Belichick says Moss' absence from practice "wasn't injury related"

Multiple members of the Patriots press corps are reporting via their Twitter feeds that New England coach Bill Belichick has said that the absence of receiver Randy Moss from practice on Friday was “wasn’t injury related.”

But Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald points out that Moss, whose name has not appeared on the team’s injury report this week, has been “hobbling around the locker room with bags of ice on his knee all week.”

So if Randy didn’t practice for reasons other than injury, why in the hell did he miss a key practice in advance of a key game in a single-elimination tournament?

Rapoport points out that Belichick said his players will be available for interviews later today.  But if Moss says anything other than “no comment” or “next question” or “straight cash, homey,” we’d be shocked.

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  1. You are close by in NYC, its a short drive, why dont you go and interview him Florio? Please call him Princess too. Then you’ll actually have something to write about sweetheart.

  2. Well, it was snowing off and on in Massachusetts this morning.. did anybody notice whether or not Adalius was at practice? Heh.

  3. Strap a bag of ice to each one of your knees and see how easily you can walk around.
    Oh ya and add 11 years of NFL wear to your knees as well.
    Shut up Rappaport. The herald is a joke.

  4. RE: “prophet of the light”
    Your comment is not witty or funny for several reasons which include (but are not limited to) the following:
    1. Randy Moss does not have a history of beating women. He did graze that female cop with his car, but to call that “beating” women would be a real stretch. Therefore, nobody associates “beating woman” with Moss like one would associate “mutilates dogs for fun” with Michael Vick.
    2. The Patriots do not play the Jets this week, but even if they were, it wouldn’t be funny because the two teams obviously did not play today.
    3. The Patriots did defeat the Jets this year, but the Jets also beat New England. Perhaps if New England had absolutely destroyed the Jets by 20+ points both meetings, this would have some kind of merit, being that the Patriots had embarrassed the Jets this whole season, but they have not.
    I would also like to point out that I am a Buffalo Bills fan, so I have a hatred of both teams, meaning I have no biases in this matter except against really bad jokes.
    So, in conclusion, this post isn’t topical, witty or funny in the least bit. I rest my case.

  5. Florio. Moss usually practices 2 days a week. Wednesday is his usual day off. This week he practiced(full participated) on Wed and Thurs. So today was his day off. Nothing to see here.

  6. Belicheat, at it again. Hey Billy Boy, Roger Goodell should sting yo’ ass for lying on an injury report!!!

  7. In anticipation of more idiotic coments about Bill Belichick, one fact puts all of those comments in perspective:
    Belichick has won more games this decade than any coach in the history of the NFL has won in any decade.

  8. Maybe he was in Minnesota scheming with Brett Favre on a way to play for the Vikings next season. Or maybe he was just loafing off.

  9. Bill Parcells was fond of calling the playoffs “the tournament”. He’s a guy people love to copy.

  10. You are close by in NYC,
    Florio lives in the mountaing of West Virginia…down the street from the kid who played the inbred hillbilly in Deliverance.
    … he’d never get to boston on time….cuz his vw vannigan doesn’t go that fast and he won’t fly.
    PFT newbs….pfffft.

  11. So, in an earlier article, the Pats and Belichick were cheats and liars for exaggerating an injury to Brady to try to trick the Ravens. Now, they are cheats and liars because Randy Moss is hurt and they are not saying so? What would the advantage be in hiding Moss’s injury if he has one? Would the Ravens not prepare for him or cover him any differently? I know everyone loves to hate the Patriots, and they do provide their share of reasons, but not everything is sinister.
    and to answer Florio, why the hell would Moss miss practice – he has had an offday from practice once a week basically all season, do we really think that he and Brady aren’t on the same page, and possibly with Moss resting, Brady can use the time to focus completely on the other receivers – some of whom have to really step up their game on Sunday.
    Is it impossible for anyone at this site to just provide an update and write an article without the needless hyperbole?

  12. “LuvThatDirtyWatah says:
    January 8, 2010 4:19 PM
    You are close by in NYC,
    Florio lives in the mountaing of West Virginia…down the street from the kid who played the inbred hillbilly in Deliverance.
    … he’d never get to boston on time….cuz his vw vannigan doesn’t go that fast and he won’t fly.
    PFT newbs….pfffft.”
    Excuse me son but if I had been referring to Florio’s home I would have used the word home or hometown and if you were up on your PFT you would know that a) Florio was on a road trip in NYC and b) this newb has been on PFT since its inception.
    Now please in the future keep your mouth shut so as not to enlighten the rest of the crowd on your level of ignorance. Afterall this site strives for a higher level of audience.

  13. HappyBunny says:
    January 8, 2010 3:44 PM
    Pats are notorious for trying to hide injuries, what if this one is a fake one?
    Can you tell us a time when they hid an injurie?

  14. Posted by Peter Abraham, Globe Staff January 8, 2010 03:05 PM
    Update from Foxborough: Bill Belichick just said that the absence of Randy Moss from practice today was not injury related.
    Moss was not available when reporters were in the locker room after practice
    When spotted earlier in the week, Moss had ice bags taped to each of his knees, which could’ve been preventive treatment.

    Well of course, if the Herald reports it, then we know it’s true, right? As some posters have pointed out, Moss has had a day off all season and as the Globe points out, the ice could be preventive treatment…
    But I guess it’s just easier to continuously post exaggerated statements on every Pats story.

  15. Marty says:
    I really dont like it when people call it the “tournament”
    Its the fricken playoffs mo fo!
    1) Are we all supposed to give a crap what YOU like, and change our ways to please you?
    2) When I hear it referred to as “the tournament”, I think of Bill Parcells, a guy who knows just a liiiiiiiittle more about football than you do, jackoff. And if it’s good enough for Bill Freakin’ Parcells (second thought, I’d love to see you tell him he’s wrong to his face, a$$clown!)
    3) It IS a “tournament”, moron. A “single elimination” tournament. look it up.
    Mo fo.

  16. To PFTiswhatitis:
    You have two comments:
    (1) “Afterall this site strives for a higher level of audience”.
    (2)” and if you were up on your PFT you would know that……”
    What you would know that is if you read these posts it is clear most (90%) are written by some fairly ignorant and pretty biased folk. The goal of striving for a higher level of audience can be described as being parallel with the successful St.Louis Ram season.

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