna get slaughtered, trickbunny. Basically, the Ravens are too physical for the Patriots…. and man ya gotta love suga ray hahahahahaha

  27. Good point about QB’s. But Brady didn’t say or do anything. He left it alone and said it’s been a season long thing and it’sno big deal. Ray Lewis might just want to take it easy. Oh wait. He’ll have plenty of time to take it easy in about 4 days.

  28. BrownsTown,
    A lot of people like to associate themselves with their team by using words like “we,” “our,” “us,” etc. in their posts.
    I could understand why that might confuse you, being that Browns fans would much rather distance themselves from their local organization than associate themselves with it.
    –Browns Fan Post Ex.–
    Damn, the Browns couldn’t play “their” way into a toilet bowl, much less the Super Bowl! “They” suck!!! Oh wait, clearly “they” CAN play “themselves” into a toilet bowl, cuz that is where “they” currently reside! Yea!

  29. Does three “broke” ribs mean that they have spent all of their money. And is the finger “broke” also.

  30. I think that Ray Lewis should be happy he isn’t in prison where he belongs. He is a murderer and that isn’t set-up. Ask the families of the dead guys their thoughts.

  31. While I hate to agree with a murdering bastard, he is 100% correct – except for his misuse of the English language.
    I’ve seen this over and over again over the years – a guy lays on the field like he is dead, goes out for a play then makes a “heroic” return and all the media go crazy about it.
    When I see that crap I just think of what Dick Butkis once said “I’d have to be dead to not come off the field under my own power. I’d be embarrassed to required assistance.”

  32. How unusual for Ray Lewis to draw attention to himself. Even if he’s talking about someone else.

  33. The weird part is that the Pats have denied he has any injuries. Only people, dislike and outside the organization have said he was injured.
    The Pats are so powerful that they get their enemies to do their bidding.
    Oh, and Lewis is an overrated middle linebacker and an underrated double murderer.

  34. Well, if Ray-Ray doesn’t want to hear about any Brady heroics, it might help if Baltimore wins.
    But that ain’t happening.

  35. The “set up” could be to put the injury thoughts in the minds of the trigger-happy refs. Just sayin’.

  36. Good god, does this goof ever shut up? Time to retire grandpa, maybe a 40 burger on you will do it this time? Most overated linebacker because of his mouth. Take your geritol and viagara and call it a career! Has the Pats ever lost to them since Brady took over?

  37. All the punks sitting behind your computers clowning Ray (or any player you dont like for that matter) need to either address them in person or shut the hell up, damn im sick of you guys actin like these guys aint normal people like me and you, also the murder jokes are about a decade too old & not funny–& no im not a raven fan, but a Miami Hurricane yes indeed–now go ahead & bash me, i wont be back on since you know, I have a life

  38. “Bottom line: Brady is just a man, bottom line. And the bottom-line is if you’re a man, bottom line, we’re going to treat you like a man. Bottom line!”
    — Ray

  39. Ray Ray knows all about setup is that not what happened with him and the murder charges?
    Someone will get killed this weekend but it will be the Ravens when Tom and his arm go to work
    All this playoff hype about this one and that one while no one remembers two very very important facts
    1 Tom Brady
    2 Payton Manning

  40. Ray Lewis needs to STFU and just play football.
    For once in his life.
    By the way, kind of moronic of him to say “If you have your uniform on, we understand that you’re playing full throttle.
    if Brady is on the field, that means the Ravens are playing against Tom Brady at 100 percent.”
    Would anyone expect them to EVER play at less than that?
    dowens11 says:
    The Ravens need to hit Randy as hard as possible within the Pat’s first couple of plays and not necessarily try to injure him, but take him out of the game and if he gets hurt so be it.
    So you don’t want him to be intentionally hurt, but if they intentionally hurt him it’s okay? Talk out of both sides of your mouth much, douchebag?
    I can’t believe ANY fan would ever SERIOUSLY wish an injury on an opponent. If you can’t beat him straight up, you can’t beat him. Why would you want to beat a weakened opponent, what’s the accomplishment in that? Not to mention it’s a pretty crappy thing to wish on the man himself.

  41. January 6, 2010 4:29 PM
    Ray can be hypocritical but I think hes right on this one. If Brady had these injuries for weeks; why disclose them now the week prior to wildcard weekend?
    Brady has been on the pats inj rep for
    the last 6 wks with bruised ribs and finger.
    So they didn’t “just disclose them now”

  42. To all the garbage-spewing rednecks who, ten years later, still jump at any chance to label Lewis a murderer…and I know I am wasting my breathe here…you should read the account of Lewis in SI.
    It’s a long story, so I’m sure the haters won’t bother. They want to believe whatever they are going to believe.
    But if you take the time you’ll learn that not all of the Atlanta victim’s family members hate Lewis. And in fact, you’ll learn that Cindy Lollar-Owens, who raised Richard Lollar, steadfastly believes Lewis was set up. She was once the loudest voice against the man, but finally admitted that all-along in her heart she knew he didn’t do it.
    Again, I don’t expect this to change the mind of one hater. Someone, in fact, will jump in and claim any words of support for Lewis were because he paid everyone off.
    For those who aren’t close-minded, however, read the story.
    You may not agree with Lewis’ style and antics — I often don’t — but for those quick to scream bloody murder, just just shut up, you are talking out your asses. As usual.

  43. I laughed my ass off reading what Ray Lew said. Then, when I was through laughing, I decided that Ray Lew was/is 100 percent right. That is just the thing that Belidick and Brady would concoct to put all the media attention on them and brighten the glow around Brady’s halo.
    Brady is a doosh, he isn’t hurt, he will play and play just fine. I just hope that the Ravens kick their ass so we can get the New England media whores out of the playoffs. This coming from a Green Bay fan by the way, not a Baltimore homer.
    Note to New England(Patriots and fans): The Patriots haven’t won a Superbowl since 2004, they are nothing but a decent team with aging players now, they will NOT win the Superbowl this year(not even come close), and EVERYONE…Patriot fan, media idiot, ESPN analyst, and CBS needs to get off their knees and wipe the white stuff off their face and quit worshiping the Patriots. There time has come and gone and they are not a dynasty anymore.

  44. So the Patriots get slammed for being vague on the injury report then get slammed for being specific on it. SHut up Ray Gay and play the game. Your act is old and boring. How do you like all the millions you thought you were gonna get as a free agent this year. Must suck knowing only the Ravens wanted to pay you.

  45. agree with ray.brady is a huge vag as is the entire team and coaching staff. anything they can do to squeak out a competitive advantage that doesnt involve directly playing the game the pats are masters of.

  46. Dick Winniberg says:
    January 6, 2010 4:48 PM
    “What’s funny is that everyone thinks the Pats are so much better than the Ravens, but if you look at the last two times we played them, we nearly won,…”
    “we nearly won…”
    Is that a new success measurement? You have a Win (W), a Loss (L) and a Nearly Won (NW)?
    If an NFL team won a game by only a small margin (FG or less) would that be a “Nearly Loss” (NL)?

  47. Damnit, some of the comments on here are retarded…
    Lewis didn’t say that Tom Brady is playing up his injuries, he said that the media is playing them up so it can be a big story if he plays well! How hard is that for some people to understand?
    It’s hard not to agree with Lewis in this situation. Even Brady said it’s old news, but you’ll still hear all about it all game.
    Be prepared to hear it mentioned a million times…
    Incomplete pass – “Boy, he’s just a bit off today, with those ribs and all…”
    Complete pass/Touchdown – “What a warrior! Amazing with the injuries he’s having to play through!”
    All Lewis wants people to realize is that if he comes out and plays well, don’t be so surprised, because these injuries aren’t actually real. No one is 100% this time of year anyway.

  48. @marinofreakout says:
    January 6, 2010 6:37 PM
    agree with ray.brady is a huge vag as is the entire team and coaching staff. anything they can do to squeak out a competitive advantage that doesnt involve directly playing the game the pats are masters of.
    Spoken like a true whining, 3rd place in the division DolFan douchebag.

  49. Ray is 100% right… thats why you have to be a real man like Rivers and keep the injury on the downlow until AFTER there are no more games to be played.
    The NFL loves it’s butt buddy so he wins either way…. if the Pats lose… it’s because their hero played with 3 broken ribs and a broken finger (on his throwing hand im guessing). If they win, he’s the “toughest” nancy of all time.
    I wonder how many retired QB’s are scoffing at the media calling Brady “Tough”

  50. The only thing wrong with Tom Brady’s finger is when he points to the ground flags don’t automatically start flying like they did before the Refs were exposed for letting him call his own penalties.

  51. As much as I hate Rivers SDBoltz is absolutely correct. That is about the only thing I like about Rivers. Never once heard about his injuries until the season was over.

  52. No wonder why blowhard politicians get elected. Some of you twits can’t read what is right out there and you believe what you want to believe.
    Brady never whines about his injuries, ever. Find one article where he complains he has a boo boo. Ray Lewis isn’t even saying he complains, but that the media is propping him up. But you ladies are so gobbled up in gossip you can’t get the full story.
    And who said Rivers’ injuries are never know until after the season? It’s all we heard about two years ago when the Bolts rolled into town to play the AFC Championship.
    And you have Nickelman whose a Pack fan talking about media whores…your ex QB was and is the biggest of them all and you know this, man.

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