Ron Turner: Expectations for Jay Cutler were too high

The recently fired Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner says that the expectations on quarterback Jay Cutler were too high coming into this season.

“He came into a difficult situation with the expectations as high as they were,” Turner said on ESPN Radio in Chicago. “As soon as he got here everybody said ‘Jay Cutler is here,’ and now the expectations went through the roof.

“I don’t know if that was realistic with the issues we had on the offensive line and with the young receivers. We all knew it was going to take some time. I’m not sure anybody else did. I think there was a huge weight on his shoulders to come in and really produce at a high level.”

Maybe the expectations in Chicago were too high. But a couple of questions come to mind: Was it really too much to ask that Cutler throw fewer than 26 interceptions this season? And if that was too much to ask, why did the Bears trade Kyle Orton and two first-round draft picks to acquire Cutler?

When asked whether Cutler has what it takes to take the Bears to the Super Bowl some day, Turner answered, “time will tell.”

45 responses to “Ron Turner: Expectations for Jay Cutler were too high

  1. Im sure the same screen pass play 50 times a game didnt hurt Cutlers performance either. Great play calling Turner, now go kill another team as you have the Fighting Illini and the Bears.

  2. You have to be fair when assessing Cutler. When Devin Hester is a team’s #1 wideout, it has serious receiver issues – and this says nothing about the offensive line.
    Cutler – much like ANY nfl QB – will be fine if Chicago can improve the protection, running game and receiving options.

  3. The WR and O-Line concerns are viable reasons for the Bears’ offensive struggles. But, Jay Cutler is still a whiny little bitch whose arrogance clearly affects his game, as is evidenced through his TD to Int ratio. The Broncos’ coach staff clearly helped Kyle Orton limit his mistakes this year despite stepping into a turbulent situation with its own issues. And thus, it appears that not only does Chicago have a psychotic QB on their hands, but their coaching staff appears to be incompetent. Firing Ron Turner may not have been a bad idea, but tell me why again is Lovie Smith still there? Its not just the offense that has gone into decline, its the whole team. Ownership needs to look very closely at personnel decisions that have and haven’t been made and probably dismiss a few more folks.

  4. The expectations were as high as the Bears made them. You can’t bring in a 4,000-yard passer for a lot of draft picks and expect him to just handoff. It was up to the Bears to get the O-line and receiver issues fixed. As far Cutler taking the Bears to the SB, it won’t happen. It’s not in his makeup. He is purely a stats guy, not a leader of men.

  5. The way everybody talked about Cutler being this “franchise” QB and how stupid it was for Denver to give him up I don’t think expectations were to high. I think Cutler did exactly what he has always done and always will, rely on his arm more than his head.
    Maybe McDaniels wasn’t as stupid as everybody thought.

  6. I was at the first game of the season Bears-Packers at Lambeau & I was shocked at some of the decisions he made in that game. Throwing across his body back into the middle of the field. He definitely cost them that 1.

  7. Funny how another Coach bites the dust because his GM gave away the farm to get his so called franchise QB. We have seen Cutler do well when he had some guys who could play around him. A crappy offensive line and NFLE quality receivers what the hell did you expect the outcome to be ?

  8. He was average in Denver and now has the expectations of being great because of what the Bears gave up for him. He will never live up to what it took to get him there. I was thankful when the deal to bring him to the Skins fell through.

  9. When you give up 2 first round picks, a 5th round pick and a starting QB to obtain a Pro-Bowl QB it is NOT too much to ask that he take you to the playoffs. At the very least throw fewer than 26 picks!!!!!
    But, as a Bronco fan, Cutler never saw a pass he didn’t think he couldn’t complete. He will never throw the ball away and live for another play.
    Jay Cutler, the coach killer….

  10. Was it too much to ask his receivers to run the correct routes once in a while? Was it too much to ask Matt Forte to run more than one yard at a time? Was it too much to ask Ron Turner to make a good offensive play call?

  11. Translation: the expectation that Jay Cutler- without an offensive line and three good receivers- could make the Bears a Super Bowl team is what got Ron Turner fired.
    And he’s right. The Bears didnt have proven receivers. Orlando Pace wasn’t the Pace of old. Like him or hate him (and I know the culture of bitch ass sports media dictates that youre supposed to hate pretty much everybody) Jay Cutler wanted to make good on the trade. So he tried to do too much.
    But Turner’s real problem was that the Bears couldnt run the ball like they did in 2008. That’s why he got fired.

  12. Well all of a sudden Turner knows how to fix things in Chicago? Maybe he should’ve put some of that knowledge into play about 17 weeks ago when Cutler opened up with 4 INT’s….???
    Turner is one of the worst play callers the NFL has seen in recent history. He had one good year when the NFC North (Central at the time) couldnt fight their way out of a wet paper bag collectively.
    He got a second run here because he was cheap (the McCaskey’s appreciate that) and he wouldnt cause waves (Angelo appreciates that).
    Good ridance, shut your pie hole Turner!!!!!

  13. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.
    Oh Ron cant you take the blame for your actions just once in your life?
    Its a shame you couldnt be more like your father.
    Im sure Chris Simms father shares the same dissapointment as yours.

  14. When asked whether Cutler has what it takes to take the Bears to the Super Bowl some day, Turner answered, “time will tell.”
    He really means no.

  15. Of those 26 interceptions, how many were tipped by either the receiver or a defender? Makes a difference….to me anyway.

  16. Yeah. He’s right. just because you trade 2 first round draft picks for a veteran qb doesnt mean you should expect him to not throw 5 INTS in a game. I mean c’mon. 26 ints on the season isn’t so bad. fans are nuts.

  17. Ron needs to stop crying and realize that he is not a good “coach”, forgot offensive coordinator. Lets forget Cutler for a minute and lets take a look at Orton and Benson. A job of an offensive coordinator is not just to call plays but develop your current players to help them perform at their highest level. Clearly seen this season Ron doesn’t have the personality or the track record of success to even consider him a “coach” in the NFL. STOP CRYING AND GET OUT OF CHICAGO!!!!

  18. Was it really too much to ask that Turner adjust his scheme to his personnel instead of pretending he still had a below average QB like Orton running it. It took him until week 17 to realize Cutler was effective outside the pocket. It also took a good two months to stop running Forte up the middle into a wall and to play Aromashodu. Turner was predictable, unimaginative and couldn’t force a matchup advantage on any defense and he was rightfully let go and don’t even get me started on the morons who are still there. 2010 = FAIL for my Bears.

  19. Some of those INTs occurred because his inexperienced receivers ran the wrong routes. Yeah, he makes passes he shouldn’t. Yeah, he tries to force it in the red zone. But take away half of those INTs. They weren’t on him.

  20. I don’t think expectations for Cutler were too high, I expected him to suck & choke & he did….just like he played in Denver, tons of yards & nothing to show for it….biggest fleacing of a team I’ve seen in years….GET USE TO CUTLER BEING A CANCER!!!!!!

  21. Anyone read the actual article? Nice hatchet job MDS, though its not a surprise. He says Cutler can do it if surrounded by the right Wide Receivers and OL. Here is what it actually says:
    With the Bears’ future tied to Cutler, who earlier this season signed a three-year extension through 2013, Turner said he believes the embattled quarterback can take the franchise in the right direction if they surround him with the right pieces.
    “Time will tell. Talent-wise obviously he is extremely talented and he is very intelligent,” Turner said. “He has good football instincts. I don’t know why he couldn’t if he’s surrounded by good people on the offensive line, running game, receivers. Any quarterback has to have all that. If he has all that around him there is no question he can take the Bears where they want to go.”

  22. Culter is uncoachable. He plays his way or not at all. McDaniels knew what he was doing. I think as long as Cuttler is in Chitown, they will bounce back and forth between 7-9 and 9-7.

  23. Oh please, keep babying the turd even after you’ve been fired because he sucks so much.
    If Cutler were really a “franchise quarterback” and not the immature little worm that he is, the expectations were exactly what they were supposed to be.
    The trade with Denver for Cutler will eventually be looked on as one of the worst trades of all time from the Bear’s perspective. McDaniels and the Donks will be laughing for years from the ass-raping they gave Chicago on that one.

  24. get real! worst dumbest playcaller in nfl- turner!
    got nothing out of benson either.
    orton was a much better qb once out of chicago.
    turner should have been fired years ago.
    he ALONE ruined cutler this year!

  25. Yeah, Turner sucks….of course he did have an offensive line that couldn’t protect the QB or rarely give Forte even a hint of day light…he did have Forte running with zero patience and taking 2-3 yard losses every other play…he did have receivers with speed but no idea how to get open, and then if they did somehow gain a little space too often they dropped the pass…he did have a QB with a ton of talent but is a whiney bitch who was always quick to point out the shortcomings of his teammates…he did have a head coach who stuck out his lower lip and insisted that they play “Bear football” regardless of the fact that without a kick butt o-line you just can’t do that….Yeah, Turner sucks, now that he is gone the Bears problems are over.

  26. “jamesz23 says: January 7, 2010 1:12 PM
    I was at the first game of the season Bears-Packers at Lambeau & I was shocked at some of the decisions he made in that game. Throwing across his body back into the middle of the field. He definitely cost them that 1.”
    Kinda remind you of a young Favre, minus the talent on the team?

  27. Didn’t Jay Cutler have NFL quality WR’s in Denver? Didn’t he make the same bone-headed reads/throws in Denver as in Chicago? Didn’t Bear fans hail Cutler as the savior of their franchise? So why then now that he proved he hasn’t met a wide open DB/LB that he didn’t like do Bear fans blame everyone BUT Cutler!?! Face it Bear fans. Cutler is not, and will not ever be, an elite NFL QB.

  28. Cutler is a pretty decent QB plain and simple. He plays on a terrible offense where his opportunity to succeed just isn’t there.
    He isn’t a leader of men. But his ability to throw passes is very good and at his position that is a useful attribute. They just need to give him time to throw, WR’s that can get open and make plays, and a running game that can keep the team on schedule.
    Given the proper components Cutler is a better than average QB in this league. I am a Vikes fan and can’t stand the Bears but it is pretty clear that the schmuck can play.

  29. Ron Turner just sucks as a OC period. He really should ask brother Norv for some pointers or else he may find it harder and harder to find a job.

  30. expectations ?? cutler set the bar when he declared quite vociferously in denver that he had a stronger arm than elway did in his prime .. from that point on he proceded to make plays like the ed hoculi fumble – i mean incomplete pass – that beat the chargers .. but i would be remiss to not mention he also proceeded to lose the last 3 games of that season needing only one of those to be a win for the division title .. choke is not a descriptive enough word for cutty .. packers, vikings and even lions will improve way more before the bears will sniff a playoff run ..

  31. geez Kimmel… one could say the same about JaMarcus in Oakland… or Charlie Frye…. or Brady Quinn, or any of the sub-par QB’s who somehow need 3 pro-bowlers at WR and 5 pro-bowlers on the o-line around them to be even moderately effective…
    Bear fans, stop the crap with every incomplete pass that Cutler threw was a WR’s fault, and every INT was tipped… it’s called whining. That’s the domain of the Viking fans.
    It’s going to take years of working through their depleted draft picks before duh Bears will ever have a winning season again.

  32. Rex Grossman took them to the Super Bowl. He must be the best Bear QB ever. Cutler falls down there somewhere in between Bob Avellini and Bobby Douglass. Although Douglass appears to have been somewhat brighter.

  33. A lot of you guys are way off base.
    Before anything what Cutler needs a good QB Coach. He has too much Raw Talent to be making so many bone headed mistakes.
    A good QB will make the WR’s around him better. The line… every QB needs a line, but he’s great at bootlegging and making plays on the run. And your line isn’t THAT bad. Quit using it as a scapegoat.
    You can’t sit and and cry about lack of WR and lack of line. The Bears had Matt Forte and had one of the fewest amount of run attempts in the league. He needs better playcalling, a lot more balance, and some good coaching and mechanics work.

  34. He’s absolutely right.
    The expectations of Cutler’s ability are way too high.
    He’ll never be a leader and has marginal ability. The numbers speak for themselves.

  35. so which one of you guys are getting hired by any NFL franchise as talent scounts? GMs? Or Director’s Of Player Personnel?
    I mean with all the knowledge and experience among the people posting here, i can’t imagine why any of you would be sitting behind a desk or in your mothers basement while posting on PFT

  36. Of course expectations were too high. And it wasn’t a secret–lots of commentators, along with the rabble, asked what he was going to do with such a middling team surrounding him.
    And yes, he should have thrown fewer interceptions. But he also had the pressure of a whole team expecting him to make things happen, because they couldn’t. And yes, Turner should have done a better job.
    But the problem with the Bears is clearly one of leadership. From Lovie Smith upward, the team is being led poorly, equipped poorly, and draft/financially managed poorly. Teams don’t get weak across the board overnight–it takes years of poor team-direction decisions to create a team as far from ready as the Bears were this year. And who’s making those decisions? Not the OC or DC.
    It’s starting to look like both the Bears and Broncos were guilty of trying to make everything better in one hail-mary shot, while failing to address the problems which continue to undermine each team. The Bears have failed harder due to giving up draft choices–not smart for a team with a sudden need to beef up many positions–but they’ve both failed to solve their problems this year.

  37. denver fans need to shut up!you have nothing to talk about after the first 6 weeks of the season!yea orton played a great game against kc with the playoffs on the line right?as for cutler where was all the hate before he got traded?maybe he would have made to the playoffs there if the broncos had a defense.when you score 38 a game that should be enough to win.cutler will be alot better without turner to screw him up!the fact that is he was one of the best young qb’s in the game before turner and smith got ahold of him.expectations were high because we finaly had a qb who could pass the ball more than 20yds. when we needed it.did he make a bunch of stupid passes?yea but when you are the only thing the team has to make plays that will happen.was it his fault they waited untill the last 2 games to let roll out?was it his fault they did not play aromoshado untill the last 2 games?maybe with a new playcaller who knows more than the screen pass to hester or run it up the middle for no gain he will be in a better position to do better next year.and those recievers who had never played before now have a year under thier belt and should improve also.and maybe the next guy will let the kid they drafted from ok. on the field so he can do what he was drafted for. as for you viqueen fans enjoy it for as long as favre is there because wants he is gone you will be back to earth as an average team with a sucky qb and the coach you all wanted to fire before lord favre came to town.oh yea enjoy all that we he or won’t he drama this off season also.

  38. this guy was easily the worst OC in the league. his play calling was as atrocious as some of cutler’s redzone decision-making… what else is there to expect with a combo like that?

  39. Here’s a thought. When you try to make a point, consider punctuation. Otherwise, it just looks like strings of letters that could be interpreted as code. Is it that hard to use the shift key or space bar?

  40. I agree with Ron Turner “time WILL tell”
    With him out of the picture, and the hopes that the Bears get even a halfway decent OC and staff, we’ll see where the Bears are this time next year.
    I’ll wager far better off than if Turner stayed.

  41. So he needs an offensive line, some WRs and a RB that can make people miss before anything should be expected? Not to mention a defense that can get him the ball back? With no draft picks this year and a depleted free agent market, when the heck is that going to happen? 2012? Does that mean no one should expect anything for a couple more years? Didn’t Aaron Rodgers play pretty dang well with a lousy O-line? As usual, excuses are for losers.

  42. When Brett Favre joined the Vikings, the expectations went throught he roof too. But he delievered, and he’s pushing 50. Jay Cutler was supposed to be the only good player to be drafted the year Vince Young and MAtt Leinart were drafted, he was the only good QB since Elway and DEnver, blah, blah, blah.
    The problem is too many NFL analysts crown guys WAY before they’ve come close to doing anything and that’s what happened with Cutler. So lo and behold he didn’t live up to those exectations. Maybe all you 2006 draft analysts were wrong. If he was that good, he would’ve made things better or the same, not worse. Brett came in with 2 weeks notice and carried the Vikings just like he’s been carrying the Packers all these years. When AP was stopped all year long, who bailed out the team? yet Cutler couldn’t do anything.

  43. @ Sando
    You’re right – Cutler is not a leader, he’s far to self absorbed to lead. That’s what hurts his team the most, and creates a HUGE team disconnect in the locker room, during the game, and on the sidelines
    Is he a ‘decent’ Quarterback? Maybe, if decent means 8-8.
    Jay plays when he feels like it, but hey… he keeps cashing those checks right? Why should he change? There is no motivation for Jay to play better.
    He got what he wanted then cry’s about the team around him. What a short-sighted brat. He should be slapped, not punched.

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