Weis watch again lands on Kansas City

With former Notre Dame coach and former Patriots offensive coordinator Charlie Weis available to return to the NFL, he has been linked to multiple teams at various times.

Jim Trotter of SI.com reports that Weis could be taking a job with the Chiefs “in the next couple of days.”

The dynamics in Kansas City could be a bit complex.  Weis shared an office with Chiefs coach Todd Haley when they both worked for the Jets.  But, as a league source pointed out in late November, Weis and Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli once shared the affections of Pats coach Bill Belichick, creating some “disdain” between the pair as they angled “to be Belichick’s favorite.”  (Ernie Adams probably just stood in a corner and laughed at them both.)

Other possibilities for Weis include Chicago and New England.

14 responses to “Weis watch again lands on Kansas City

  1. “As a league source pointed out”? Don’t you mean “as a league source claimed”?
    Why is there any reason to believe that Weis/Pioli story is true? Especially if Weis is considering going to KC.

  2. Wies to Chicago make no sense to me. If McDaniels didn’t want to be involved with Cuttler the uncoachable, then Wies would seemingly be in the same boat. (Same offensive scheme.)

  3. renliqin04 says:
    January 6, 2010 8:53 AM
    Its amazing how this gets posted, but when I make a fat or gay joke it goes right in the trash.
    Charlie Weis is a hemorrhoid

  4. oh great, now there’s spam on PFT? Ugh.
    Let KC sign Weis. That’ll make the Chargers happy and set the Chiefs back another 3-4 years. Wasn’t he supposed to be some offensive genius? Didn’t see that at ND.

  5. What the hell makes someone a league source anyways? Just someone loosely connected to a team/player? A season ticket holder? Take everything these “sources” say with a grain of salt, cause there’s no way in hell the general public will ever know which “league source” said whatever they’re quoted as saying.
    My league source can beat up your league source!

  6. the Bears need to go after Jeremy Bates, he worked with Cutler in the past and Cutler likes him the best, as for Charlie Weis, Kansas City is his best fit, i also heard Romeo Crennel could coach the defense, Scott Poloi is trying to make this the Kansas City Patroits.

  7. Joe C says:
    Wasn’t he supposed to be some offensive genius? Didn’t see that at ND.
    Yeah, you might want to check out the Super Bowl rings he has from New England…….. idiot.

  8. Very interesting read on Ernie Adams. thanks for including it. It sheds some light on how so many Pats assistant coaches got promoted into positions way over their heads….and failed.

  9. Get Weis in Foxborough. Rookie QB and head coach over his head (he’s doing practically everything but play)…
    Please, Bill, get Weis to help some.

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