Browns confirm Mangini's return

Mike Holmgren won’t meet with the media Thursday after making the decision heard around the league, but he has released a statement.  So has Eric Mangini. Here goes:

“I’m happy to announce that Eric Mangini will return as head coach of the
Cleveland Browns in 2010.  Over the past few weeks Eric and I have had a chance
to talk on a number of occasions including our meetings over the last two days.
I was able to gain some tremendous insight into his thought process and
philosophies, and came away from our meetings very impressed,” Holmgren said.  

“In my opinion,
Eric has gained the respect and admiration of players, coaches and others in the
organization, and with him continuing to lead the team I feel that we are headed
in the right direction. Working together, our goal is to build on the strong
tradition of this franchise and help get the Browns back to the playoffs.”

Mangini has never had a problem impressing during interviews.  He impressed the Jets, and did the same with Randy Lerner in Cleveland.  Add Holmgren to the list.

Mangini said he was “looking forward to working with” Holmgren and a general manager after having “laid the foundation for success in 2010 and beyond.”

“I believe we made some real, tangible progress throughout the course of
the season, culminating with wins in our final four games,” Mangini said.

That improbable winning streak led to an improbable second chance for Mangini.

38 responses to “Browns confirm Mangini's return

  1. Excellent – the league needs to keep men of integrity in the league.
    Nicely done Big Show!

  2. A good move i think. Mangini might be a tool, but to get 5 victories out of that roster with brady quinn and derek anderson at the helm is a success if i’ve ever heard one.

  3. Wow I feel sorry for Brown’s fans. Not only another horrible year of Ratgini football, but Holmgren is clearly of little value to the franchise if he’s letting Mangini stay. Holmgren’s ability to evaluate player talent better be a lot better than his ability to evaluate coaching.
    Good luck Cleveland, you’re a-gonna need it bigtime.

  4. Wow. Don’t understand this team. Give an extension to Mangini but snub your best player.
    Give Cribbs his money already. Offering 1.4 million a year is a slap in the face. He shouldn’t settle for less than 2-3 million per year.
    Detroit would be happy to have you Josh. With the way the special teams have been there, they’d put out the money.
    Stupid team!!!

  5. Pay Josh Cribbs.
    It’s the smart move. Pay him, and pay him well. He loves the City, he loves the Team, and he scares the pants of Defensive Coordinators.

  6. Daha…Florio couldn’t even bring himself to make this post.
    What’s he going to do when Mangini starts winning playoff games and the Squeelers are bottom dwellers of the AFC North?

  7. Can we start calling them “Holmgini”???
    Good luck to the Brown’s, they’ll need it…
    On the other hand, maybe this is just way for Holmgren to buy another year before anyone expects improvement… He can wait another season before he fires Mangini and then he can hire “his guy” and start the “clock of expectation” over again. Then we’ll have to wait a couple of years to give him a chance
    Again, Good luck!

  8. “Give an extension to Mangini but snub your best player.”
    I don’t think “extension” means what you think it means.
    Mangini signed a four year contract one year ago. He was not given any extension, he simply wasn’t fired today.
    Cribbs signed a six year contract three years ago. Holmgren will get him his extension or tear up the old contract, assuming Cribbs and his asshat agent don’t completely screw the whole process up with Schaffer’s amateurish tactics.

  9. @simple_simon1
    They didn’t extend Mangini. He’s under contract. Just like Josh Cribbs.
    Players always want raises when they do well, but never want to give money back when they stink up the place. This is an extreme case though and Cribbs should get a raise (though he should fire his idiot agent).

  10. Was this decision motivated by Holmgren thinking Mangini was really the best man for the job, or does Randy Lerner just not feel like paying Holmgren’s salary, the GM’s salary, the new coach’s salary and Mangini’s salary to have all four watching college games in 2011?

  11. Cleveland finished on a four game winning streak because they found Jerome Harrison and played some uninspired and bad teams. They were still 5-11. I just don’t understand after the Jets job, why would anyone hire Mangina. My guess is that Holmgren doesn’t want to shake up the status quo, but insulting Cribbs? Reminds me of Mangina’s dissing of Shaun Rogers when he got the job.

  12. Mangini was not given an extension. This is simply a statement that he will not be fired at this time.
    As for Cribbs, he is under contract. The Browns have no duty to pay him more. That said, they probably should to avoid hard feelings.

  13. simple_simon1,
    They didn’t extend Mangini.. he is still under his original 3 year deal.
    Cribbs deserves to get paid, but they only went with the first deal on the table.. that is what negotiating is for.

  14. The surprise is not that Mangini is staying, the surprise is that Holmgren is in Cleveland.
    HOLMGREN: “This is his first year in Cleveland. Bill Parcells did it in Miami after one year, had a coaching change. But having been a coach for so many years, I’d be the first one to tell you that’s not very fair. But sometimes the tough decisions aren’t fair. But I’d do everything in my power to make sure it’s the right one and that everyone gets a chance to prove himself.”

  15. Florio could not be found to post this article, however sources inside the Florio estate said that he would be available for future posts after he is done eating crow.
    I’m not sure how everything became Magini’s fault. The Learner family was in charge of bringing in Carman Policy, Dwight Clark, Chris Palmer, Butch Davis, Phil Savage, Romeo Crenell and others. And now Randy Learner pulled the trigger on bringing in Magini and Kokinins. Then Kokinins gets fired. Now in comes Mike Holmgren. With every change of head coach the team was stripped down and rebuilt. Now after one year of Mangini its all his fault. WHAT?!?!

  16. @ kpweaver27
    You make it sound as if the Jets went 8-40 under Mangini over the span of 3 seasons? The Jets made the playoffs in his first year; lost their starting QB in his second season and floundered afterwards; and were 8-3 in his third season until Favre’s arm went AWOL down the stretch. As well, the Jets drafted some ridiculously talented players under his watch…
    Another thing… most all of his players liked him as a coach and played hard for him… with exception of course to Pete Kendell, Laverneous Coles and Chris Baker, all of which were past their prime, and wanted more $ than they were worth.
    I wasn’t a HUGE Mangini fan when he was with the Jets… and I’m glad we now have Rex… but Mangini wasn’t that bad.

  17. Good post by halitzor. Makes you consider what an NFL coach has to deal with in regard to over-paid players with streams of crap rolling out their mouths.

  18. Good Job Big Show
    This Team played with spirit and heart down the stretch, winning their last 4 games, despite all Media hacks telling them they sucked and their coach was a rotten human being that should be fired.
    Nobody with sound mind and body, should have been under the illusion that Mangini was going to turn this team into contenders in one year, at least not anyone who seen the Browns play in 2008
    This team needs some stability in it’s leadership and some more talent, not another new coach and another new system. How many new friggin systems can one team possibly have in 10 years???
    Obviously, the Media hatred was all personal, because Mangini does not allow media football amateurs tell him how to run his team.
    I dont recall the Monday Morning Media going after Spagnola in St Louis or Haley in K.C like they did for Mangini, so it obviously was not about wins and losses
    Way to go Big Show, giving all those so called media “EXPERTS” like Florio the big middle finger.
    Congratulations Mangini.
    Now go get us some wins starting in September this time, not December.
    And get Cribbs a new deal. He earned it this year.

  19. HarrisonHits says:
    January 7, 2010 5:00 PM
    Wow I feel sorry for Brown’s fans.
    Don’t feel sorry for us! We’ll whip a little more of that ass again next year! Bring the Mom if she’s out of jail.

  20. Well at least the AFC north knows that the BRowns will continue to be the Redskins of the that division.

  21. The “improbable winning streak”? They won four games in a row against the mediocre Steelers and Jaguars and the inept Raiders and Chiefs. Why are you guys making it out to be that the Browns were playoff-caliber? They were FIVE and ELEVEN!!!!

  22. I don’t feel sorry for Cleveland anymore.
    Cleveland fans demanded MangIdiots return and now they have him.
    They now have the team they deserve.

  23. Note that the GM hasn’t been hired yet.
    This may not be “you’re my guy!” as much as “you’re not fired… yet.”

  24. In related news the Browns announced that Jon Gruden will be the head coach mid-way through the 2010 season.

  25. @urbusted …
    Not sure, but I think this one is a Rodney Harrison fan??
    @Pats suck …
    Integrity? No. It’s business. Mangini is starting to turn around the team, and Holmgren is going to give him a little more time to execute his philosophy.
    @KennyPowers …
    Wow. It must be cool living in your own bizarre alternative universe?

  26. One can’t deny there were audible cheers coming from the AFC Central upon the announcement of this news.
    However it appears they may have been eminating from Baltimore and Pittsburgh and Cinciniatti
    Give credit where it is due however – Mangini certainly stablized the team this year. (#32 in offense and #32 in defense. )

  27. Wow, it’s amazing what a 4 game winning streak can do;maybe next year they’ll go 6-10.

  28. Thank you Thunderbolt. All that $$ to pay and a possible work stoppage, plus on the hook to a “czar?” You have 11 picks this year to make good with, let’s see how smart Holmgren is then and if he’s worth it.

  29. I agree. As a die-hard Browns fan, I was screaming for this guys head at the beginning of the season, but you know when I actually started pulling for him? It was on a Monday. The day before, the Browns lost to the Bengals, looked pathetic, and Braylon had 0 catches for 0 yards, but a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty called on him. That very night, he was out on the town, getting drunk, and hit one of LeBron’s boys. (That part is irrelevant, I don’t give a shat WHO he hit). The next day, he was gone. I was like, “Finally”. Not just because I was tired of Braylon’s drops and whining, but because it finally showed some BALLS. Palmer, Butch, and even though I liked Crennel, none of ’em had ’em.
    and btw, everyone, especially Cribbs’ agents, need to chill the F out about his contract. Holmgren just took the F’ing job on Monday or Tuesday, and had decisions to make about Mangini and a GM. Sorry Cribbs, but your not the top priority, though I love ya. You’ll get your money, dude, chill the F out. You’re the Browns MVP, as well as their most popular, you’re not going anywhere, and the Browns, with Holmgren at the helm, are not gonna go out fishing for free agents while your making less than Andre Davis of the Texans and Roscoe Parrish of the Bills, who are both just return men. (I know their both WR, but they certainly don’t line up in the Wildcat, at RB, and WR, and return punts, kicks, and play coverage on special teams.), are making more than you. You’ll get paid, dawg. Holmgren, Mangini, and everyone in Cleveland, (as well as everyone around the league now) know you’re value. I only ask you don’t bite the hand that feeds you with all this “I’m cleaning out my locker” shat.
    further, I don’t care if they get a 7th rounder for him, trade DA or cut him. Brady Quinn should go into next season as the unquestioned starter. No more of this yearly competition we have at the position. I’ll defend Brady in a later post as soon as someone who replies to this starts hatin’ on him.
    and Florio, nice pair havin’ one of your boys post this. Every story has you hatin’ on the Browns and/or Mangini. Just once, I’d like to see something from you along the lines of……I WAS WRONG

  30. All you pissburgh fans see just what I see. You see Bellichick. Winning with nobodies, building in the draft, not signing big time free agents, rather lunchpail types that come to play football, not receive some glorious contract or get their face on the tube.
    Mangini is building a winner in the same fashion that Bellichick did, draft picks, trades, and lunchpail free agents.
    He has a simple plan that has begun execution. Say what you want about the competition, they beat NFL teams, 2 fighting for the playoffs. They took the hottest NFL team to the wire, they lost to Detroit on a bum play, they lost to Shitsinnati by very little because Quinn couldn’t get the ball past midfield. He is playing the hand he was dealt and played a fine game of poker. Look for him as a finalist at footballs World Series of Pokers final table (Browns Playoffs).
    And I will give everyone a few hints for the offseason:
    Rogers traded, Cribbs traded, Kolb is the QB, Haden is the #7 pick for the Browns.

  31. I also wanted Eric’s head midway through the season, especially after having 2 weeks to prepare a game plan that consisted of swing passes against Baltimore. Great game plan. Fire him? No question.
    But after the last half of the season, I had to think about it. I did see improvement, and they were hanging with some good teams, they just couldn’t put it all together for 4 quarters. But there was improvement, and most of the players never gave up. They were going no where and played inspired football down the stretch, which counts for something in my book.
    Still, they were the worst team on both sides of the ball that I have ever watched in my life for most of the season, but they were also very thin on talent, so that factors in.
    We’ll see what happens. If it continues to improve under Eric, cool. If not, he’ll get canned. Such is life.

  32. Aside from Florio, where’s all the OTHER posters with “inside information” on Mangini getting fired? You know the ones…they usually worked in a line about Mangini being fat, then moved on to how dare he allow the Pats to continue cheating, even though he now had to play them twice a year, then they worked in something about how only a horrible coach could fine a player $1800 for a water bottle, finally they stuck in an inside rumor like maybe about how since Holmgren didn’t let Mangini cut in front of him in the lunch line at Browns HQ then he’s obviously fired, then wrapped it up with real clincher like “Bank on it!” or “Done Deal!” Yeah…those guys. Where are you now?

  33. Holmgren put himself in a win-win situation by keeping Mangini. If the new GM he hires can’t work with Mangini, then it will be his decision to fire him, not Holmgrens. He also earns “Brownie” points with the owner who hired him.
    If the Browns falter next year, it opens up the option of bringing in one of his guys to coach such as Fox or Gruden. He may also decide that only he can fix things and appoint himself the head coach to save the team.
    I’m sure that eventually the Browns will make another offer to Cribbs, probably for the same salary, but with a nice signing bonus. If Josh and his agent continue act in the manner that they have so far, the good will he has with the fans will quickly disappear. I would guess that getting Jerome Harrison under contract is more important (and should be) to Holmgren as he is a free agent.

  34. Mangini got another year while Holmgren waits out the CBA. No sense in making big changes until everyone knows what the league and the players are going to do. My money is on Mangini gets fired next year, the Browns won’t make the play-offs. They end up hiring Fox or Gruden when the dust settles with the new CBA.

  35. Mangini won a couple games after the pressure was off and they had no chance at the playoffs, and so they keep him. Cribbs is upset because yet again Mangini made promises that he never had any intention of keeping. This is hardly the first time that a player has accused Mangini of making promises to players contract-wise, and then refused to hold up his end. Normally I would say that players should uphold their contracts rather than demanding an increase “or else.” Hey, you signed the contract, and you should live by it. It isn’t as if you are suffering. However, if Mangini said to Cribbs that they would rework his contract if he had a good year, then he should own up to this…finally.
    A last word to players on any Mangini team. If Mangini makes you a promise, get it in writing.

  36. I am not to thrilled with the opening act of “The Big Show” in Cleveland. Keeping Ratgini is mistake. Even more, I am surprised Brian Daboll didnt get the ax which he wholeheartedly deserved. Ratigini’s handling of the draft and QB situation was laughable at best last year. I am glad to see Rob Ryan back. I think that was the one choice that Ratgini made fairly well in 2009. Finally, I hope they solve the Josh Cribbs situation fast. If anyone deserves a pay raise on that team, it is him.

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