Redskins roundup: Campbell expected to stay

There are so many stories percolating in Washington right now, we thought we’d put them all in one tidy post.  Here goes.

  • Mike Shanahan wants a new quarterback, but that doesn’t mean the end of Jason Campbell as a Redskin. Campbell is likely to be a restricted free agent, and Shanahan is expected to to bring Campbell back for one more season to pair with a rookie. It’s for a low cost, so why not?
  • Shanahan will meet with the press at 2PM ET. We’ll have it covered here on PFT.
  • Jerry Gray has told people he’s optimistic about sticking, and getting an upgrade to defensive coordinator.  Mike Zimmer and Jim Haslett have been floated as possibilities. If Gray gets the job, it will raise more questions about his “pre-interview” for the head coaching job.

28 responses to “Redskins roundup: Campbell expected to stay

  1. they just might find out that campbell is worth keeping. one thing that’s for sure he can pick up NEW offenses in short periods of time, since he has had a diiferent offense in all but one of his pro years.

  2. All NFC East opponents have just breathed a collective sigh of relief. Thank you… thank you… you shouldn’t have.

  3. I’m all for bringing Campbell back, just not as a football player. Can’t he sell peanuts or something?

  4. Trade Chris Cooley for a 2nd rounder and get a lineman. Freddy Davis is the new TE in town.
    CC is damaged goods

  5. no, please, not campbell for another year. guess i will have to re-box my Skins stuff, i just dusted off.

  6. Shanahan could start off better by addressing other needs instead of bringing in another QB (offensive line, secondary, or um, say running back).
    Don’t understand the knock on Campbell – let this guy play in a stable system behind an O-line that’s healthy and/or skilled enough to protect him before just chalking him up as a bust.
    The guy busts his ass, and has had his ass busted playing behind the swiss cheesiest o-line Washington’s ever had.
    Not sure where Cooley is coming from either. I had no problem with Fantasy Fred Davis making the most of his opportunity.
    Have no issue w/ Jerry Gray…..clearly on upgrade over Greg Blache who seemed to be interested only in sticking up for Snyder versus running the defense (have you seen Laron Landry tackle – yeah, neither have I).
    Chin up, Skins fans, can go only go up from here. Might even see Florio pick this team to go to the Supe………..nevermind.

  7. Good to see Campbell will be back. Now if we can stop recruiting offensive linemen from nursing homes he may actually have a shot.

  8. I actually think Shanny will like Campbell and can get a lot out of him. Then again, I have always thought Campbell has been in a tough situation and needed a good OC to guide him for a few years in a row and he would be fine.

  9. Hey Florio, you guys wrote an article about the NFC Offensive POW, how about a little bit of love for the NFC Defensive Player of the Week, Anthony Spencer? You know, the guy that the Eagirls allowed the Cowboys to trade up and draft. You can’t see an angle there?

  10. fickle fans, cant just give up on cooley yet, besides what happens when defenses plan to stop davis. they didnt this year because teams just needed to show up to collect the W off the skins, no need to prepare.

  11. Hes a decent qb although he still doesnt read defenses well enough to lead this team to a playoff type record.
    If he gets some help with that along with some linemen, maybe he can turn the tide.

  12. Indeed. Stability in the Offensive staff is what will really show the truth about Campbell’s ability. He does seem hesitant too often, but I believe Shanahan will be able to see that and simplify things, where Zorn made things more and more complex in the system as he went along, when it clearly was going wrong. If Zorn would have kept it very simple like he did at first, when they went 6-2 in his first 8 games, who knows what could have ended up? Hopefully Shanahan has a better understanding of the dynamics of running an offense.
    And oh, yeah, GET SOME LINEMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. people need to take a deep breath and let things unfold. what do you expect Allen and Shanahan to say at this point ? Allen has had 3 weeks to review film and seen 2 live games..Shanahan ?
    Not even that much.
    Comments on players staying or going are grossly premature now. Guys will be packing, and they know it, but evaluations have to take place first. Campbell will no doubt get tendered, but whether it means he stays is yet to be determined.
    Coaches for the playoff teams are busy in preparations now.. I am sure that both Allen and Shanahan have a solid idea of whom they want, but it has to play out over time.. Until then, who cares what Gray says or thinks ?
    The only thing i truly care about is that it appears that after 2 years, adults are once again in charge of the team. Hip, Hip, Hooray….

  14. If i was Ryan Mallett i would declare for the NFL Draft now. Big QB, big arm and can make all the throws. Mallett is not ready for the NFL, but with Campbell starting next year, Mallett could take over on 2011. I think they would take Mallett over Clausen and Bradford.

  15. @rydendonkeys
    Honestly, what are you going to get for Portis at this point? Greatly diminished skills, constantly injured, locker room issues…six-pack of Bud sounds about right…no wait, Bud Light.

  16. Campbell should be fine with some stability and guidance. Keeping him around to pair with a rookie make sense.

  17. Considering the state of the team this season, I feel Campbell did an alright job. He had no semblance of a running game, The WR’s are spotty, ok, crappy, the o -line was patchwork and lest not forget he didn’t start to show signs of viability until Sherm was calling the plays, then the kid started playing ball. Shanny is a run, run and run some more type of guy. Portis is gone. Hes damaged goods and we all know what Shanny thinks of him. They should try to trade for Willis McGahee or sign Sveltedale White ( FA this year) to replace Portis. Get Campbell a solid FA WR – Boldin???? and draft some o line and the skins’ are right back in the hunt next year

  18. Campbell will stay, but i would still draft Sam Bradford because he is a free agent and i would NOT re sign him next year, with Campbell we are a 6 and 10 team for life, without him, we go up.

  19. I suspect the team will (and should) send JC packing. Shanahan will not have to watch much film to see the Jamarcus-esqu qualities Campbell possesses. The O-line can’t be blamed for the poor decisions JC consistently makes with the ball, pressure or not. Collins may stick around for a bit of veteran leadership, there is still a QB quite similar to Veal Cutlet on IR and some guy from Tarleton State to boot!

  20. If Okung is not there at #4, which I don’t think he will be, we’ll trade down and pick up an OL late in the 1st round along with an extra pick. No need to take a QB if you can’t protect his blind side. Rebuild the line first, through the draft and free agency. Also, need a young RB that can carry the load. Campbell can play the position, just give em’ a line. Shanahan WILL rebuild the line first, I can promise you that much. Campbell stays at least for a year. Hail!!

  21. Great to hear campbell is staying. That is one team my boys will not have to worry about winning the nfc east yr to yr.
    Where was weasel boy in that press conference? What a loser owner that guy is as he could not even give opening remarks or field an fing question. That really is about as embarassing as it gets. The man hides under a rock when he is going to get hammered with questions but acts like a moron all yr behind the scenes backstabbing coaches, pissing on the rooney rule etc., suing fans and objecting to signs that say “synder is a loser” coming into the stadium.
    Thats what I like about JJ is the man is a stand up guy and takes the good with the bad publicly. At least I can call him a man. I am not sure what you she-ynder

  22. Campbell can play the position, just give em’ a line. Shanahan WILL rebuild the line first, I can promise you that much. Campbell stays at least for a year. Hail!!
    i am one redskin fan who won’t hail to hear Campbell is back and Sam Bradford isn’t backing him up, you can rebuild the line without using first round picks people!!!! remember Snyder’s love, free agency?? why not use free agency to sign Alex Barron and some other linemen then draft Bradford with our first pick then in the 2nd round go linemen, Campbell will keep saying the line is bad, but the fact is, he is average and will NEVER EVER improve as long as he is a redskin

  23. The Redskins need to trade Chris Cooley and Malcolm Kelly for Brandon Marshall and Tony Scheffler.

  24. guess I will see in about 12 months but I think Campbell may thrive under Shanahan…I hope so because JC has shown nothing but class over the last year
    its almost like Snyder/Vinnie set him ( & Zorn ) up to fail
    its hard to play QB when you are crushed every time you drop back to pass

  25. DevinMr711… I believe Marshall is a free agent.
    As for Campbell’s critics, he really isn’t that bad. Think about it, no line, no run game, young WR’s, new coaches, etc. He was sacked 43 times, which means he was the third most sacked QB in the league. Who knows how many times he was hit on dropbacks alone? Not saying he will be a pro bowler, but Skin’s fans maybe with Shanny’s well known run game he could possibly surprise you guys next year. Oh, I’m an Eagles fan btw.

  26. CAMPBELL will STAY, because Shanahan can’t pick a winning QB if his life depended on it.
    He’ll keep him as long as he bears no responsibility for his presence. It’s a charity case with no accountability.
    Welcome to Shanahans Redskins

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