Report: Arians leaked word of his coming demise

On Tuesday, Ken Laird of ESPN Radio reported that the Steelers will be firing offensive coordinator Bruce Arians “in the coming days.”

But coach Mike Tomlin made no mention of Arians during a season-ending press conference, and Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said in a Tuesday online chat that he expects Arians to return.

So what gives?  Well, Jim Wexell of reports, via Twitter, that Arians leaked word of impending pink slip to Laird, and that the Steelers aren’t happy.

It’s not clear whether Arians was simply being premature, or whether he was spreading untruths about himself in the hopes of making his wish come true. 

If the latter is the case, why not simply desecrate the uniform of the late Terry Bradshaw or tie those six Lombardis to the bumper of his Buick and take a spin around the Heinz Field parking lots?

34 responses to “Report: Arians leaked word of his coming demise

  1. “It’s not clear whether Arians was simply being premature” … he’s certainly being immature …

  2. This one is hard to figure. The Steelers seemed to have a good offensive rhythm going. Sounds like it’s scapegoat time in Steeltown.

  3. Pissing off your most recent employer to get released/fired doesn’t exactly endear you to potential other suitors.
    Look at T.O. there weren’t a lot of teams lining up last year for his services or for that matter it wasn’t exactly a bidding war when Dallas signed him.

  4. Why would he care if the Steelers weren’t happy?
    This is the week to find a job if your in the coaching business as new teams and new coaches are assembling staffs. He doesnt want to miss out on another job.
    Not that another team will give him one. But he has to get his name out there as being available.

  5. Steelers lost all seven of their games by a touchdown or less.
    The loss of Polamalu week #1 and Aaron Smith week #3 is the difference between 9-7 and 12-4.

  6. If the guy has been unofficially told that he is not returning, then isn’t he entitled to unofficially inform others of this fact? Arians is being scapegoated for a lousy Steelers season – it’s hardly his fault that the team doesn’t have a go-to running back, and that Big Ben can’t push himself away from the dinner table.

  7. Hahahaha good for Arians. Let’s be serious here, he’s been given his notice and as such has no responsibility to the Steelers other than whatever minor contractual issues exist prior to the official termination date. And he lives in america, where he has free speech. If he’s going to be the whipping boy for the Steelers this year, conveniently ignoring their failures on D, he has the right and responsibility to defend himself. Sorry if that offends all the betas. If the Steelers on the other hand were to be honest about the totality of their failures then it would be a different situation. But it’s not. Good for him.

  8. Seeing Arians drive around Costanza style with the steelers superbowl trophies dragging behind him would be glorious.

  9. Or maybe. Just MAYBE, the people who said Arians leaked it were lying.
    I would go with that more than someone wanting to leave a team that is one season removed from being siperbowls champions.
    Media always love to blame someone other than their own selves when they get stuff wrong.

  10. Are Bruce’s feelings hurt b/c his absolutely horrible play calling and game management have finally been exposed b/c the defense didn’t bail his @ss out this year?

  11. 1. Some radio guy named Laird makes up a report that Arians will be fired hoping to be right.
    2. Some internet hack speculates that Arians himself started the rumor.
    3. NBC Sports picks up these rumors and then repeats them
    4. Other media outlets will pick up the rumors and report them as truths.
    Welcome to the modern world of dis-information folks!

  12. I don’t care about Arians. He’s not reponsible for Troy Polamalu’s injury. He’s not responsible for Ike Taylor or Joe Bunett, each dropping easy interceptions that would have sealed the deal in games that instead ended up as humiliating loses. If the Steelers really want to improve the coaching staff they should snatch up ASAP Bobby April, special teams guru just released from the Bills. April is a special teams whiz and is sorely a need for improvement for the Steelers. The poor special teams play this past year is also not Arians fault, but hurt the Steelers badly.

  13. Tomlin would be wise to keep Arians around so he’ll have a scapegoat for Steeler fan to vent their vemon to when they “unleash hell” on the league next year- like they did in December vs. the Chiefs, Browns and Raiduhs.

  14. If Arians really wants to get fired he should quit picking up a calzone for Mr. Rooney’s to eat for lunch.

  15. Steelers fans hate Arians for ruining “Steeler football.” So, how do they plan to deal with the QB who also desires to ruin “Steeler football” by throwing 40x/game?

  16. Stop blaming the defense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Arians is responsible for the lackluster 23 pts/gm average the 9th ranked offense scored. Baltimore even scored 24 pts/gm. Hell, the Cowher/Bettis era offense did that!
    Arians is responsible for only averaging 16.7 pts/gm in their 7 losses. The defense only gave up 17.7 pts in those games. Special Teams gave up 2 pts/gm and the offense gave up 1 pt/gm in the 7 losses.
    The ax has fallen correctly

  17. You play in -15 degree windchill with 30-40mph winds and decide to throw the ball 40+ times? AND don’t score a single touchdown against the team you are playing in this game…the Browns????
    This is the sign of a good OC?
    Their redzone offense was atrocious…..Tampa Bay had a better red zone %. Their 3rd down conversions were even worse.
    The man has to go.

  18. All the people here claiming that Arians is a scapegoat this year are absolutely ridiculous. We DO have a go-to running back, we DO have 3 amazing receivers, we DO have a top 5 tight end, and we DO have a top 5 quarterback. Yet our red zone statistics this year were absolutely horrible.
    The Steelers largest margin of loss this year has been 7 points, you improve the red zone performance and the Steelers win 3 more games, they are 12-4 and in the playoffs. Arians IS the problem. His game management and 2nd half strategy were EPIC FAILS!
    Did the defense play as good as last year? NO. But you idiots need to stop doing things like watching ESPN and listening to the idiots on this site and watch a game. More times than not the defense played GREAT for 3 quarters. With the weapons our offense has that should have been enough. At the VERY LEAST move the ball a little in the 4th qtr to keep the defense off the field. In those losses did that happen?? NO, not at all.
    Go ahead, take your shots LOL, it’s kind of sad to see so many people happy that the Steelers aren’t in the playoffs LOL. It tells you that the Steelers must be doing something right. But get it straight, there is no scapegoat in Pittsburgh this year. Everyone in Pittsburgh is fully aware of what the problems were this year. Disagree if you want, it’s all just a matter of opinion anyway, but IMO the problems start with the offense putting up “yardage” but no “points”.
    TD > YARDS
    Now you all can go back to listening to Mike and Mike in the morning and taking it as the word of god 🙂

  19. Ah, the refuse thread! With only a couple of exceptions, we Steelers fans are taking the “wait and see” approach to the bizarre Arians stories coming out of Pittsburgh (my fave so far is the one about the new “owners” putting the screws to the Rooney family and Tomlin. Meanwhile, the dregs of the other NFL teams have trolled by to offer their pitiable attempts at humor. Let’s review:
    SeaOtter gets the nod for utter stupidity. Apparently fish isn’t brain food after all.
    Gee Hayward Blows gets the award for today’s Pats fan suffering from trophy envy. For some people, three isn’t company enough.
    hineswardcriesafterfumbling gets a special mention for the post that made me laugh in spite of myself.

  20. I will believe Arians has been fired when it is a fact..I do not believe all I read unlike others,
    But these same people that are wishing and hoping that he is made the scapegoat , will be the same ones that will be the first to complain when our offense stinks , because they have to learn a new system. Did it not take our offense 3 years to become a decent offense after Whiz left? Does Arains control the O line, no I think not. I think the offense is fine tho it has its bugs but lets be honest, doesnt all great offenses have bad days or games, I recall the Saints have lost the last 3 but so you hear anyone asking for thier OC to be fired..No
    Firing Arians will not fix what is wrong with the Steelers, yes they need work but on the O-line not the offense in whole and I do not think that Arians is responsible for that, Special teams coach , yes , definately. DB coach, most definately, we have cornerbacks guys lets face it that could not catch a cold in the Antartic,,,those are issues that need to be addressed IMO…I do not think Arians had anything to do with the D blowing 4th quarter leads , or cornerbacks that can not cover. No that was the D.
    The D will improve with the return of Troy and Smith but face it guys these guys are not gettting any younger, we have other issues besides firing Arains.

  21. He should be fired. The one game that sticks in my mind is you take basically a rookie QB and continually have him throw the ball until finally he makes a mistake and the game is lost. The guy just does not know how to adjust the game for the opponent and situation he’s in.

  22. Wait – is the contention that he leaked it before he was actually notified (ie, speculating), or that he leaked it before the Steelers wanted it announced?
    If he leaked it before a decision was made, that’s dumb.
    If the Steelers expected loyalty from a fired employee, that’s dumber.

  23. @BrownsTown…
    The whole “steeler football being taken away” thing died out a while ago. You didn’t hear any of us complain when we HAD to pass 50x in the Packer game did you? It’s the fact that at times Arains abandoned the run for absolutely no reason (ie. being ahead). It really seemed like he had a man crush on Ben and needed to pass the ball all the time. And when he did run, we all knew it was coming. If us at home knew it was a running play, what do you think the guys being paid to play the game thought they were going to do?
    I personally don’t care if we pass 50x or run 50x a game, if we’re winning you do what works. But the strategy and game management of this guy was elementary. Everyone can sit here and blame the defense, say Arians is only a scapegoat, blah blah blah.
    Like redamber said…
    the ax fell correctly

  24. I don’t think Arians was the biggest problem on the team this year. Terrible special teams and major defensive breakdowns were bigger problems.
    But I will say that Arians play calling has left something to be desired, for years. At times they look like a well-oiled machine, and at times you wonder what the hell did they call that play at that time for? Also, they have great talent on offfense with Ben, the WRs, and 2 very capable backs in Mendenhall and Parker. They were able to make plays happen even if the call was atrocious. How many times, for example, did Ben make a play on a scramble (ie possibly double figures of plays each game). And how many plays did they make using the no-huddle (which Arians does not call plays in)?
    I have no problems with primarily a passing attack considering the players they have, but I do think they could have generated a better running game this year and at times gave up on it way too early.
    So Arians may end up being a scapegoat, but I don’t think he is the greatest OC that ever lived. If they are thinking of getting rid of him, they should have a specific name in mind as his replacement.
    If they told him he is gone, then I have no problem with him leaking that. If he said anything in speculation, I guess that is his choice and if the Steelers were not thinking that they may be now.
    I am waiting for them to boot the special teams coach, and possibly the OL coach.
    Finally, this site really sucks in terms of inconsistency of a post actually making it to the board.

  25. I concur with Deb. We already know the offensive line coach is gone, but we know nothing about Arians yet. I’m hoping the special teams coach is next.

  26. I played at BAMA when Arians was there in 1997. He was a screamer but I liked him. I would love to see him in Jacksonville if he gets the boot. See ya Dirk.

  27. @Vox’s Mommy
    i usually agree with most of your posts but this time i do not, I do not think that it is as you call it a man crush that he has on Ben , I think that he utilized the weapons that we have on offense and lets face it , with the O line we have running sometimes did not always work as where throwing did. I seen our O-line at times you could not have run a stick up a dogs hind end..
    I think the firing of the O-line coach is a good step, we already know that we are getting a new Qb coach, I hope that they get a good O-line coach that can teach that line to block properly and hold thier blocks then maybe Ben would not have to scramble as much, and hold on to the ball , or take a sack. I see ST coach going next.

  28. I don’t know why my first post was removed from this thread – sure, I called Ken Laird a few unpleasant names, but I WAS RIGHT……
    Arians is staying, and Laird proved himself, once again, to be a hack.
    Has just be confirmed.

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