Titans won't let Texans talk to Munchak

The Houston Texans would like to interview Tennessee Titans offensive line coach Mike Munchak for their vacant offensive coordinator position. But the Titans have put the kibosh on that plan.

“He is under contract and we are not interested in him leaving,” Titans owner Bud Adams said of Munchak. “He is a very important guy on our team and has done a great job working as offensive line coach. We are really pleased with what he has been able to do over the years.”

The Texans’ offensive coordinator position opened up because Houston allowed Kyle Shanahan to leave for the Washington Redskins, where he’ll work for his father, Mike Shanahan.

But while the Texans were willing to allow an assistant to leave, the Titans aren’t. Munchak, who has been with the Titans franchise since they were called the Houston Oilers and he was an All-Pro guard, is staying put.

“A lot of teams might be interested in him, but we want to keep him,” Adams said. “We are proud to have him.”

17 responses to “Titans won't let Texans talk to Munchak

  1. Gee I am stunned that Bud Adams wouldn’t allow one of his coaches to interview for a job in Houston of all places. Instead of talking about how much they love Munchak (which I’m sure they do) maybe he could just come out and say “I am still bitter about my time in the city and will do no favors for their current football team.”

  2. Don’t classy teams allow guys to interview for promotions with other teams? Oh yeah, we’re talking about Bud Adams, nevermind. I’m sure there have been rejections on requests to interview before, but none spring into my mind. Stay classy, Bud.

  3. Hopefully the Titans will pay him very well. Denying him a nice chance at a promotion is wrong, unless they are willing to promote him themselves.

  4. I thought the NFL had some sort of rule that stated a team couldn’t prevent a coach from taking a position with another team if the position would be considered a promotion. In this case, from a o-line coach to a offensive coordinator.
    Geez, did I just make that up??

  5. I must agree with everything everyone has posted so far. Nice classy move by Bud not letting him interview for a promotion.
    No chance of moving up in his current organization, and Bud still doesn’t let him interview elsewhere? I’m going out on a limb here (not really), but I’m willing to bet that Bud also doesn’t give him a raise for his forced loyalty to the Titans either.
    As Rzon said, you stay class Bud Adams, classy indeed…
    Oh, and by the way, I’m sure Munchak is giving the old Bud Adams salute from the Bills game right back at him.

  6. That would suck that you work for an organization that won’t allow you to better your career. I think the next contract this guy signs should have language that says you have the right to interview for a position that is a step up if the current team doesn’t have that position available.

  7. “I’m sure there have been rejections on requests to interview before, but none spring into my mind.”
    I believe Tampa was known for it, but can’t recall who it was.

  8. Houston could offer him the Assistant Head Coach label, then it would be a promotion and Adams can’t block it.

  9. I’m with Tompadre. I thought a team couldn’t block an interview for a position coach to get a promotion to a better job with another team. Is that only if they interview for head coach or something or are we imagining it all?

  10. Maybe Bud Adams wasn’t flipping off the fans like we thought. Maybe the bird was directed at his O-line coach and his career prospects.

  11. I’m just surprised Bud put together that whole comment instead of just leaning out the window of his suite and shooting the double-fisted bird in their direction!!!

  12. Bud Adams is a crusty old clown who wants nothing more than to stick it to the city of Houston.
    Well, right back at you, Bud. Can’t wait till the Texans play the Titans next year.

  13. Great posts everyone. This was such an important lesson I learned early in my business career. Not only is it classy to allow someone to seek a promotion, I had people who were sincerely excited when I got it and had to leave my position. I carried on that tradition and never looked favorably on the Bud Adams types I encountered thereafter. It seemed that their short sighted attitudes cost them dearly in their other endeavors. I think it is the same here. Good look Tennessee, you will need it.

  14. For some reason the move from position coach to coordinator is not considered a promotion by the NFL, so a team is allowed to deny the interview. Since coordinators are frequently hired as head coaches while position coaches aren’t, this effectively cripples Munchak’s career advancement.

  15. Arizona did the same when the Texans wanted to interview linebackers coach Frank Bush for DC in 2006. It’s ridiculous.

  16. Hmmmph. None you you understand contract law, obviously; none of you have signed those ‘no compete’ clause papers designed to keep you from giving up your company business when you jump ship?
    Bud Adams is a bidnessman (a very good one) and knows exactly what he is doing. Munchak will get a hefty bonus, but you probably won’t know a thing about it. That’s the way these things work.

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