Shanahan's comments on Campbell and Portis are telling

Mike Shanahan has a lot of roster evaluation to do.  But he made it fairly clear Wednesday that he already has some opinions on key players.

Shanahan on Jason Campbell: “I’m looking forward to working with him. I love
the way Jason handles himself. . . . I’m looking forward to watching
every play he’s had in his career.  Hopefully his best years are ahead.”

We mentioned earlier Wednesday that Campbell is likely to get another year in Washington.  And that we don’t think the team should bring Portis back.

Shanahan’s comments make it sound like Portis has some work to do. 

“Like all players, the key is
what they work in the offseason program,” Shanahan said.  “I’ve been around some
veterans that have been very successful and they quit working out and
as a running back you can fall off a cliff.  If you make a commitment,
then you’ve got a chance to do something special.”

Asked in a television interview about Portis after the press conference, Shanahan repeated that work habits were key .  There’s a new sheriff in town.

38 responses to “Shanahan's comments on Campbell and Portis are telling

  1. In an era with a salary cap and parity being King, strong work ethic and good coaching can go a long way.
    ‘Nuff said.

  2. Wow, you’re really taking liberties with these comments. For years it’s been known that Campbell is someone who, how shall I put this, isn’t the best at hearing tough love and tends to be treated in kinder gentler terms. Whereas Portis is someone who you can really get in his face and he will respond as long as he respects you. Shanahan knows this and it’s more telling to me that he decided to give it to Clinton in this way rather than just brushing him off.

  3. It doesn’t look good for CP.
    Right after that interview, Bruce Allen was asked about things going “outside the lockerroom”. Without using names his response was a pretty clear shot at Portis “that’s not the Redskins way”.

  4. i am excited to see what shanahan does in washington. while there are alot of questions about shanahan’s lack of accomplishments in his recent past, i think he will bring some consistency to this team. guy will be held accountable and treated equal regardless of pay. i have high hopes for laron landry and guys like rocky mcintosh who saw a huge drop off in production under zorn(same d-coordinator so who knows why).
    i also would like to see devin thomas become more consistent and see fred davis and chris cooley tear apart the middle of offenses like i think they can. the offensive line is getting old, but shanahan has never had problems putting together an offensive line. they are going to bring athletes in on the offensive line though which means mike williams better find a new home.
    with a 5 year deal for shanahan it looks like snyder might take a step back and finally let people do their job. i think this can only turn out better for the skins.

  5. I hope he can give J Cambell some confidence and calm him down. Sometimes he seems so hurried and confused and that shouldn’t be happening at this stage in his career.
    Portis, in my opinion, definitely had his best days (and highlights) while a Bronco under Shanahan so maybe this will be help across the board for the ‘Skins.

  6. I have been a Redskins fan since the day I was born and can only hope and pray that “Dan” stays out of the football decisions and just signs the checks. This year was about as bad as it could be for the skins and all skins fans. Lets start all over and get back to the glory days. For all you redskin haters, keep your thoughts to yourself. This is our day!

  7. Jason Campbell is a MAN and his teamates know he is a leader. I have seen this guy get sacked so many times and he never throws his linemen under the bus, HE COMPETES and his teamates know he is classy guy.This guy has has so many coaches it is unbelievable, I;m sure his football IQ is off the charts.I hope Shanny KEEPS HIM AROUND FOR THE GOOD TIMES AFTER ALL THE BAD TIMES.

  8. This makes me incredibly happy as a Redskins fan. FINALLY a coach that freaking says what he means and is not afraid to say it to grown ass men…and the media.
    I’m not expecting miracles, but I’m happy about Shanahan being our coach.

  9. shany traded away portis cause he knew the kid was a prima donna without the talent. my aunt could’ve ran for 1000 yds behind denvers line back then and he knew it so he took bailey.
    portis is an average running back in the nfl if there ever was one.

  10. I think whether Campbell “gets another year” will depend as much on other QB needy teams in the league as what the Skins think of him. As a restricted free agent coming off his best year statistically, you don’t think some team will offer him a multi-year deal? Especially if they know the Skins may not want to go more than one year? I know there is alot of uncertainty coming in 2011, but there will still be multi-year deals be given out, or am I missing something?

  11. Bravo, Mr. Shanahan. Good luck with portis and the other overpaid acquisition who doesn’t like the TEAM concept. I think all Redskins fans are ready to see better.

  12. Coach Janky-Spanky will tell Shanahan how it will be in the off-season, not the other way around…

  13. Damn straight work habits are key. CP must be shakin’ in his boots right about now. Honeymoon is over CP…better bust your behind or you’ll be on the curb real soon.

  14. Shanahan already disposed of Portis once (in Denver), and it looks like its going to happen a second time. The difference is he’s not going to get a Champ Bailey-esque player this go-around.

  15. No, the Skins won’t get much value for Portis — if they could even trade him at all. But, just sending him away with his walking papers would be a great improvement to the team.

  16. The key to this will be Snyder’s reaction when Portis complains to him about OTA’s and the off-season workout regimen. Since the honeymoon is still on, Portis will likely get the same treatment Arrington got when Williams took over the defense under Gibbs. Clinton who?

  17. And as for Campbell, both Allen and Shanahan have praised his character and both said they don’t think he’s reached his full potential yet. Sounds like a guy they think they’d like to work with.
    I’ve been critical of Campbell this year myself, but I admit I’d like to see him have a chance to play behind a real O line in an offense that’s suited to his skill set.

  18. Portis is Bobby Humphrey with a larger bank account and even worse “gangsta” attitude. Ho f-yourself, pal. Its over.

  19. I like Jason Campbell and think he can be a quality QB for this team. I feel very hopeful that better days are ahead.

  20. I always felt Jason Campbell handled himself well conosidering the turmoil in D.C. and with the ‘Skins in general

  21. Weren’t some of these same comments said when Joe Gibbs came back. If THE man in charge doesn’t let the coach coach…just sayin!! If nothing changes…You know what…Nothing changes!!!

  22. Turn out the lights
    The party’s over
    They say that
    All good things must end
    –Dandy Don, (with apologies to Willie)
    “This oughta be good!”
    –Kent Dorfman (aka Flounder)

  23. yeah and watch Portis suck up just like he did to Gibbs.
    Even if he hangs around, he’s still likely to suck on the “concussion” titty some more…
    Maybe we’ll get some more Sheriff Nawbucks clips.

  24. Just let Snyder make one last decision……..let that be Shanny and Marshall reunited…..give us some draft picks…then Snyder can step aside…surely he has one decision left in him!

  25. REDSKINS PC> format C: # # #
    Are you sure? All data will be lost and colon will be cleansed. Do you wish to proceed? ( Y/N ) “blink blink blink”
    Whats your move Shanny?

  26. Jason Campbell is a loser and a backup QB at best. Get rid of him and start anew. Portis is old and banged up. Why stay with what got you to 4-11. And please don’t say it was all Zorn’s fault. Campbell had a lot to do with that record

  27. Clinton was Poison in Denver, and the Mastermind… (tongue in cheek) will dump him quickly.
    The lockeroom will be thankful that Clinton ‘Head Case’ Portis is GONE.
    Oakland will pick him up… MARK MY WORDS

  28. Shanahan will be great for the Redskins. I hope he’ll keep Portis. Portis has a lot left in the tank!

  29. Shanahan will be great for the Redskins. I hope he’ll keep Portis. Portis has a lot left in the tank!

  30. DRAFT some LINEMEN and everything else will fix itself in due time………………….
    Trade the clowns that are hurting the locker room for more picks

  31. Portis w/ a ring is HOF.
    I’m sure he’ll respond, given the opportunity. Look what he did for the last coarch until that guy threw him under the bus.
    How soon you all forget the guts & determination CPo gave to this squad.
    Sure he’s an idiot on the mic. It doesn’t make him a bad football player. This team did.

  32. Was I the only one who noticed that the running game IMPROVED without Portis and everyone said the effort at the RB position was better?
    Meanwhile, JC posted some pretty solid numbers without any real help from RB, OL, and WR.

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