Bills fan use billboard to bag Bill Cowher

Recently, billboards have become a popular way of sending a message to NFL teams.

They’ve been used by fans in Cincinnati who want the Bengals to hire a G.M., by fans in Oakland who want owner Al Davis to hire a G.M., and by fans in Chicago who want the team to fire coach Lovie Smith and G.M. Jerry Angelo.

Of course, none of the three billboards brought about the desired changes.

In Buffalo, however, billboard-buying fans have generated a much better track record of success.  During the regular season, a group purchased a billboard urging the team to fire coach Dick Jauron.  And he eventually was let go, less than a year after signing a three-season contract. 

Now, the folks at are rounding up money to purchase a billboard aimed at persuading owner Ralph Wilson to hire Bill Cowher as the team’s next head coach.

The billboard will feature a picture of Cowher with the message “Dear Mr. Wilson, We want THIS guy.”

If the Bills are pursuing Cowher, they’re doing a good job of keeping the courtship out of the spotlight of the traditional media.  Apart from the little-known Joe Logan, no one is reporting with clarity that Cowher could end up getting the job.

That said, we’ve picked up some indications via Cowher’s Pittsburgh colleagues that there’s some merit to the rumors of Cowher becoming the next head coach of the Buffalo Bills.

32 responses to “Bills fan use billboard to bag Bill Cowher

  1. I want this to happen, if for nothing more than to irritate Panthers fans.
    Just be honest Panthers fans, if Jerry Richardson really wanted Bill Cowher he would can John Fox and write the check for Coach Chin.

  2. You dont have to convince the Bills you have to convince Cowher, dumbass.
    Put the Billboard in the town where Cowher lives you fool!

  3. That makes no sense. Is Chicago covered in snow for half the year? Or New England? Go drink more coffee…or bias sports media cool-aid.

  4. 15 years in Pittsburgh one Super Bowl title. What is so impressive about angryman?

  5. i say hire marty if they can. just what did b.c do to earn to this fasination the buffalo fan base has with him? coached allot of years in a great organization and has one championship to show for it. i get the pr move, selling tickets, national exposer thing but schottie is better because he has a track record of turning losers into winners. lets be realistic. b.c is not going to walk in and change this losing culture any better than marty and i`ll bet marty comes allot cheaper.

  6. Please go there Cowher…so we can all watch toiled in mediocrity for generations as you did n Pittsburgh before the NFL handed you a SB with those phantom calls while you leaned on your rookie QB….

  7. chunky soup sales, i don’t think his superbowl track record is what appeals to bills fans so much
    it’s the fact that he built a competitive team that was consistently in the playoffs, that’s what buffalo needs right now

  8. SlimPickens says:
    January 8, 2010 9:27 AM
    you mean the L.A. Bills
    “The Bills are part of the very fabric of Western New York, and in Western New York they will stay,” Schumer said, per WIVB-TV. “Ralph Wilson is committed to Western New York, has had no contact with any purported suitors, and flatly told me that the Bills are staying in Buffalo. Period. I have long fought to keep the team here, and will continue to do so with every bit of clout I have. I was tremendously reassured to learn today, directly from Ralph, that there has been zero contact with this company and that there is absolutely no consideration of entertaining any of this company’s potential future offers. Buffalo Bills fans can rest a little bit easier tonight.”
    p.s. L.A. couldn’t even support the Rams.

  9. Hey Chunky soupy sales,
    The Bills would love to have a coach for 15 years and get one super bowl title. Remember, we are not the Pittsburgh Steelers. We have no super bowl titles and we have missed the playoffs for 10 straight years! The Bills teams and organization; lead by a pathetic, cheap old owner who refuses to sell or spend money, has fallen so low that just making the playoffs would be cause for a parade!

  10. >>
    DO ya?
    Please go play in traffic on the Tim Russert Memorial Highway.
    Bills are staying for the long term.

  11. Belichick’s video cameras would show the arrival of moving trucks. So he would probably be the first to know anything that’s going on.

  12. I love it. At the very least you can’t say that the fans haven’t tried to keep the team around. Virtually every year they’re in the top 10 in attendance ( Hang round there and you won’t find many people who don’t love their Bills. They have one of the best tailgates in the country. And now they’re putting their money where their mouths are.
    It would be a shame for the Bills to leave. The problem is that it’s not in their hands. If Ralph Wilson is so adamant on selling the team, and it appears that he is, he should sell it to people who want to keep it in Buffalo. There’s a history there that he’s snubbing his nose at. For a guy who is proud to be called a football pioneer and who claims to love Buffalo he’s not doing a great job of backing it up. Take a lesson from your fans Ralph. Put your money where your mouth is.

  13. Florio said: “Bills fan use billboard to bag Bill Cowher”
    Nice grammar. Do you have DeSean Jackson editing content for you now?

  14. My thesis on the effectiveness of billboard advertising towards the benefit of the Buffalo Bills during the winter months yielding nothing.
    But keep up the great work though.

  15. # East Bay Ray says: January 8, 2010 11:49 AM
    Florio said: “Bills fan use billboard to bag Bill Cowher”
    Nice grammar. Do you have DeSean Jackson editing content for you now?
    Beat me to it! WVU edumacation in full effect…

  16. Why would anyone want to move to New York and earn millions of dollars per year, when they can live virtually anywhere else, earn millions of dollars per year, and keep a lot more of it? And don’t give me any lip about this “it’s not about the money” crap. It’s money, y’all. Ch-ching!

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