Rex Ryan: Jets should be favored to win the Super Bowl

In Las Vegas, the New York Jets have the longest odds to win the Super Bowl of any of the 12 playoff teams. Jets coach Rex Ryan is prohibited from betting on the NFL, but he thinks a bet on the Jets would be a bargain.

When asked about his team’s underdog status, Ryan said, “I wasn’t aware of that, but to me we should be favorites.”

A reporter then asked Ryan to clarify whether he meant they should be favored to win Saturday’s game at Cincinnati, and Ryan said his confidence in his team goes further than that.

“I mean in the whole tournament,” Ryan said. “I think we have the best defense; I know we do. I think we have the best rushing attack. I want this football team. If I had a choice to coach any team in this tournament, I would choose this one.”

For the record, the Jets are three-point underdogs against the Bengals, and they’ve been listed at anywhere from 25-1 to 50-1 to win the Super Bowl.

104 responses to “Rex Ryan: Jets should be favored to win the Super Bowl

  1. Rex would definitely be the favorite if the super bowl involved eating hot dogs. Or pizza. Or mayonnaise.

  2. i like ryan’s coaching philosophy but he seems like kind of a dumbass. Why doesn’t he leave the talking to the young dumb players and just get prepared for Cincinnati.

  3. While I think it’s silly to call them favorites, he does have a point with the best rushing attack and overall D. They should be formidable as long as Sanchez doesn’t play catch with the other teams.

  4. His mouth is bigger than his waste…didn’t think that was possible.
    Man, look up the word rookie in the dictionary and you’ll see a pic (OK, half-a-pic) of Ryan.

  5. Can’t wait for the day when we address this turd as ‘former Jets HC Rex Ryan’. What a douche.

  6. I like Ryan’s trash talk. It keeps the pressure on him and off of his team, like Herb Brooks used to do (most notably in the leadup to the miracle on ice.) Not saying that the situations are similar at all or that Ryan is as good a coach as Brooks was, but I think I see what he’s doing.
    In any case, it beats the hell out of the days where a Jets press conference meant Eric Mangini listing all of the “upper body injuries.”

  7. The Jets have the best defense that ever stood around and watched Tony Gonzalez score the game winning TD.

  8. Guess what the colts will not be laying down again for Rex again
    The only thing the JETS can be sure of is that they will have a short post season

  9. If the Jets don’t win the Super Bowl, he should be fired. After all, they should have been favored.

  10. gotta admire his moxie, and isnt it nice to hear a coach not use coach-speak and cliches. amen! go for it bro!

  11. I am having a heard time thinking of something to say. I am almost speechless.
    How foolish can this man get? If I was a Jets fan, I would be pissed. The last thing you need is to back into the playoffs, and then start blabber (or is it blubber) mouthing.
    The Jets needed to do their best to fly under the radar, and any team would love to knock them out.
    Really, what a moron.

  12. So he’s gifted a playoff spot by two NFL teams mailing it in and he automatically assumes he deserves a ring.
    Enough with this toolbag, I hope the Bungals destroy the Jesters.

  13. This guy is the biggest blowhard in the whole NFL.
    Just STFU already, Rex.

  14. Fat Rex is just setting up Jets fans for another huge letdown but I guess they are probably used to that by now.

  15. This guy is so stupid, he opens his mouth and continues to make a fool of himself, just like the old man.
    The last two wins have been against teams laying down and he thinks they are good?
    They don’t get by the Bengals.

  16. Wow, pretty arrogant for someone getting in via the generosity of their late-season opponents. I guess when you have the Sanchize, you should feel this confident (???).

  17. Someone must have put pot in Ryans meatloaf for there is no way Sanchez is leading them to the trophy. On the other hand,got to respect his belief in his men. Seems like a real players coach.I for one happen to like his style. Guy says whats on his mind.

  18. Sorry Rex, but I’ve seen enough Bears games to know that at some point, you need a qb to make some plays. This team reminds me an awful lot of the 05 Bears. Great D, really good running game, and a lot of lucky breaks. But eventually you run into a Peyton Manning or a Tom Brady (or a Steve Smith in the Bears case) and a rookie qb just doesn’t get it done.
    If the Jets were to give up a couple of freak touchdowns to open a game, boom, they’re done.

  19. I cannot imagine the Thanskgiving table with Buddy, Rob, and Rex all there.
    What a twit.

  20. Come on how easy is this to understand — this is vintage playoff coaching… deflect attention to yourself to take pressure of the team (i.e. Brian Billick 2000).

  21. there he goes, writing checks his team can’t cash! you’re in because you’re lucky, not good.

  22. What an idiot. A complete fool. I thought hiring him was a great move by NYJ, but he is making me look equally foolish. At least I’m not as fat as Rex is.

  23. Crying one day, thinking they were knocked out of the playoffs another day, followed by this. Guys a joke.

  24. I don’t follow the Jets at all. But when I see Ryan during his post game press conferences on the NFL Network, I always think “Hmmm..that very large man sweats a lot”. Then I think “He also talks a lot, and doesn’t seem to say much”. Finally, I go to my refrigerator and get a beer. And then I don’t think much more about it.

  25. Is this the same Rex Ryan that thought they were OUT of the playoffs about two-three weeks ago?

  26. What do players and coaches care? They make predictions (More so the players) that don’t come true and they never have to stand up and say, ” I was wrong”. Just like the morons on here who make stupid predictions because they know nobody will be around to call them out on it.

  27. This idiot had no idea his team was even in the hunt TWO GAMES AGO. Idiot just like his father. God man just shut up and coach, or go cry to your team or just eat something- he seems to be good at that.

  28. I can’t believe this clown is a HC. Week after week he keeps talking the talk without walking the walk.
    The Jests played two teams that layed down for the playoff run and he is talking about how dominant they are.
    One and done, Ryan should just shut his mouth until he really has accomplished something.
    Come Monday, he will be in front of the podium crying again but at least he’ll be right about being out of the playoffs.

  29. Looking what you stuck us with Polian!
    Hey Tyrannosaurs Rex, nobody is going to lie down for you in playoffs.
    Oh, shit…I hope not anyway. I know they have all those expensive PSLs to sell….Oh, shit.

  30. Didnt Rex say they were eliminated from the playoff’s? Then they get 2 gifts from the Bungles and Colts…

  31. That statement will turn out to be as accurate as his “we’re out of the playoffs” statement and his father’s “you got a winner on town” statement.

  32. Hes got faith and passion for his team ….I know most of you work dead end jobs and have no passion in your daily life (I’m sorry for you but you made your choices) but when you believe in what you do and the people around you , you believe them capable of anything.
    As a season ticket holder who was there on sunday, when you see your team come back out (into the fffreezing cold) to offer a handshake to all the fans who remain you KNOW theres some special people involved in this.
    Hes got faith in his team and you want to call him out…that says a lot more about you guys hahah.
    get your venues sold out for playoff games and get a life you cynical geeks.

  33. You know, why not? What does he have to lose at this point? Every other team in the playoffs has major pressure on them; for the Jets, everything from this point on is a bonus. With a great defense, great running game, and a little luck, who knows?
    I’m neutral on Ryan, but I don’t understand all the hateful comments about him above. What’s the substance of your beef with him? Because your insults are just wasting space here, not to mention everyone’s time. I always think it’s weird how showmen like Ryan and Ochocinco get so much hatred, while guys like Mike Vick and Ray Lewis get a free pass from so many fans. Priorities, people, please.

  34. Like we needed more proof that he’s one of Buddy’s kids.
    What’s next, he’ll say that they need to bring body bags to the rematch against Cincy?

  35. Did Rex Ryan not say his team was out of the playoffs just two weeks ago when they were still in contention? and now he says they should be favored for the Super Bowl?
    I am starting to get a little tired of this guy. It seems that he can never shut the hell up.

  36. Rex went to not knowing they could get into the playoffs to now winning the super bowl.

  37. Let me echo what someelse posted here recently, the Jets are the most arrogant 9-7 team in the NFL, and I add in NFL history.
    I will be rooting so hard for them to lose this weekend. After you look up “rookie”, look up “Jackass” and you’ll see Rex Ryan there too.
    And we’ve heard this kind of crap from preseason, to Week 2, and now this.
    The Colts shouldn’t be banned from the NFL for benching their starters after clinching, they should be banned for doing the job for the friggin Jets and have thus created this never ending babbling monster known as Rex Ryan.
    Bengals, you got us into this mess, now you better get us out of it, by beating the Jets by at least 30.

  38. Hey Rex Cryan,

  39. Well he definately doesn’t have the best run attack since Dallas is in the Playoffs and I guess since Dallas has a better D right now they dont have that either. So I guess he was referring to the AFC?

  40. They should be favored? Are you kidding me? This is a team that didn’t even control their own playoff destiny till week 17. Unbelievable that he’d say such a dumb thing.
    If Jim Caldwell had half of a brain, the Jets would be on the outside looking in right now.
    Rex Ryan won’t be a HC in the NFL within 2 years. Book it.

  41. This guy is just as ignorant as his father. Yes, they may know football but the social skills seem to lack tremendously. The Bengals in my opinion played soft purposely to avoid the Texans. Those drops were almost obvious and Palmer looked as if half the effort was put forth. The Jets will lose in Cincinnati this weekend.

  42. As much as Rex Ryan looks like an idiot nearly every time he speaks, he is definitely right about the Jets being able to advance— to the second round, anyway.
    After all, like I’ve been saying about the Bengals playoff hopes this whole time: One and done.

  43. Wow…that’s bulletin board material right there…Rex, unless it’s a flyin pie…keep your trap shut.

  44. madsqgrdn says: January 6, 2010 5:53 PM
    Hes got faith and passion for his team .
    Yes, so much faith in fact that just 3 weeks ago he declared his team out of the playoffs.
    Now I know you’re just an intellectually dishonest turd to be ignored. You deserve to be a Jets fan.

  45. I don’t mind showing confidence but he sure put the pressure on the team to win. It’s bad enough when a player opens his mouth. But a coach? He could have showed confidence in his team by a different choice of words. If he needed to say something like that to motivate his players, he must have been scared about their chances to win.

  46. Jabba the Jet.
    But seriously, the Jets do have a good D and a good running game and that can take you far. They cannot afford to fall too far behind because then they will be sunk. I can see them beating Cinn and then Indy before losing to San Diego or NE

  47. To the peanut gallery… So what’s Rex supposed to say? Glad we’re in… we’ll be out in a week or two… we’re just getting ready to lay down for the Bungles, Colts, Pats, Ravens, Chargers, etc.?
    Some of you idiots that visit this site just don’t get it… and I know why… most of you have probably never played a sport at a high level, in HS or college.
    If you don’t believe in yourself, your coaches, your team… what’s the point of even showing up?

  48. Ha! The Bengals want people to believe they didn’t try to win last week. Starters played for three quarters and came up with nothing. Starters would not be in that long if they were only being played to stay fresh.
    I like Cincy and hope they do well this weekend, but that game sounded like a huge bell tolling for them. They better turn it around, fast, or they’re out quick.
    Keep in mind that the Jets also grounded the Colts’ starters for more than half a game. You just never know what will happen. If it was really as cut-and-dry as the obnoxious fantasy fanboys in these comments suggest, we wouldn’t even bother watching the games, now, would we?

  49. 123456 says:
    January 6, 2010 5:54 PM
    Pats fans….you cant do any better than fat jokes?
    Are you guys all 6 years old?
    yeah, and the spygate and belicheat jokes are really clever….

  50. Try and get out to a quick lead, put 8 men in the box and dare Sanchez to throw. Running game is fine but in the playoffs you need QB’s making plays. What’s he supposed to say, “We’re the worst team in the playoffs, we’ll never make it all the way,” no, I don’t think so.

  51. Rex is only getting setting himself up for a disappointing loss when he says stupid things like that. What a moron. Just keep your mouth shut

  52. Rex is heavily favored to empty a few Famous Bowls, and rightly so. Rex is my favorite comedian and his Jests are the funniest comedy troupe since Monty Python.

  53. Why are most of the negative remarks from Pats fans? Are you guys really that scared?

  54. Jets are going to stomp the Oncho -Moutho’s Bengals.
    Count down to another moronic Chadley prediction……………4…..3………..2……….1……….

  55. The guy responded to a question about his teams underdog status. His response was good.
    He believes in his team. I did not hear him trash another team. He stated a fact that they have the best defense statistically and rushing attack and a good staff.
    You wussies who are comlaining just dont like outspoken confident men because it reminds you of your wussy status.

  56. tacious says:
    January 6, 2010 6:26 PM
    To the peanut gallery… So what’s Rex supposed to say? Glad we’re in… we’ll be out in a week or two… we’re just getting ready to lay down for the Bungles, Colts, Pats, Ravens, Chargers, etc.?
    If you don’t believe in yourself, your coaches, your team… what’s the point of even showing up?
    How about anything but the Jets should be the top seed. There about 6 million different ways to say you are confident in your team. Instead, he decides to say it like a moron.

  57. The guy responded to a question about his teams underdog status. His response was good.
    He believes in his team. I did not hear him trash another team. He stated a fact that they have the best defense statistically and rushing attack and a good staff.
    You wussies who are comlaining just dont like outspoken confident men because it reminds you of your wussy status.

  58. The guy responded to a question about his teams underdog status. His response was good.
    He believes in his team. I did not hear him trash another team. He stated a fact that they have the best defense statistically and rushing attack and a good staff.
    You wussies who are comlaining just dont like outspoken confident men because it reminds you of your wussy status.

  59. # BrickSlingingSouthie says: January 6, 2010 6:40 PM
    Why are most of the negative remarks from Pats fans? Are you guys really that scared?
    See, this is why I think most of you Einsteins don’t even follow the friggin NFL. The only way the two teams would meet again would be in the AFC Championship game which would be played at Gillette.
    Did you have a brick thrown at your head in Southie or something?

  60. The Patriots hope they face them in the 3rd round of the playoffs… trust me. Belichick will have his rings ready.

  61. Got this from… here’s why Rex Ryan is a damn good coach, like him or not! Also why teams should not take the Jets lightly. Take a look at how the Jets stacked up in several key defensive indicators last year under Eric Mangini and this year under Rex Ryan
    • The 2008 Jets ranked 22nd in Defensive Passer Rating (88.1). The 2009 Jets are No. 1 (58.8). That’s a stunning improvement of nearly 30 points in this critical indicator of defensive success. That’s borderline unprecedented.
    • The 2008 Jets ranked 23rd in touchdown passes allowed (23). The 2009 Jets are No. 1 (8). In other words, the Jets were torched for three touchdowns passes every two games last year. This year? Just one TD pass every two games.
    • The 2008 Jets ranked 16th in total defense (329.4 YPG). The 2009 Jets are No. 1 (252.3). If Chris Farley were interviewing Rex Ryan right now, he’d drool breathlessly, “That … was … awesome!”
    • The 2008 Jets ranked 18th in scoring defense (22.2 PPG). The 2009 Jets are No. 1 (14.8 PG). We’re not math majors, but that looks like a decline of 33 percent in scoring against the Jets this year. Not impressed? Just remember the acidic bile that ate away at your stomach lining when your retirement fund lost 33 percent in the fall and winter of 2008-09.
    • The 2008 Jets ranked 13th in points allowed vs. Quality Opponents (22.7). The 2009 Jets are No. 1 in points allowed vs. Quality Opponents (13.7). In other words, the Odd Duck’s defense has improved even more dramatically against good teams than it has against your ordinary, average, run-of-the-mill teams.
    • The 2008 Jets ranked 29th in pass defense (234.9 YPG). The 2009 Jets are No. 1 (153.7). Yup, another big turnaround. It’s like two different teams out there. And, yes, the NFL’s shutdown cornerback du jour, Darrelle Revis, started all 16 games for both teams.
    • The 2008 Jets ranked 18th in passing yards per attempt allowed (7.0 YPA). The 2009 Jets are No. 1 (5.4 YPA). Wow, 5.4 YPA passing the ball against the Jets. There were a handful of players this year who averaged more than 5.4 YPA running the ball: Jamaal Charles (5.9 YPA), Felix Jones (5.9) and Chris Johnson (5.6), to name three notables from the 2009 season.
    • The 2008 Jets ranked 15th in third-down defense (61.4%) The 2009 Jets are No. 1 (68.5%). Call us brilliant, but forcing opponents to punt sure seems like one good way to keep them out of the end zone.

  62. I guess Rex is trying to use the “us against the world mentality”
    I hope it works. If only his team could back up his bravado. Its a different thing not having Ray Lewis or a Patrick Willis MLB in the middle.

  63. The Jets will have to beat the two teams that layed down for them to allow them into the playoffs in the first place. With all the hear the Colts took for that…..I have a hard time believing they don’t come out with guns blazing in the rematch……if the Bengals don’t beat them to the punch.
    That said…defense DOES win championships….but not with THAT QB….ain’t gonna happen

  64. You know this Broadway Rex thing was cute at first, but 16 games later it’s played itself out t0 an extent I can’t even begin to describe. He keeps flapping these gums and keeps failing to back them up, he’s not going to last in this league long. I’m just saying.

  65. There have been over 80 responses to this thing in a matter of hours…I love it!!!
    So many people HATE HATE HATE!!!
    The guy is simply proud of his team and is showing that he believes in them. People take comments soooo seriously and it is truly funny. TAKE A LOG OFF THE FIRE…
    As a Jet die hard, I know we aren’t, and shouldn’t be considered a “favorite” by a long shot, but hey the man has character and he is expressing that he is confident they can win; in no way is Rex trash talking any other team so as I tried to say earlier, breathe easy, relax and be happy it’s just a game…

  66. I’m a Pats fan, but I do think the Jets have a good chance against Cincy. It’s not like the Bengals inspire confidence with their legacy of winning.
    Ryan is like a pro wrestler and for that I find him amusing.

  67. dboom92…you’re a moron…we held them to 10 points…that’s better than our average…it was fourth down. You obviously don’t understand how difficult the game is and we shut them down the whole day. It was the kicking/special teams fault that NY lost.
    Bigbluefan…just so you know, the Jets were at one point beating the Colts at one point in the game. Not to mention we held the Colts to only 15 points while Peyton was in there. So with like 5 min left in the third.
    The Jets have defense and a rushing attack. They’re built for post-season play, ask anyone. They probably won’t win it all due to inexperience, but they will be good for years to come.

  68. LuvThatDirtyWatah….it’s spelled waist.
    I guess I got my answer about them being 6 years old.

  69. @Ravenmaniac …
    Seriously? Personalitywise, I understand. But as a defensive coach? You guys were FIERCE last year. It’s not the same D this year, and you know I’m not talking smack. Ours isn’t either (no corners in the house). Your guys have some age on them, and Reed was hurt a lot of the season, but still–don’t you think losing Ryan hurt some?
    As for Ryan’s comment about the SB, reading the head, I was prepared to slam him. But he just responded to the question as a proud coach building up his team. Didn’t think he said anything inappropriate … this time.

  70. Loose cannon comes to mind, but at least Rex makes it interesting. The problem is that in the long run the inmates will be commanding the asylum with the way Rex runs the ship. It may be successful for a couple of years, but personally I don’t think that Rex can be a successful long term HC in the NFL.

  71. Wow. Are some of these comments the for real?
    No one believes the Jets are Super Bowl favorites. That includes Rex Ryan. The odds were brought up to him by a reporter, and he responded that his team should be favored.
    Then a bunch of angry keyboard-jockeys took that to mean something more than Rex just expressing confidence in his team.

  72. Well, I don’t think they “should” be favored, but it is true that the team with the least expectations usually goes farther into the tournament than most people expect. Go Jets.

  73. Witty, Jets_PDX.
    But wrong on both counts. Can’t believe I hit a nerve with the guy who puts the name of his shit team in his handle. Stay cool.

  74. tacious;
    Great post, it didnt go unnoticed. Unfortunately logic and facts hold little weight these days…

  75. soooo Rex said “My team is damn good and we could win this tournament”
    and people are hatin on him? Damn, y’all suck. He’s a good coach, his players love him, he changed the culture on the Jets right away.
    He never said anything like “Sanchez is better than Brady” just a bunch of haters and Texans fans.

  76. What an idiot. It isn’t a pie eating contest, dummy. It’s the biggest football game of the year, and your best player is a cornerback. Dope.

  77. tacious, good stuff.
    I would hire RR to run my D anyday and I’m a Pats fan. They are hellafied on D. Yes the mangenius admin drafted Revis et al but RR is the one who has gotten the most out of them. I always wondered why the Ravens didn’t want to hire RR as their HC. I thought he would be the logical step after Billick was fired. His players loved him too, that was obvious and still is. After LISTENING to RR’s pressers and hearing some of his thought processes though… I think I get why the Ravens did what they did.
    Same goes for Wade Phillips really. He could run my D anyday. But not @ HC. And no I am not trying to bash. I would probably take RAC and Weis back in a minute as the Pats’ coords but NEVER as HC.

  78. It’s so ironic that I find myself rooting for the underdog Jets this season…partly because of the trash talking against them on this site. They seem to be the team everyone loves to hate, which means they are feared. Since Rex Ryan has coached them to #1 in defense and #1 in the running game I can understand everyone being fearful/jealous.
    I admire Rex Ryan as a coach that believes in his team, and isn’t dancing around bashing his own team after losses. I have confidence in the Jets defense AND offense, and I hope they go far in the post season. Of course, the haters on this message board will probably just say the Colts and Bengals threw their games again. Anything to deflect from the fact that the Jets defense and run game can run your team’s into the ground.
    Go Jets!! Make them ALL shut up!!
    Jets fanbase, hope they do it for you! You deserve the victories too!

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