Del Rio will be "interviewing for his job" next week

The fact that our audience includes, for reasons still neither known nor apparent, a significant number of league insiders has some benefits. 

We often receive feedback from folks in the know after posting a story on a given subject.  On many occasions, the feedback includes profanity and/or yelling.  On a few occasions, the feedback entails confirmation and/or elaboration.

Regarding our recent story delving into the question of whether Jags coach Jack Del Rio will avoid getting fired in Jacksonville, we’re hearing that Del Rio is indeed in trouble — and that he essentially will be “interviewing for his job” next week when the seventh-year coach meets with owner Wayne Weaver.

Per the source, Del Rio will have to “be on his best behavior,” and he’ll need to set aside a tendency to be “moody.”

If Weaver decides to make a change, he’ll be on the hook for $15 million over the next three years.  As we mentioned the other day, but for the buyout Del Rio already would be gone. 

In the end, Weaver might decide that paying Del Rio $15 million not to coach is better than paying him $15 million to stick around for three more years.

27 responses to “Del Rio will be "interviewing for his job" next week

  1. He needs to go. The first round picks under Del Rio have been awful and set the team back for many years. He is obviously not able to “coach up” players like reggie nelson and derrick harvey who have regressed more than anything. I have a friend who works in management for the Jaguars and he told me the team is basically sold already anyway. They would probably want a new coach if they were going to move the team.

  2. Being roommates with the shift leader at the hot dog stand does not mean you have “a friend who works in management for the Jaguars.”

  3. nayrbham, Del Rio wasn’t the one making all of the those first round bust, the one that was – is gone. Reggie Nelson has never been “good”. “Basically sold” really? That is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. When you get a creditable source then you can come back with your “basically sold” garbage. Weaver isn’t going to leave, not yet neways.

  4. haha thank you Thunderbolt, “i have a friend of a friend of a friend that is a janitor and he says the team is “basically sold”…moron.

  5. This team is a goner. Why the hell would you put a team there in the first place? Del Rio is a good coach ,but I think he’s run his course there.

  6. This team needs to move. The Jags obviously aren’t going to work there. As for DelRio ,he’s a good coach ,but I think he’s run his course.

  7. CookieFlash, “good coach” idk if i put winning one playoff game in a “good coach” category after 7 years. And the NFL OBVIOUSLY thought there was potential in Jacksonville otherwise they wouldn’t have awarded the city a team…

  8. Dude, “management” does not include the pimp who runs the hookers outside the stadium.

  9. @huskersrule . . . .
    a chicken suit would actually look better than the suit and tie he used to wear during games.
    mike tice is probably telling him to put a pencil behind his ear for the meeting, so that he’ll look smart.

  10. The team is not sold ThunderC*nt, Wayne Weaver is a man of integrity and honesty. He would not come out and say well the team is not for sale and already have a deal done. Your a moron. He has been honest from day 1. He said my kids don’t want the team (but they sure as hell will take the money from the sale of the team) so when he is done, he will sell. And that will beyond 2015, so there will already be a team that LA failed to support. So the Jaguars will NOT be in LA, nor will they be sold for the next handful fo years.

  11. shift leader at the hot dog stand, lol. Good one Thunderbolt.
    Sara, I went to all the home games and saw this potential you talk of. It was absolutely pathetic at every game except the Colts game. I now live in Denver and can only hope the Jags arent sold by the time i move back to Jax. But the fact of the matter is the team isnt winning enough games under Del Rio, I agree with you that winning one playoff game in seven years isnt making him a good coach. You have to acknowledge the lack of talent on the D line and the fact that there is no depth what so ever. And not only that but the QB drafting over the past 7 years has been non existent since Leftwich. How can you build a winner that way? Get the sand out of your vagina, it must be really up in there because you sure are cranky.

  12. I don’t think the Jags problems are Del Rio’s fault. I’m not a big fan of him as a coach but he’s far from the worst in the league. And I don’t think there’s much out there that’s any better, not that the Jags could afford, anyway.

  13. This is typical solid Florio reporting – straight from his couch. Let me give everyone some insight on the “Florio Reporting Technique” –
    \”Hmmmmm, LA is thinking of building a new stadium, there’s got to be some teams that need to move…… I’ve got it!!!! Jacksonville or Buffalo to move to LA. That’s a headline, awesome! Now just let me fill a few paragraphs with fluff that everyone already knows….. and….. there. Another ‘You Heard if First Here’ Article.
    I need something else to make this blog work, hmmmm.. what’s on Sportcenter – Cribbs is unhappy with his contract negotiations AHA!!! Next headline, ‘Cribbs Leaving the Browns’ I don’t have any real inside information, so why don’t I just make up stuff that sounds like it might could have happened and add some anonymous source that can’t speak to the media. Perfect! That’s two breaking news articles in 15 minutes – damn I’m good.
    I’ve got some inside information for you, Florio. You use the technology that is putting ‘real’ journalists out of work. Bloggers have no real repercussions from posting BS because they’re not affiliated with any news group. You sit in your underwear making shit up and call it news. The only reason I keep coming back to this site is to cypher out the real pulse of the NFL through the comments left by fans. I have an idea, jackass, why don’t you make this a pay site so that I can have an excuse to not read this drivel that you call inside information.

  14. Del Rio’s not the problem, and who is the team going to get that’s better? It’s not the NFL’s most posh spot. And the real problem is a young team in the middle of rebuilding. He’s a good enough coach to lead a talented team to the playoffs. The team needs to keep drafting more talent, as they did this past April.

  15. @KingKunal…
    Dude, what are you talking about? I’m the guy on here praying that the team is NOT sold and moved to LA! What’s with the “Thundersee-you-next-Tuesday” comment?

  16. Mike Florio says:
    January 7, 2010 8:26 PM
    @huskersrule . . . .
    a chicken suit would actually look better than the suit and tie he used to wear during games.
    mike tice is probably telling him to put a pencil behind his ear for the meeting, so that he’ll look smart.
    You shoud award yourself a copy of “QB Of The Future” for funniest post.

  17. nayrbham, is that the same friend that saw Ferris Bueller pass out at 31 Flavors last night? If so, he can’t be trusted. I actually have FIRST HAND knowledge that the Jaguars will be making a considerable effort to market themselves and reach out to the Jacksonville community throughout the next year. I don’t think they’d be making any efforts if the team was sold or planning on moving. Just wait and see what the next 6 months will bring and leave the baseless speculation to Florio.
    As far as Del Rio, I think the fans need to see a change. If they can’t fire him because of the money, I think they should at least strip him of any control of the defense (Mel Tucker’s a puppet), and bring in a serious defense coordinator that can focus on our biggest weakness.

  18. I cannot see them getting rid of Del Rio and be stuck paying him and a new coach, money is the reason that Lovie Smith is still coaching in Chicago, they would owe him 11 mill and that was not going to happen and I do not think it will happen to Del Rio for the same reason.

  19. Del Rio is an overthinker. Every year he shies away from using Maurice Jones-Drew especially in the first 4 games. After giving their best player only 10-15 carries a game and losing several games in a row he finally decides to give MJD more carries and they start winning a few. MJD ends up looking like a beast both in yards per carry and receiving. Then the next year Del Rio starts all over again and gives Drew a few touches a game. Every year. It’s ridiculous. I don’t think a ‘good coach’ keeps his best weapon under wraps and keeps his team from winning.

  20. Please move to LA Jaguars, I want my Dolphins games back on TV. I live 180 miles from Jax and the NFL was so hell bent on making the Jaguars successful they made their TV zone cover 3/4 of Florida!!! I hate them, get them out of here.

  21. nayrbham
    I’m not cranky! I just don’t see how he’s a “good coach” I mean, I love the Jags so i stand by whatever happens – but I agree that we have no depth..and they HAVE to draft a
    QB this time around..and I’m sure thats in the plan…

  22. @Biggearl:
    Do everyone a favor. Take the rubber band off the wallet and get DirecTV and Sunday Ticket.
    Then, STFU.

  23. Bigearl says “Please move to LA Jaguars, I want my Dolphins games back on TV. I live 180 miles from Jax and the NFL was so hell bent on making the Jaguars successful they made their TV zone cover 3/4 of Florida!!! I hate them, get them out of here.”
    Well Bigearl, there’s this thing called Direct TV or Dish Network. They have this package called NFL Ticket. You get to watch all 32 teams including you so called beloved Dolphins. Dude, who are kidding, you’re no REAL Dolphins fan b/c any REAL fan would have the NFL ticket to watch their team if they live away from their teams city. Now call up one of the two so you can watch Dolphins games unless you can’t get satelite on your mobile home trailer in the sticks, you’re stupid.
    Jack “Mr. Average” Del Rio is coming back and we all know it. As much as it hurts to know he is coming back, 15 million is just too much money for Weaver to eat. That’s another issue. As fans let do our part and get our season tickets and show the country that ONE bad year will not define us so all these “they should not have gotten a team in the first place” can take their SOAP BOX and still it up their A$$.

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