Schumer says Bills aren't leaving Buffalo

In response to the stated intentions of the folks at Majestic Realty Co. to initially target the Bills and the Jaguars for relocation to Los Angeles, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) contacted team owner Ralph Wilson for an assurance that the team isn’t moving.

And Schumer got one.

“The Bills are part of the very fabric of Western New York, and in
Western New York they will stay
,” Schumer said, per WIVB-TV.  “Ralph Wilson is
committed to Western New York, has had no contact with any purported
suitors, and flatly told me that the Bills are staying in Buffalo. 
Period.  I have long fought to keep the team here, and will continue to
do so with every bit of clout I have.  I was tremendously reassured to
learn today, directly from Ralph, that there has been zero contact with
this company and that there is absolutely no consideration of
entertaining any of this company’s potential future offers.  Buffalo
Bills fans can rest a little bit easier tonight.”

(Schumer also said that Wilson added, “I’m not going to be the Alabama coach.”)

But the issue isn’t whether the Bills will leave during Wilson’s tenure as owner of the team — it’s whether the Bills will move on to greener pastures (actual or perceived) after Wilson, who has owned the team since its inception, passes.

Though there have been recent suggestions that a succession plan is in place, conventional wisdom has been that the Wilson family will not keep the team.

Then again, conventional wisdom had been that Eric Mangini would not keep his job.

33 responses to “Schumer says Bills aren't leaving Buffalo

  1. Screw LA
    They had a team in their city 2 times already…what makes them think the 3rd time will work? No stadium built yet…not that great of a fan following…. no team should go there. They already have 3 teams in that state.

  2. The Bills are going nowhere.
    OK The city of Buffalo is in shambles but the surrounding suburbs are flourishing and a great place to live (ask the numerous athletes/coaches who continue to live here after retirement…Scotty Bowman, Thurman, Jimbo, Dave Andreychuck).
    They continue to sell out one of the biggest stadiums in the NFL with a below average team and will continue to do so.
    Florio good luck on ferrell tonight…..SHAKE IT UUUUUUP!!!

  3. I hope they stay in Buffalo. Jax is the town that deserves to lose their team (and never should have been awarded one in the first place).

  4. Way to keep the door open for more BS “Bills are leaving” stories Florio. It seems as though it’s damn near impossible for you to write something positive about the Bills without throwing in a little doubt and pessimism.

  5. “Bills aren’t leaving Buffalo”,Just when I thought I couldn’t feel any worse for thier fans…….

  6. Schumer loses votes if he lies about this. He would lose A LOT of votes. He also stands to gain a lot of votes. C’Mon, you think a politician cares about the NFL? NO! Unless it gets him re-elected.

  7. If bumling idiots like Bud Adams, the Bidwells, and Robert Irsay can move in the middle of the night without worrying about their idiot brethren in the Senate, then I’m pretty sure Wilson can move his team whenever he wants.

  8. imangine that, chapnasty has harsh words for a democratic senator….what a surprize. why don`t you go play with yourself chapnasty. bitter, i hate everything, i never get laid guys like yourself are so tiring. better yet, why not pull out that rush limblow blow up doll and go to town on that. anyways, i digress….being a fan of the bills but a bigger fan of the nfl itself, its sad watching the constant pressure being placed on the small market teams that have solid fanbases to make more and more money. i mean when the fxxk is enough money enough for these owners? thats why i will always support the players no matter how much of the pie they want from these greedy billionaires. the owners don`t give a rats ass about the fans so fxxk them. but i guess thats the way it is huh chapnasty? the american way of achieving….take as much as you can for yourself and anyone that does not understand is a loser. i really never thought the nfl would be destroyed by success. oh well, theres still women to bang and whitetails to shoot here in western ny.

  9. No fans deserve to lose their team, least of all the Bills fans. But the only way Wilson could make those assurances would be if he’d created the kind of succession plan Art Rooney and Wellington Mara created: raising your children to love and run the team. Reportedly, that isn’t the case. If the heirs sell, all bets are off.
    But LA? I’m sick of hearing about a city that’s already run off TWO NFL franchises. They had their chance. Enough already.

  10. The Jaguars aren’t going anywhere. Wayne Weaver has said again and again that he’s not selling the team and he’s not moving the team. The franchise’s top dogs have said that they believe this year was the bottoming-out of the franchise, and the 42,000-45,000 fans who consistently showed up are the hardcore base that will lead into the future.
    As the economy rebounds, so will ticket sales for the Jags. Has the city grown as it was expected to? Hell no, and that’s the only reason relocation is even brought up. In 1993, economists were saying that Jacksonville was the next Atlanta, and that the city would be a capital for the insurance and financial industries. Everyone, including the NFL, was drinking the Kool-Aid on that one. Then Barnett Bank and Independent Life were bought out, and suddenly the two biggest companies headquartered in town were gone. The development slowed dramatically, and so did the growth. I remember going to the party downtown to celebrate the metropolitan area hitting a population of one million. In the ten years since, it’s grown by, what, 100,000 people? Not exactly what everyone thought.
    I just don’t get the “Move the Jaguars” fervor. Other cities have had tough economic times resulting in local games not selling out. Where are the cries to move the Lions, who are in the only city that can claim to have been singlehandedly saved by the Government Motors bailout? Why doesn’t anyone talk about moving the Dolphins, who only sell out games because the owner buys the tickets? Or the Chargers, who are playing in a painfully-outdated college stadium and have basically told the city to pay up or say goodbye?
    Seems to me that the people who come on here and scream for the Jaguars to move are fans of teams like the Vikings, Chargers, Rams or Bills–teams that are all more likely to move than the Jaguars are. What, you think that if you cry about it enough Ed Roski will say, “Well, those fans really love their team, maybe I’ll just take those dirty Jaguars instead.” F that. Roski’s a billionaire businessman who’s accustomed to getting what he wants, and when Wayne Weaver refuses to give it to him, he’ll just call up Zygi Wilf and say, “So how’s $1 billion sound?”
    I look forward to making fun of Minneapolis when the team loses its third pro sports franchise, and I can hardly wait to cheer for the Los Angeles Vikings. Or Bills, or Chargers, or Rams (again). Whatever.
    The Jags aren’t moving. Deal with it.

  11. The Jags will be the team to move…hahahahahahaha….Jacksonville is a garbage dump. I’d rather have a team in a pile of dogshit…

  12. The Bills should not leave Buffalo and LA should not be given a third chance to lose another NFL team. From what I can tell, the Bills fans are loyal as can be, and don’t they almost always have a sell out, despite all the bad times, over the past decade?
    As for Jacksonville, I’m not so sure the lack of population growth justifies not being able to fill seats. The area as over a million folks as it is; I just don’t think they’re that interested in the NFL.
    Finally, no more expansion. 32 teams is too many as it is. There is not enough quality talent as it is.

  13. Then again, conventional wisdom had been that Eric Mangini would not keep his job.
    Not exactly. It had nothing to do with conventional wisdom, it was just you hoping.

  14. Ralph Does have a plan after he passes!!!! he has kept this team here for years and there is no reason to believe that changes now!!!!!

  15. Los Angeles Dolphins or Los Angeles 49ers…
    Teams with rings and history of winning will be welcomed.
    Don’t insult L.A. with your unwanted garbage franchise’s.
    Jags belong in Florida. Buffalo has lost 4 SB’S and is embarrassment to the NFL..
    The Vikings belong in Minnesota, especially after Farve leads them to the SB.

  16. Great another silly senator wasting his time on something that gets publicity but offers no real solution. If Ralph Wilson is hard-fast on keeping the Bills in Buffalo, then he really should not give up his negotiating power by stating it to a blowhard senator. It appears Schumer is being used by Wilson to get a better deal in LA. LA Bills, I think they are going to have to change their name.

  17. Jags fans blow donkey dick, therefore the Jags should move. When was the last time a Jags game has been televised nationally? I knew this was a bad move back in ’95 when Tag rewarded that dump a franchise.
    I however don’t believe LA deserves an NFL franchise. They have proven themselves to not be a football town. Big TV market with no ticket sales. The Raiders and the Rams were bounced from there, so whos to say it wouldn’t happen again?
    If I were to place an NFL franchise in a vacant city, I would give serious consideration to Oklahoma City or San Jose.
    Buffalo sells out every game and their fanbase leads the league in sellouts, even during the past 10 years of mediocrity! The NFL would suck without the Bills, the Jags? Not so much.

  18. The Bills WILL NEVER leave. I don’t know what I would do if they did. I would probably contemplate suicide.

  19. Schumer is a pox on humanity and needs to be treated like a festering boil. On the other hand, if he is wasting his time on this, he might be distracted from really important matters.

  20. “When was the last time a Jags game has been televised nationally?”
    About three weeks ago.

  21. alzado’s Vein – Are you really that stupid or is it just an act? The Colts game was televised you moron – which was only a month ago..learn your shit before you run your damn mouth. “dump” not so much.

  22. @sebuc40…you’re on to something here.
    absolutely the ugliest human in the senate.

  23. forget Schumer…..he is an absolute moron! He is and his buddy barney frank are to blame for this housing crisis……….just another lying politician!

  24. Kiss Bills Rings says:
    January 7, 2010 5:09 PM
    “Bills aren’t leaving Buffalo”,Just when I thought I couldn’t feel any worse for thier fans…….
    Kiss Bills Cameras, why do you feel bad for the Bills fans? Loyal, even when the Bills lose, makes me think it’s not just about being a bandwagon fan like you.

  25. Actually this is the 5th time that the Los Angeles area has failed to support an NFL Team.
    Los Angeles Buccaneers (1926)
    Los Angeles Bulldogs (1936 “Probational” NFL Franchise”)
    Los Angles Chargers (1960 AFL)
    Los Angeles Rams (1994)
    Los Angeles Raiders (1994)
    Just saying!

  26. Actually this is the 5th time that the Los Angeles area has failed to support an NFL Franchise.
    Los Angeles Buccaneers (1926)
    Los Angeles Bulldogs (1936 “Probational NFL Franchise”)
    Los Angeles Chargers (1960 AFL)
    Los Angeles Rams (1994)
    Los Angeles Raiders (1994)
    Just saying!

  27. known fact: ralph has declared the team will be auctioned when he passes.
    this means the highest bidder buys the team, good luck buffalo, i hope you remain there, but in all honesty i dont see anyone outbidding LA, or Toronto.
    you need to hope LA has a team by the time ralph dies, so at least when toronto buys the team you can still attend games.

  28. Idiotic Jaguars fan. Your team averages 42,000 fans a game in a city with a population of over 1.1 million.
    Buffalo sells out every game, in a stadium that holds over 70,000 in a city with just over 260,000.
    Yeah, the Jags have a real loyal fan base that will keep their team in Jacksonville for many years to come!

  29. @virtualplague says “Your team averages 42,000 fans a game in a city with a population of over 1.1 million”
    Let me school you on your choice of the word “averages”. See “averages” as you used it implies that the Jags have always had a average of 42,000 fans at games since day one. Now if you would have used the word “AVERAGED” that would have implied that the Jags averaged 42,000 fans this year which would have been a correct statement. But since you don’t know any better and obviously read PFT to rely on Florio’s every word I would expect much more. Do some research and come back again buddy.

  30. Pissed off Jags fan named Sara –
    ” The Colts game was televised you moron – which was only a month ago..”
    I’ll bet the ratings were sky high for that snoozer…lmao!!!

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